Saturday, January 25, 2014

Re-post: The Chapter

Suddenly I thought "hey, it has been some time now since I read a book!” so I decided to agree with my thought and to look for online material. Again my thought burst out suggesting "hey, go for Shakespeare..." and so I did. I read his biography and few of his famous quotations. Each has true meaning of some 'thing' - life, love, thoughts, friendship, love, love, time. Out of the listing, it occurred to me that I have three quotes that I thought, "hey, these are true".
1) 'We know what we are, but know not what we may be'
2) 'The course of true love never did run smooth'3) 'Better three hours too soon than a minute too late'
There is however one which I thought, "Alamak! Are there people like this?" 
'I will praise any man that will praise me'. 
And there is another which I thought, "Bagusx2! Everyone should realised this" 
'O! Beware, my lord, of jealousy; it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock. The meat it feeds on'. 
Finally, I have this thought, "Aiya! Better not laa..."
 'If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?'

The last quote that I want to share with all of you is;
'I do know of these. That therefore only are reputed wise. For saying nothing.' 
Do you agree? :D


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mr Eczema sensei?!

In Peribahasa Melayu, one is called Kaki Bola if one is head over heels for football. Kaki Bangku on the other hand are those who could not kick a ball straight and I could bet some of the over-zealous Kaki Bola could be categorised as Kaki Bangku too. Anyway, what I am about to write have nothing to do with what you have just read! I realized that there have been a lot of discussions on football lately which have somewhat led me into writing what you have just read. My summary from all the FB status, the poor red team is not going to bag any trophy this season. HohOhohOHohoho..  *maaf~*

Now.. moving on..

You see, I am having eczema. In case you have not heard of eczema, it is a skin condition which most of the time is red, patchy and very-very itchy. As of now, there is no cure for this skin condition. When I was younger, the eczema was so bad to that extend that I felt embarrassed to walk with my arms straight such that it would conceal the affected area. If anyone would ask me if there is anything good out of eczema, I used to think that there's none. I might be wrong after all.

When the eczema is itchy, it is very difficult to lose the temptation of not scratching it. Try imagining having multiple mosquito bites. Aaaa.. yes yes.. it is very difficult to let loose of the scratching isn't it?

Now, if you are having eczema and went to any dermatologist, the most common advices that they will provide you are:
    1. Avoid the food that can cause or trigger the eczema.
    2. Keep your skin moisturised. It will tend to get itchy if your skin is dry.
    3. If you are allergic to detergent, used the gloves!
and last but not least...
      4. Restrain yourself from the insatiable urge to scratch.

The reason for the last advice is because, scratching will only worsen the condition of the eczema. Non-effected skin area that is irritated due to scratching has high chances to develop eczema. Besides that, one might scratch too deep, thus will take longer time to heal.

And so, what are the lessons I learned from having this eczema?

Number 1: While most crustaceans or sambal belacan are considered a food galore, it is best you stay away from indulging it!

In other words - PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE. Please don't say you knew it. Susah tau~ History has proven that I would go to the extent of hoping to get away with the aftereffect by sinking down my throat the anti-histamine! Sigh..

Number 2: Take some time to apply some medication or simply lotion regularly and/or to put on gloves before doing the cleaning if you want to keep your skin in good shape.

It sounds easy isn't it. WRONG! That's why it is call lesson. Lessons usually come to you the hard way. You see, I personally think it is difficult to stay and be in consistent doing good things although I knew for sure they are good for me. For example, I find it super duper hard to keep up with the at-least-5-minute workout regime everyday, or to eat in small portion, or to drink enough water, or to finish reading at least one book every week, or to read for Jia and Bahim bedtime stories before they go to bed, or to gargle my mouth with salt water before I go to bed.. Sigh~ all these would require only a little of my time and attention yet I fail~~~ Uwaaa~ Indeed, to be istiqamah is soooo hard!

Number 3: While the sensation of scratching the eczema is very 'nice', the after effect of scratching is not good.

Betul~ In real life, usually, what ever that taste good is bad for you (unlike those yucky medicine). For example, those 125g irresistible finger licking good chocolate could make you huge if you over consumed it (as of now, I knew this is not applicable to one of my cousins. Good for her!). And from my observation, most of the 'bad' element always looks good on the surface and very-very-very tempting. Shopping spree is soooooo good but not until you get those card bills.

So there you have it, three lessons I tapped from me having eczema. You might have others to share with me too. Please do leave it in the comment box if you found other lessons. Might be useful for me too! ;-D

It's going to be 11PM in less than 2 minutes. I better stop now and apply some medicine on my eczema! Ta~

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

@)!$ == 2014 :P

Waking up this morning.. everything seems the same. Oh.. not really. Bahim was sleeping next to me stealing my bolster.

'What have I expected' you asked me? To be honest, I wasn't sure myself. :-P

Staring back into 2013, I would say many big things had happened. To name one, I finally had the chance to attend kelas mengaji which I have always wanted. Huhuhu~ Yup! To me this is one of the BIG things. Hehehe..

At my household level, insyaAllah 2014 will be remembered as the year of a new heavenly-being joining my little family. Whether it is a girl or a boy, (which I suspect is a girl), I would be happy either way.

At the national level, there have been many written or spoken predictions of 2014. Mostly were bad. Whether or not things would go the way they were predicted, I have my concerns.  

At the international level, there's the FIFA world cup but more importantly 2014 is supposedly to be the year of 'Solidarity with the Palestinian People' as declared by Ban Kin-moon on Nov 26, 2013. Whether or not it would have any impact on the Palestinian people, I am praying for the best for those whom being oppressed. 

Speaking of which.. I was reminded that we should only read positive materials and to avoid altogether anything that could make you sad. I personally have to disagree with that.

I remember the lyrics by my-forever-fauvorite-nasyeed-group Raihan that says, 
"Bilakah diri ini 'kan kembali. Kepada fitrah sebenar. Pagi kuingat petang kualpa. Begitulah silih berganti.
Being 'me', I know that I have to be reminded over time, again and again.. that I am not going to live forever. And so, by being reminded that at another corner of the world, people are suffering and dying, I was hoping that it would literally force myself to be more grateful and to do more good. 

They say, the highest level of Iman is when everything that you do is out of love to Allah. Not just mere ritual or fear. Sigh~ I wonder if ever manage to reach that stage. Double sigh~

To 2014, I shall welcome you with unknown expectations! :-D But please, please be kind to us ek~ ;-)