Tuesday, February 11, 2014

6 yo Jia~ Alhamdulillah!

Sayu~ when come to think of the very moment I got to hold Jia for the first time. Alhamdulillah.. Thank you Allah.. for giving me the opportunity to become a mother.

Anyway *clearing my dry throat*,


Mi-mi and Ya-yah will continue to pray for your success in this life and the next. May you continue to be my qurrata a'yun. We love  you every bits and pieces!!!! Hugsss! Muahxx!!

When I turned on the light to wake you up this morning, you are already about to wake up. When I started to sing, 'Happy Birthday Jia..~' you try to hide the smirk on your face. Hehehe.. 

As I was about to write this entry, you came to me and started to give me a free 'massage'. Thank you Sayang.. And as I was browsing the limited collection of photos on my handphone, you decided to choose your own photo for this entry.. and you have selected this..

At first I wanted to take a photo of you making a 'fishy' face but you say 'NO'. When we reached this photo, you said, "I want the photo that I hugged Bahim and looking at the camera". In fact I would say that this is a brilliant selection. It shows who you are - a good che-che to Bahim! Alhamdulillah. :-)

I wonder what Bahim will say to you this morning for your Birthday! 

(Wrote this while getting ready to school, hence, the fast pace! Yikes!)


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Pain gain~

So finally, the long awaited book arrived. But it didn’t reach my door alone. It came with another book. In fact, the title of the other book was so catchy that I decided to skim through it first rather than the book that I have actually requested for. What’s the book title? It goes by – Tegar menghadapi ajal.

Quite some times ago, when I started to read any new books, the last thing I would read (if I ever going to read) was the preface. I couldn’t care less about it! Then, I one fine day, for no particular reasons, I found myself reading the early pages of The Alchemist. Since then, I began to enjoy reading those early pages. :-) People change maa~

What I want to share with you in this entry is actually from what I discovered from the introductory of Tegar menghadapi ajal book. After going through the texts, I found myself shoved beneath the thinking cap.. wondering.. musing.. Simply because I have never thought ‘that way’ before.

Allow me to translate (based on my understanding) on the powerful wordings that I captured from the book on ‘that way’. It says;
"When something that is not to our liking happened to us, we usually became all stressed out leading us to pray to our Creator asking for a simple and the fastest way out."
I thought that was the most rationale action for anyone to take. I was wrong!!! What we should have done is;
"Instead of seeking for a simple way out, ask Him to increase our Sabr (patience), Strength and Redha (total Reliance to Him alone) to face the problem."
Interesting isn’t it! I know.. I know.. Because, the author added;
"Isn’t this world a place for the Believers to be tested?"
Dush~ Lupa pulak. 

I guess, now we know what to do should we faced with some difficulties in this life. *peace*

P/S: Special thanks to Pustaka Ilham for the two books you sent me! :-)