Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ant3M13 and Ant3M15...

The last time I wrote about ants, I was dedicating to a dear friend. Here’s another story of ants for another friend that I care~ ;)


Once there was a colony of rare blue ants. One day, in a mass gathering held by Queen RayBlu, the Queen called out the names of four selected blue ants – Ant3M12 (ant-3-million-and-twelve), Ant3M13 (ant-3-million-and-thirteen), Ant3M14 (ant-3-million-and-fourteen) and Ant3M15 (ant-3-million-and-fifteen). When all four ants stand bravely in front of their Queen, Queen RayBlu instructed them to pair themselves to whomever they like. By mutual chemistry, Ant3M12 and Ant3M14 chose each other and the same reaction for Ant3M13 and Ant3M15.  Because of their number pattern, the Queen decided that Ant3M12 and Ant3M14 shall be called the Even team while Ant3M13 and Ant3M15 as the Odd team.

“Hear ye.. hear ye..”, exclaimed Queen RayBlu echoing every wall in the main hall of the blue ant’s anthill.

When all ants break into silence, in clear calm voice the Queen continued;

“I can tell many of you are musing on what ground we are gathering here today. I can tell you, that there is nothing to worry about. No Grasshopper dare to step foot on our anthill again. Here before us are four special brave ants. They will embark on a journey of a lifetime. When they return, we will hear what they have to say about their adventure.”

Immediately after Queen RayBlu ended her speech, the two pairs were given a map each. Soon after, the two pairs left their anthill.

Three days later, Odd team was first to arrive back at their anthill. Though they looked tired, Ant3M13 and Ant3M15 were beaming with smiles. A day later, the other team arrived. But unlike the first team, Ant3M12 and Ant3M14 looked battered and unhappy. The following day, Queen RayBlu called for another mass gathering. Other blue ants were eager and excited to hear stories from the two teams.

“Hear ye.. hear ye..”, exclaimed Queen RayBlu echoing the main hall for the second time.

“The day has finally arrived. With all the power bestowed on me, may I invite the Odd team to come forward to share their journey experience”, said Queen RayBlu.

Ant3M13 and Ant3M15 looked at each other – smiling.

“We have just experienced something most valuable”, Ant3M13 began his speech. Ant3M15 nodded in agreement.

The two ants told the other blue ants of their adventure. At some points of their story, the crowds would ‘woos’ and ‘wahs’ in excitement.

When they finished their story, Queen RayBlu took the center stage again.

“Shall we now hear the story from the other team.. I now call upon the Even team to tell their part of story.”

The crowd clapped their hands happily.

Slowly, Ant3M12 and Ant3M14 walked in front of the million pairs of eyes. There was a long pause before Ant3M12 began to speak.

“I do not have much to say about the journey.”

The loud and happy crowd turned quiet. Not long after, there were murmurings. It grew louder and louder. “How could it be different?” asked one ant to another. “I was expecting to hear another great story”, said another ant to the other.

“Silence.. silence..”, said Queen RayBlu.

“May I know the reason for this uneventful adventure?” asked Queen RayBlu.

The two started telling their story. At every turn of their story, they would blame one another.

“I told Ant3M12 not to take that path but he wouldn’t listen. We ended in dead end”, claimed Ant3M14.

“How would I know that there would be landslide to block the path!” shouted Ant3M12 angrily. “You did nothing from the beginning of the journey but complain!”

“How dare you said such thing, if it wasn’t for me, you are now dead squashed under a man’s shoe!” Ant3M14 retaliated.

As about Queen RayBlu attempted to intercept the argument, Ant3M13 and Ant3M15 came forward calming Ant3M12 and Ant3M14.

“We also experienced the same difficulties. But each time we took a wrong turn, we admit it was our mistakes. In our heads, we believed that we might be destined for something greater. We took it as ways to unravel more challenges and experience”, shared Ant3M13. 

“I would say that the journey was beautiful because Ant3M13 is always positive.. no matter what and how big the difficulties that emerged during our journey. When the big rock blocked our way, we find a way around it - together. Ant3M13 didn't waste time to blame me for choosing that path”,  said Ant3M15 proudly.

“How could I blame you for that? No ant could tell that it would happen. I believe it must have occurred for a reason”, winked Ant3M13 to Ant3M15. “And I felt the same way too. You have been positive and encouraging all the way”, Ant3M13 continued with a smile.

The crowd cheered happily.

Queen RayBlu began to speak slowly.

“Thank you Ant3M13 and Ant3M15. Indeed those are the purpose of the journey I sent you. True friendship can only be revealed when tested. I hope all of us ants would continue to tolerate and be open to one another. Then only our bonds will be stronger.”

*The End*


mrs plain-june said...

MasyaAllah! great story indeed! thank you for sharing amy :)

ellyWong said...

Thank you k ju~~ huhuhu