Monday, July 30, 2012

Make your move...

I have always love Chess. And now Sudoku is becoming one of my favourites too. What I love most about the two is that they are both strategy game (plus they are cheap!!!). I remember when Daddy taught me how to play Chess, Daddy always told me that to become a good Chess player you must always think ONE step ahead from your opponent. He added that each time you put down a piece, you must know why you put it there and how the move could help you to win the game. Now that I am writing this, it makes me longing for a tournament. I guess I must have missed the heart pounding and palm sweating atmosphere. HohohOHOoho.. I would definitely asked my children to experience it. Something new has just set foot at my front door, I found that I could use this same strategy to work my way out. InsyaAllah to contribute positively to the team. And since this blog has been a place where I 'psycho' myself from time to time, thats why I am writing this here. Hehehe OK! Takleh panjang2.. lets read the Quran! ;) Sent via HTC DHD

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ramadhan preview

A beautiful video.. please spent time to watch it! Lets seeks His Forgiveness. Taubat itu hak Allah! 

Since Ramadhan is insyaAllah next week, I would like to take this opportunity to minta ampun minta maaf if ada salah silap from my part.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


This is no Ombak Rindu. Simply rindu to spill words here on this blog.

I love today. Since I woke up this morning, everything was somewhat in place. Morning was usually the time when I operated in HIGH speed mode. Should Ibrahim or/and Jia do not listen to me, I would easily become all tensed up. When that happen, though this mulut berkumat-kamit  Rabbana afrigh 'alayna sabranwa thabbit aqdamana wan-surna 'alal-Qawmil-kafirin (Our Lord! Pour down upon us patience, and make our steps firm and assist us against the unbelieving people 2:250), still, it is not a wonderful scene for anyone to see. HohoHOHohohOHOho.. May Allah gives us more patience indeed. Alhamdulillah this morning they were both in good mood and Alhamdulillah I was all smiling. :)

This serene feeling, the good mood I am having right now, I know it is one of the many Nikmat (Blessings) from Him and I thank Allah for each and every single one of it. 

Of course there are many reasons for Allah's cause. He said Kun Fa Ya Kun (Be and it Be..) and everything will happen the way He wants it to be. But here I would like to share, of what I believe by part and parcel makes my morning all smiling.

You see, yesterday evening I saw Yaby was in the process of opening a new toothpaste. We recently opened a new one but because Yaby got an ulcer in his mouth, he decided to open another toothpaste. This one have the Gamat in its ingredient. Watching Yaby handling the box reminded me that there was still some Gamat toothpaste left in the bathroom. After Yaby left the toilet, I went in and there I saw the old Gamat toothpaste tube was placed further away from the new one. 

At that moment, the thought of "adoi, kan yang ini ada sikit lagi?.. boleh sekali guna lepas habis boleh la buang yang lama ni.." came across my mind. I then decided to bring the old Gamat tube closer in the hope that Yaby would see it and finish it once and for all. I realised that it has been sometime now since the old Gamat tube was reduced to its current form and I just couldn't wait to throw it! Tapi sebab ada sikit lagi, I kept it still, hoping that Yaby would finish it. (If you asked why wouldn't I? Because I love the Kayu Sugi more and the Gamat was Yaby's! Huhuhu.. Sebenarnya mmg dua2 nak kena belasah sebab tak reti nak guna toothpaste habis2 :P).

So came this morning, I saw Yaby did not finish the old Gamat but choose to squeeze from the new tube instead. Try and guess what I did next? Jeng jeng jeng...

At the first sight of the old Gamat tube, my eyes jadi sakit mata. My hati jadi sakit hati. LOL.. SERIOUSLY (maybe lupa nak baca doa masuk toilet pagi tadi). And I could hear that whispering telling me to confront with Yaby. Telling me that I have to make Yaby understand that how could he not do something as simple as using the toothpaste from the old tube and later throw it into the bin. At that very moment, I decided to throw it anyway. I pick it up and in my haste to do so, it fell onto the tiles. Time tu, terasa lagi laa nak tension. 

But then as I was bending to grab the tube, at that split second, I felt something hit me. My conscience was there to tell me, "takkan laaa pasal toothpaste nak marah2". I remember taking a deep breath and let the matter pass. 

What I am trying to say is that, this morning I had a choice. Whether or not to confront Yaby on such small matter. I once laughed while reading an article that states the common cause of conflicts between husband and wife includes spouse forgetting to put down the toilet flap after using the toilet bowl. At that time rasa macam tak logik je. HohOhoho.. Memang betul laa the syaitan envies good relationship especially between husband and wives or between parents and children or between a friend to another. They simply love to whisper and incite bad thoughts and ill intentions.

This morning in particular, I choose not to go ahead with the evil plan laid out by the naughty syaitan. Because I did not, Yaby and I were watching Ustaz Don together in happy mood. Things might be different if I had chosen to confront Yaby and stir things up sooooooo early in the morning. We might still be watching Ustaz Don, tapi hati masing2 sakit. Hehehehe... This is an example of the so called power to choose that Allah has provided us with. This trait is also what makes we human special compare to the rest of Allah's creation. We have the power to choose and decide which path we like to take. I remember an Ustaz on the IKIM radio mentioned that we and Qada' and Qadar is just like a sail boat and the wind. Allah has set the direction of the wind. But it is us who set the sail as to which direction it should go.

And more importantly, we need to care for our hearts. Jangan bagi chance langsung to that naughty Devil. ;)
Rabbana la tuzigh qulubana ba'daiz-hadaitana wahab lana mil ladunka rahmah innaka antal-wahhabu.
"Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us and grant us from Yourself mercy. Indeed, You are the Bestower." (3:8)