Sunday, July 14, 2013

Turmoil inside...


It is sad to watch any 5 or 6 year-old kid crying telling his or her story of how a pet cat died. But in this short video, it is even more heart breaking to watch a 5 or 6 year-old crying for reasons which just hard for me to comprehend.

Right now, my heart is shouting – “What should we do?!! What can we do?!! What do we do?!!!!” I’m guessing you do too since I believe most of us are humane enough to feel and share the pain. This is not the first kind of this video. We’ve seen footage and images of how kids, young and old were brutally murdered, killed, humiliated.. images that would make your eyes teary, hands and lips trembled… O Allah, accept them as martyrs.  

At the same time, right now I am angry, furious and frustrated with the controlled media. Shame on you! I know my voice will not be heard just as the thousands of Muslims being oppressed all around the world. Why do you do this to Islam? You associated Islam with terror, extremism, violence and all other negative attributes that you can think of. Now I would like to ask you the same question as the little boy in the video – WHAT DO WE DO TO YOU? .........

To all my Muslim Brothers and Sisters, it IS hard for us to change the media. We have no controlled over them. But we cannot do nothing. I am not perfect myself. But I urge my Brothers and Sisters… please.. please continue to show the best of Islam. Spread words of Islam (I know this is also an outstanding task which I myself have not fully fulfilled). And please.. please unite and practice Islam according to the Qur’an and the sunnah. Seek true knowledge of Islam. As our beloved Prophet Muhammad S.A.W said,  
I leave behind me two things, the Qur'an and my example, the Sunnah and if you follow these you will never go astray.” – Narrated by Imam Malik
In the matter of Syi’ah, I am not going to argue whether the Syi’ah is Kufar or not. I am leaving that to Allah. But I can say this. Islam is about peace. Islam does not agree with destroying plants and animal, let alone killing of the innocent human being. In Islam, marriage is sacred to the extent that it is urge to care for the Nasab (lineage) and more importantly to not oppress the women. How is marriage according to the Syi’ah’s Mut’ah law does not oppress the women? Who will be the 'protector' of those women and children born under the Mut'ah law? .......... 


O Allah, please don't let these hearts deviate from the truth. May Allah keep us in the straight path. Amin ya Rabb…

Friday, July 5, 2013


Recently, I had this discussion. Since I have been asked with this kind of questions several times now, I thought it might be useful to share it here. Bear in mind though that there is never one way ticket out of every problem. ;)


"But Madam.. I think my friend.. they are not happy for me…”.

When it comes to matter involving feelings, it always goes down to - either your instinct is giving you the alert sign OR it is just you over thinking things. :P

Firstly, remind yourself that you need to husnuzon. It is important that we neither suspect nor assume. Yup.. the over thinking.. NOT good. Until you can be sure that your friend is really really really aren’t happy for you, then you must keep on bersangka baik.

I know it’s hard. I guess that’s the price of Jannah that we have to pay. But a good Muslim would try as hard as possible to always think positive. Basically, the idea is to avoid confrontation which might lead to unnecessary argument which could end up one breaking ties with another. You see, Islam is all about peace. 

However, if you knew for sure they are not happy for you, then here is my word for you - apologized but continue to do good towards them.”

“Can I avoid them, Madam?” 

Honestly speaking (err.. I mean typing), I have problem answering this question. I usually gave my answers based on my own experience i.e. on how I think would work best (that is after series of trial and error.. HOhohoHOHOHoho :P). In the past, there were times when I too was kept far away from the loop. How do I know? Ke Madam buruk sangka? I can tell you that I was not making this up. Why they do that you asked me? I don’t know. It would be nice if one day, they would let me know so that I would not repeat those things that might have caused the aversion. Then again.. maybe it's better for me not to know. Oh I don't know~ Anyway, where was I… 

Aaaa.. yes.. and so, to answer the second question, let me remind you this – among the faces of the people in Jannah belongs to those who join ties. 

Avoiding them == severing the ties. 
Severing the ties == not people in Jannah. 
Not people in Jannah == Go to Hell! 

Scary isn’t it! Yes, avoiding them would be the easiest escape route. I know. I too had once thought of doing so. But then, that would not solve anything and would make your path to enter Jannah harder!  On your part, you might feel, ‘Adeh, sakitnya hati. Why must I do the talking first? It’s not like they are going to appreciate it anyway’. If you think you can continue to withhold them, with the intention to seek Allah's blessings. Then please, by all means, do not avoid them. But if you think by having them around would only make you talk bad about them behind their back or lead you to do worse, then please avoid them. Look for better companions. But should you crossed each others path, give them a sincere smile. :)

“Madam, are you saying that we should not befriend the bad people?” (Adeh~~~ susahnya~)

Let’s make it clear though. It is not our job at all to judge people. Everyone is good but the only thing is, there are people who are having greater level of Iman. That’s it. Maka dengan itu, if you think you can lead the less good to do good, please please please continue becoming their friends. Don’t leave them alone. Show good values and examples. Be kind and patient towards them. Who knows, they might be better too. BUT, there is of course the ‘but’. But if you think by becoming their friends causes you to drift away from the right path, then you need to start building a gap from them. Takut you go from better to just good. Ada paham ke?~

Whatever you do, always seeks His guidance. ;) Wallahualam…