Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lalala... bad hair day...

Hopefully none of the good-people-waiting-for-my-submissions sees I am spending time writing this entry and not the reports and papers I owe them!!! :P But should you see this, please know that I am trying real hard to stretch my 24 hours to fit in everything. 

A few days ago, while I was talking to one of my students, she mentioned that she is going to work harder this semester to fix her CGPA. She told me that she didn't study for her exams last semester. When I asked her the reasons she did that, she described to me of her somewhat big problem. I could see and relate how the problem led her into the actions she had taken.

Like Daddy used to tell me, "school isn't just about books and exams..", well it's true. There's so much "in between" or should I say "around" us. And because we are human i.e. dynamic+mostly subjective, hence, we couldn't avoid not having those bumps in lives.

I would not say that have I led a perfect life or have not done any mistakes along the path. I am not an angel for heaven sake! And least would I suggest that what I am about to say as the best solution to anyone's problem. My intention is simply to give an advice based on experience. Adoi~ saying this makes me feel sooOOooOOOo OLD~~ 

To me, the best measurement of one's success is how one deals with problems. Fullstop. I am going to repeat it again. The best measurement of one's success is how one deals with problem. By saying that, it is to say that how you turn bad hair day into GOOD bad hair day... how you see half empty as half FULL... how you continuously see the SILVER LINING behind every cloud... 

I mentioned to my student that by all means she could feel unhappy about the problems. But for her not to study.. this only make things worse for none other than herself. 

I know that there are things which are just beyond our capacity. Or decisions that aren't ours to make. But like they say, "Ikut hati Mati~" and in most cases this is true. I couldn't deny the fact that there are times when we need to follow our hearts. But surely we must have some sort of guidelines. Mana boleh belasah je. For us Muslims, we need to follow rules set in Islam and keeping Iman in mind to guide us whenever we decide to follow our hearts. More importantly, 'luckily' we have our most powerful weapon of all - prayer. Seek for His guidance and protection.  

And In the case you need to have the physical touch, go and talk to someone. Someone who is neutral and not the type who simply follows 'hati' (kang dua2 'mati'... :P).  

May we all be continuously under His guidance. Amiiiiinnn~~~~ :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Quick Post!

Uhuk.. uhuk.. uhuk.. mak aii banyaknye sawang~~

To be honest, I have so much to write about but simply haven't got the time. InsyaAllah will put up a new entry soon... :)

Till then~