Friday, May 31, 2013

Quick post!

In case you remember me mentioning somewhere in this blog, I started blogging with Friendster. Then Friendster had to call it a day since it could not keep up with the more user friendly myspace and facebook. At one time, I did copy some of my posts and kept it on my PC. Not all of it though :(. And so, I thought of like embedding some of the posts in which I think still 'relevant' onto blogspot, hence, the re-post tag. :)

That's it. Happy reading! ;) 

Re-post: Believe it or not...

When you were kids, have you ever wonder how huge ship can float whereas we human that barely 1% of its weight can easily get drowned? Well I have and I know Yaby didn't (Yaby told me that he figured it out as soon as he thinks about it (eksyen laa tu :p)). My other favourite question was, why human have to sleep (kan best if we could play all day long)? (Although I found the questions quite amusing, as far as I could remember, I never mentioned any of these two questions to my parents. Until now, I can't figure out why I did not.)

About eight years later, after my geography teacher taught us how to calculate the world time difference, I did make a fool of myself when I asked, "if we travel from Malaysia to US, do our watch automatically change to the exact local time on its own?". The whole class broke into laughter. Hehe.. well give me a break! I never travel on an airplane before :p. That's also when I realized that it would be a great challenge to invent a watch that has this kind of functionality (I know we have it now).

A year later (as its getting closer to millennium), there had been much said on extraterrestrial. I remember reading an article that said a country was working on a million dollar project trying to find a replacement for the planet earth. That was when I thought to myself, "if we can 'bring' water on Mars then we might be able to live on Mars". Why water? No idea. I didn't know where it came from. My subconscious mind must have picked it up from somewhere. So I asked my chemistry teacher, "can we easily get water by combining oxygen and hydrogen gas?" because in my mind, I was imagining of bringing a huge volume of oxygen and hydrogen to planet Mars before KabooM - water!! Because of that, I can't really remember my teacher's given answer :p.

There was also one time when I was asked if alien do exist in Bermuda Triangle. I'd answered no based on the fact that I just don't believe that alien exist. But I did relate my answer to orang bunian (silly me). Hehe.. Why? Because it is stated clearly in the Quran, there is no other creature created by God in this whole universe that could surpass the human and jinn intelligence. Simple.

And there were many other occasions where questions kept ringing in my mind. But as I grew older, I realized that it has slowed down a little bit. This proves how much I am wasting the capacity of my brain. I remember a talk where he said, how people nowadays study less when compared to people in the past. He showed a picture comprising of two triangles.

One was a triangle that its peak on the top and another triangle with its peak at the bottom. And so he said while his index finger pointing to the first triangle:
"When you are in school, you learn a lot of things. And when you start doing you degree, you'll only learn subjects that are constraint to your chosen area. As you finally reach here (pointing to the peak of the triangle), you are doing your PhD ". "However, in the past, they start from here (pointing at the peak of the second triangle). And as they grew older, not only they gained knowledge in science, they also grasped knowledge in arts, language, astronomy and etc. This is how we supposed to achieved..."

The question now is - can we? :)


Friday, May 10, 2013

Just a story~

I have a story to tell. It is about a girl and a boy. But this is no ordinary love story. The relationship that the two have is pretty odd but mutual. And so, here how it goes…

As I was saying, this is a story of a girl and a boy.

I can’t exactly tell you where and when their love for one another really began. My guess is, it must have come naturally all along.

If I must describe, the boy is slender in physic, not too tall, not too short and smart looking. He is blessed with great mind and good character. The girl on the hand is somewhat huge but never too big. She does have great qualities but somehow hidden. I knew that if she was given the chance, she would surely shine.

It had been for quite some time since the boy has a strong affection towards the girl. In the beginning, the boy would glimpse from afar. Not too far though. Just enough to be left unnoticed. But never too far such that he would be missing stories of the girl.

Little that the boy knew that the girl has also started to develop feeling for him. The girl would stare at the boy from a distance and would quickly move her gaze just before their eyes would meet.  
Although they have crossed each other in many separate occasions, they have never stopped to talk to each other.

Their relationship was left that way for a period of time. It was not until an incident took place that changes their relationship forever.

You see, this boy here, he has many friends. But one in particular has long built resentment towards him in which the boy never knew the friend had. This friend of his would trade anything in the world to be in his shoes. Why? Hmm.. since I don’t really know them 100%, I could only observe two possibilities.

For one, they are caught in a love triangle. The friend has always loved the girl. Before the girl met the boy, the girl had once opened herself to the friend. But somehow, the girl found out the true colours of the friend. She began to lose faith and trust over the friend to the extent that she could no longer forgive the friend. Perhaps the second reason would be because the boy, although he is much younger than the friend, he is way smarter and kind at heart.

