Monday, September 5, 2011

Quick post

You see, there was once when 6 cats ruled Ummi's backyard. It was not long before one by one was either pass away or gone missing. There are only 3 left. 

My dear Insyirah had one incident with one of the cats named Dolly. From time to time she would asked her Nek Lin of the cats whereabouts especially Dolly's though we have repeated to her many times that they are now have gone missing.

So last Saturday during Hari Raya holiday, my dear Insyirah asked the same question again:
Jia: Nek Lin.. where is Dolly? Where is Ma-yi-yo?
Nek Lin: Dolly and Mayo are missing.
Me: They are in heaven now Jia..
Jia: Hmm.. what?
Me: They are in heaven Jia. Do you want to go to heaven?
Jia: No Mi-Mi! I don't want to go to heaven.
Me: Why??!
Jia: Because I am NOT a cat.
Adeh~ of course we all burst out laughing. Sakit perut. Hearing her answer makes me realised that I have not tell her the other 'side' of the stories. Will have to tell her soon. :)

Chuppa was warded on the same day... get well soon Chuppa!!!

In loving memory~ Dolly sleeping very very very close to Mayo's bottom. huhuhu...