Thursday, November 21, 2013

13 again~

Happy Birthday to me. 

Promise you this is going to be a short one. Thank you all for all the sweet wishes!!! *They are yummy!!!* I love you all!

Being 13 means that I’ll be in a new kind of ‘school’ starting this very moment. No more ‘primary school’. I heard from many, ‘secondary school’ can be more challenging. To begin with, the number of ‘subject’ that we are going to learn is increasing. The difficulties in understanding the 'subjects' will take more effort too. Then there are the ‘PMR’ followed by ‘SPM’. Uuu~ scary 'moments'. May Allah continue to guide me.. I mean us!

Thank you Allah everything.

"Ya Allah, cukupkanlah bagi kami dan janganlah Engkau mengurangi nikmat yang telah Engkau kurniakan." ameen...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bahim turns 3!

Dear Bahim,

Happy 3rd Birthday!! May you grow up to have as much good characters as the Prophet Ibrahim as. Ameen ameen ameen ya Rabb. 

Latest story on your development was you had your first haircut at the barber just two days before your birthday. Don’t worry, you still look cute. As I watched the video recorded by ya-yah, it makes me smiling in laughter knowing that although you are crying cats and dogs, you still listen to what ya-yah told you to do – “hold still, don’t move” as the barber move his electric razor up and down. Ok.. I admit. It was a little heartbreaking. But I know if you ever get to watch the video when you are older, you’ll do the same as I did. :D

Photo taken right after the haircut.. yes, we had to 'bribe' you with ice cream so that you would stop crying.. :P
Hmm.. there were so many funny things that you did in the past one year. There won't be enough time for me to write everything down. One example though, the tune that you made up on our trip back from Padang Besar. Up to this day, you still sing your made-up tune without a beat out of tune! 

Then, there is the 'wrong'. Your Cheche had once pronounced wrong as 'yong'. Guess what? Yesterday, you on the other hand pronounced it as 'wong'. "Mi-mi you are wong (wrong)" which I believe you are not wrong at all. LOL..  

One thing hasn’t changed though that is your love for cars. This year, you get early presents from Mak Long and Pak Uda and Mak Uda (yes Nina.. you have to accept this sooner than later :P). All have to do with wheels!!!

We want you to know that we love you every bits and pieces. Happy birthday sayang~ May Allah bless you more on this special day. :)

Cheche made you this card for your 3rd Birthday :).. yup, it's McQueen ka-chiow

p/s: it so happen to be that today is also the 10th Dzulhijjah.. a very special day related to Prophet Ibrahim a.s. ;-) 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Parallel lines :)

Bismillahirrahman nirrahim..

Alhamdulillah I am into my 14 weeks of pregnancy. :-)

When I got the double lines on the pregnancy test stick, I was (and still am) super glad. All thanks and praises are to Allah alone.

This pregnancy experience is different in sooooo many different levels starting from having the two lines. Then there’s the paranoia that lingers in my head to the extent that I dare not share the news with my friends. Huhuhu~ You could say that the miscarriage had left some.. I would not say ‘scar’ because that sounded too negative. Rather, I would say that the incidence has left an impression on me (I should have not used the word paranoia in the beginning too :-p). With Jia and Bahim, Alhamdulillah, things have been smooth sailing. I had the first check up in the 12 weeks and saw them both for the first time on separate black and white screens. For my little Ismail, I believe Allah has a greater plan for me and Yaby.

Next, came the morning sickness. I had morning sickness when I had Jia. But this time around it is (yes.. ‘is’) different. Earlier into the pregnancy, I literally was sick. I was always hungry but when I do eat, 30-40% (now the percentage has reduced to less than 5%) of the food would always find their way climbing back the esophagus, through the throat and out from where it had come from. Adeh~ and the after taste.. yucky gooey~ My abdomen and back hurt due to the purging. I had to avoid any funny smell including what used to be nice cooking aroma as they are the main catalyst to induce the vomiting process. Although this might sound like me complaining, trust me, I am not. Just wanting to share especially to my dear students on what might have been the same experience your Mother had experienced when having you. This is one of the many reasons why you must always love your Mother. :-)  
"And We have enjoined upon man [care] for his parents. His mother carried him, [increasing her] in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years. Be grateful to Me and to your parents; to Me is the [final] destination." - Surah Luqman, verse 14
So there you go.. my formal shout out on my pregnancy to all my dear friends and readers :-). May Allah continue to reward us all with what is best for us. And may "our Lord, grant us from among our wives and offspring qurrota a'yun and make us an example for the righteous."!

Before ending this entry, I leave you peeps with Nouman Ali Khan in which he explains on the last Du'a. To my students, the first few minutes into the lecture will benefit you most. ;-)