Tuesday, November 20, 2012

For Gaza...

Tomorrow is my birthday. As I am sitting on my bed, typing this entry on my phone, I am torn apart.. having mixed feelings.

A few minutes ago, I was awaken by Ibrahim's little cries. Alhamdulillah, he is well asleep again. (Sorry Ibrahim. Ummi owe you a birthday entry. We went back to klang since mama yana came down. InsyaAllah will put an entry for you soon).

I took my phone just to check if there's any important notifications. That was when I was led to an article writing about the strikes on Gaza.

My perception on this manic strikes - many Malaysians are unaware of what's happening in Gaza. They don't know the weight of this dreadful event which the Palestinians have to face. Homes destroyed, bloodsheds, family members killed...

I guess we are too busy with our 'perfect' life. We woke up in the morning. Then we got ready to send our kids to school before heading to work from 8am to 5pm. In the evening, we picked our kids from school, headed back home, had dinner together, watched tv together and finally went to bed at 10pm. The Palestinians don't have this privilege of the so-called perfect life.

They have woken up to uncertainties every morning of their lives. How do I know this? Yes, I have not been there but Alhamdulillah I am blessed with friends and students who shared their part of real-life stories when they were in Gaza. Electricity was scarce. Yes, you won't be able to watch your favorite drama or play your favourite game or browse to the online stores anytime you feel like it if you were there. Clean water, yes the one that we always let our taps run on and on while brushing, are limited. Without electricity they cannot process the sea water. A'ha, yes they don't have rivers flowing. Everyday, the Israel tanks will come passing by destroying houses and vegetations. I could not imagine of such life. But truth have been told. The Palestinian are living that way since the occupation of the Israeli.

From time to time, I too was left ignorant. I only blame myself. I was too complacent. Too comfortable with my life. I dare to think that tomorrow is certain. Just because I am not living in a war zone. I dare to think that I could live another day. I dare to think that I could still have time to play or to see the smiles on my children face... I have dare to think of many other things.. another kind of privilege that does not belong to the Palestinian.

I have heard some people saying that this war between the Israeli and Palestinian will never end until the end is near. Therefore, why bother doing anything or even knowing. If the non-muslim from other parts of the world care to do something to raise awareness.. why not us? We should be in fact voicing out the loudest because we are brothers and sisters, unified under the blanket called Islam. Or we feel that we don't belong to each other?

... In solidarity with Gaza ...