Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Learn the hard way...

I just don't get it. Sigh~ These people.. haven't they got enough lecturing from others to change? If only they show some effort to change or at least to consider what others have to say kan bagus. Aijooo...

Here's a fact. If it's just one person telling you 'that', then you can argue the nature of the comment. But if you made everyone go crazy and talking about it, then please consider the fact that the problem might be ROOTED from you! Trust me, you'll feel much better if you considered it. Why must go the hard way. Aijo...

One common behavior which anyone can easily pick out among these kind of people is, they are just too hard-headed to accept that by part and parcel they are the one causing MOST of the problems. And in soooo many cases, these people will then normally try to deviate the attention and to admit that they are at fault by accusing and blaming others. And last but not least, their final and most powerful weapon of all is in soooooo many ways they will try to justify their doings. Sigh~

Berapa kali daaa mengeluh. Not good for me. Smile Amelia Wong Azman. Smile~

To these group of people, here is what I am telling you. Firstly, I hope that you learn to listen what others have to say. You definitely feel uneasy at first (like I wouldn't if people bombarded me with my negatives. Nama pun manusia :P) but at least try to understand. Kesian kakak tu membebel tau. Secondly, when someone tell you something, it means they care. They want you to change for the better. 

You see, admitting to the problem is the first step. Without this step then you can't proceed to the next level i.e. to resolve. This is of course speaking from experience. Yup, I had my times dulu-dulu when agak degil to admit :P. But insyaAllah I am a changed person now and would like to pass on this message as a reminder to myself too.

With that said, since in just a few more days, we Muslims are going to celebrate the month of Ramadhan, and so may I take this opportunity to wish you 'all the best' in Ramadhan. Let's get your gear ready. There's a battle to find Lailatul Qadr up ahead. ;) Happy Ramadhan.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My love...

My current lappy wallpaper.. di kala all stressed up, this photo never fail to make me smile.. hehehe

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fight back to school!~

Since this meant to be a 'come back' entry, I hope that this entry would have something to offer than just me talking about me. And yes, I miss you guys!!! :)

As of last April, I am officially a teacher. Yup. I had my first batch of students. A small group but enough to enlighten me. Enough to occupy me. Enough to become a practicing ground before the school will be reopened this September. Overall, it was fun though I knew I need to do more to improve and most of all to shift from just becoming a mualim to a murabbi.  

What is murabbi? While it is still fresh in my head, allow me to share with you especially to those of you who shares the same realm as I am.

Becoming a mualim is easy. All you have to do is, you go to your class, open your slides or start writing on the board and do the lecturing and let your students gain whatever knowledge you wish them to learn. A murabbi on the other hand, not only involve transferring knowledge to students but also to transform them having good adab i.e. values or morale. In other words, you don't just go to your class to 'teach' but giving 'tarbiyah' instead. Yup, I finally understand that the word 'tarbiyah' means a process where knowledge and value happened all at the same time.

"Do you remember all of your teachers?" one of the many questions that was put forward to us by the speaker. Though I didn't say out loud, I answered 'No'. Then he continued, "we usually only remember only a few especially those who touches our hearts most". I can't agree more with that statement. In my case, I recall especially those who have inspired me whether them noticing it or not.

I must say that my two hours listening to the speaker on 'murabbi' was the highlight of the workshop I had attended and it has indeed lit a little spark in my heart to become a murabbi. And yes to me, the speaker has managed to secure the murabbi title since he has touched my heart and aspired me to work on that path.

Is it that difficult to inspire? To me, 'to become inspire' comes in a very subjective manner. Hence, the reason why it can be soOOoooOOOoo difficult to inspire at least for myself. For example, one might felt strongly connected by a speech made by one particular speaker, but to the rest of the audience, it might reach them as just an ordinary speech. 

I have always believed that anyone can inspire. Not just the teachers. All you need is the right 'ingredients' at the right time and at the right place. More importantly it must come from your heart and that the intentions are clear. While I've made it sound simple, honestly speaking, I have scratched my head a few times in the last couple of months thinking how or what I could possibly do to inspire my fellow students. And I have wondered what I could do such that my dear students would eager to come to my class although the class starts at 8.30am. 

This is a challenge on my part indeed. To not only teach but  also to reach into their hearts. To inspire them to become a great engineers equipped with high morale. They say nothing is impossible. Hence, I am putting this challenge as one of my resolutions. And I am putting the same challenge to you guys. Ada berani? Hehehehe ;) Good luck!
The believers are only those who believe in Allah and His Apostle then they doubt NOT and struggle hard with their wealth and their lives in the way of Allah; they are the truthful ones [49:15]