Friday, March 16, 2012

Allah please save our Syrian Brothers and Sisters...

If you have read news on Syria, you would knew that the uprising in Syria started when a thirteen year old boy was tortured after he was caught writing on the wall asking President Bashar to step down. It has been a year now. There have been much killing since. Watch the video below.. an interview with President Bashar al-Assad. It is so heart breaking to listen things from his perspective. :(

Friday, March 9, 2012

Quick Post~ Let's read Al-Ma'thurat!

Who don't know what Al-Ma'thurat is? To those who only heard this for the first time, please accept my apology for not writing about this sooner. Clearly I was wrong to assume everyone already knew about this. Don't you worry. I was too. :)

Remember that I once mentioned that I never went to Sekolah Agama yang petang2 tu. And so I would say that at my early days, my Agama knowledge is way below the average line. I first heard of Al-Ma'thurat when I was 18. Yup!~ That old. But like they say, better late than never. I must say thank you to my chalet mates who brought it into my life.  

So what is this Al-Ma'thurat? 

During my time, it has a purple cover and Surah Yasin at the back. It was not until I decided to spent RM1.80 to buy my first Al-Ma'thurat at Pasar Borong Klang when I realised that I have actually seen this book back when I was in my secondary school. Unfortunately, I'd only used it to read Yasin. Never had I taken the time to browse the earlier pages of the tiny book to notice Al-Ma'thurat. But this does not explain what Al-Ma'thurat is. So here goes... :)

Al-Ma'thurat is a compilation of Zikir and Doa prepared by As-Syahid Imam Hassan Al-Banna. Is that it? Well, it pretty much says it all. Of course by all means you could read any Doa and Zikir you like. But let me point out that I personally think that Al-Ma'thurat is by far has the perfect combinations of all Doa and Zikir. 

If you haven't got it, I would suggest that you invest a small amount to purchase this small yet 'insyaAllah-heavy-on-scale' book. By investing, it also means to beramal with it. Meanwhile, you could download a soft copy of it which I take no credit from this link. Happy Friday! ;)

ps: At home with Ibrahim.. get well soon my Ibrahim...