Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Enough of the excuses!

Since last week, I could swear that I have been using one phrase much too often. Today, I gave myself one 'big' knocked on the head of sudah-sudah laa tu. Previously, I have posted an entry of 'enough is enough'. This is a Malay version of it and for a totally different reason. :P

So what was that phrase? ...

I have been using the same old lame I-AM-SUPER-BUSY excuses again. Though it's true that I am very busy. But I think I am using it wayyyyyyyyyyy too much as an easy escape route!


That said, I could not believe that it's already the month of Rejab. In less than 60 days, Ramadhan shall greet upon us. Yeay! Moga sempat diketemukan with Ramadhan. After all we could not tell whether or not we would have the chance to welcome Ramadhan. I remember yesterday's Tazkirah Maghrib where the Ustaz mentioned that our (passing) time will come when we reached the highest point (kemuncak) in our lives. Whether the highest point (kemuncak) is when we are at our very best of Iman or.. when we are at the highest point (kemuncak) of being not-so-good (the word 'evil' is just to scary for me...).  Nauzubillah... May we all acquire Khusnul Khatimah... Amin Ya Rabb!

I do hope that in the midst of our busyness, we would not let ourselves sank too deep under the busy blanket of this worldly life. Jom increase our Zikir seeking Allah;'s forgiveness starting this month so that we could all be in full gear mode come Ramadhan. Not to forget the puasa sunat. ;) This goes especially to myself :P.


To the great sisters who have given me that little push (when I need it the most) and to the sisters who made is all possible, this is for you. :)  

I was standing on a beach. Enjoying the breeze and the fresh smell of sea water as it comes. Watching from a distance, I was never bored by the view it has to offer. I did let myself immersed deeply into the beautiful song of the lovely wave melody. From time to time, small sprinkle of sea water would touch my skin as the big waves hit onto the rocks. That was when I had the greatest desire to set foot into the sea. The idea lingers a while and soon left. But, just as the wave would hit the rocks again, and so was the idea that came to me. The idea of whether or not I should touch the sea water. Braving the sea. I have had the fear that I might sink. Whether or not I could stay afloat once I am in the sea. Alas, even I could not tell before making the first steps... with that, I shall jump! :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

By the hearts...

A ruler’s way

Truth must be told
History we must learn
Only then bliss ruled
Only then victory attained

A ruler’s way
One that’s hard and bold
Grabbing by the minds
Scheming the minds
Obey we will
Through fear and hate
But will bliss ruled?
Neither victory attained

A ruler’s way
One that’s soft but bold
Grabbing by the hearts
Empathizing the hearts
Obey we will
Through love and respect
Bliss shall rule
Victory shall be attained


specially dedicated to Akira

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Stand united... :)

There were so much to talk about in the last 3 weeks. From being 'clean' to Manchester City glorious win over Man U. Personally, I am more interested in the former.

I have mentioned this before in my previous entries. I would say that I am patriotic. I love Malaysia second after Islam. Since Bersih happens here in Malaysia, I couldn't help but to read and understand the issues that envelopes the campaign in the first place. I don't want to be left behind you see...

So what about Bersih?

I am sure, many of you have read it too. The historical news is all over the place. Demonstrators shared their first hand experience on what I believe to be the largest demonstration ever. And I am pretty sure, 28 April 2012 has booked itself a space in the Malaysian hall-of-fame. 

Why do I say that? 

This is the third time of such event. After the first two, there were claims condemning Malay youths. Labeling the Malay youths to be fanatics. It is to the extent that I've heard people saying 'anak muda melayu saja tergila2 nak berdemo' or 'anak muda cina semua tahu dieorg perlu belajar bukan peduli politik' or 'tengok la, mana ada bangsa cina and india'. 

While I don't know the true ruling of demonstrations in Islam, I just want to say this.

I am very proud to see Malay, Chinese and Indian walk hand-in-hand together on that very day. The way I see it, 28th April 2012 came as a testament to bury the old claims that Chinese and Indian do not love and care for this country. 28th April 2012 also proves that we can all stand united.

I couldn't help but to recall the shots in LOTR. Human, Elves, Dwarves, Hobbits and Ents fighting Sauron and his dark army. There were also the Bugs Life cartoon when all Ants work together with the Circus Bugs to cast away those naughty Grasshoppers. In the end, because they stand united, they finally defeated the eeeeeeeeeeevil. HOhoHOHohohoho..;)

On the side note, let's hope Malaysia will win our first gold medal in this coming Olympic! Go Datuk Lee Chong Wei!!! I'm rooting for you!!!