One fine day, the friend could no longer contain his anger. The friend devised a plan to stop the boy from continuously being under the limelight. The friend met all of the boy’s friends including the girl and started making up stories of the boy.

A lot of the friends believed in the story and left him. Except.. except for the girl. The girl worked so hard to convince others that what the friend just said was a fabricated story but none believe her.
Since that day, the boy knew the true feelings of the girl towards him.  

Just soon after, the boy approached the girl letting her knew what he would do for her. The boy promised that he would stay true and to work hard to gain the trust that was stolen from him.

On the other end, the friend would try in every way possible to change the girl. This was backed by the boy’s former friends. The friend knew that the only way that he could win over the boy was to make the girl lose hope on the boy. And so, by every means, the friend would try to scrape every single piece of hope left in the girl.

Not long after, there was the announcement of the yearly chess tournament open to all. The friend had won every year in which the friend had contested. The boy knew that the tournament was one way to win some pride over the friend. So he signed up for the competition. And since the tournament was a single-elimination style, the boy knew that he needed to prepare stronger for the game.   

Just like in the movie, the two archenemies finally met in the final (after all this is a story ;)). The winner takes it all. 2 long hours had passed since the first white pawn was moved. The boy seemed to be doing well. He had two steps ahead from the friend. During the intermission, something unprecedented in chess tournament history took place. A spectator accidentally knocked over the table causing the chess pieces scattered all over the place. What made matter worst was that, both scoresheets were miraculously disappear.  

After a brief discussion among the arbiters, they decided that the opposing team will arrange the pieces for the opponent. The boy thought that the idea was absurd and so were some other spectators including the girl. The boy raised his dissatisfaction towards the arbiters’ decision in which led him losing 2 additional pieces. What frustrate the boy more was that, the friend had the control on which 2 pieces are to be removed from the boy.

The girl shouted to the boy, “Don’t give up. I’m with you”, before being escorted out by the remaining arbiters.

The boy didn't back down. He go ahead with the one sided game. In less than an hour, the boy lost the match. The friend could not be happier when he was once again crowned with the title.

Coming out from the tournament, the boy met the girl. The girl told the boy that to her, he had won the match and respect from others when he decided to go ahead with the game. As for the boy, although he was crushed that he lost the game, the boy knew he had won when he knew the girl had always supported him. 

Until the next tournament.

-End for now-

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Stand alone~

Tomorrow is the E-day. The MOST anticipating event of the year. 

I am quite sure many of us have made up our mind on which boxes that will be marked with an X. I told Yaby two days ago that this kan-chiong feeling I am having right now is way beyond the nervous feeling I had when sitting for my SPM. Only two questions need answering. In which, the questions are soalan bocor AND you know what are the best answers… But still, I am left cuak~~ *I am not being poyo here*

Anyway, coming back to this entry, I felt that it is my responsibility to share and put forward one more detail in relating to this election fever which I got from Yaby in which he got from the last Friday sermon. Probably it is one of the most important reminders of all. It is applicable whether you like Blue or Green or Orange. It is also applicable to those who even have not decided on which to cross. 

The Khateeb share on the matter of Ijtihad.

What is Ijtihad? Hmm... My easy explanation would be - "working towards what you believe in after you have make effort in understanding a particular activity". But of course my definition is not complete. For more in depth explanation, I would suggest that you meet Ustaz and Ustazah to discuss on the matter. Please do that. After all, as a good Muslim, we need to continuously seek knowledge so that we could improve our amal. ;-)

So back to the sermon, nearing to the end of the Khutbah, the Khateeb said:
"... you have to Ijtihad. You cannot say, (because) that person vote for  'that' and I will do 'that'. ...... When you stand in front of Allah swt, you will stand alone. You cannot quote that the Prime Minister is here, you cannot quote this is here and here. ..... Allah will ask you why did you do that. And you have to answer, 'O Allah, because the Qur'an says so and so, because the hadith says so and so. ..... There is no such thing as following somebody else (others)." 

In my attempt to put in here word for word of what the Khateeb has said from a low quality recording which I have, I failed. You have to forgive me for that. But the main detail is clear. Your Ijtihad must be based on the Qur'an and Hadith. And that on the reckoning day, when all people shall gather together in groups, you will be asked on your decision.

So remember, when you are about to write down the important ‘X’ ever on that two small sheet of papers, ask yourself this question - 'On what basis is this ijtihad has been made?'

May Allah helps us all and group us among those of whom He favours! Amin ya Rabb!!! ;-)

"And fight in the Way of Allah those who fight you, but transgress not the limits. Truly, Allah likes not the transgressors." - Al-Qur'an 2:190