Monday, April 4, 2011

My milk story~

Nowadays, my meeting with people will also mean me getting this as their first remark, "Nape dah kurus ni?". Okay here's the thing, first of all I must clarify that I am in no condition what so ever in the mood of dieting. Like most mom, this is all thanks to BF-ing. But that's not what I am about to write. You see, sebenarnye, I still have 'excess' at some places where I least wanted. But the thing is, people didn't see this since these cheeks of mine.. they are all sunken. Dah genetik agaknya. So, yesterday, I type this on the google search "how +plush +cheek -makeup -surgery". For those who seldom use the search engine, the plus sign means include the search with the word whereas the minus is to drop all articles found from the search which contain the word. In my case 'make up' and 'surgery'. 

To be honest the search results were far from anything that I wanted.

And so, I told Yaby about this. He's replied - "hmm". That's it. As usual laa kan.

Nak dijadikan cerita, I need him to get some milk from the store. He went and came back with 2L of full cream milk. But that's not the milk that I wanted. Hearing that he has bought the wrong milk Yaby came to me and said this;
yaby: Po, yasir tau macam mana nak bagi plush cheek.
me: .......... *<-- didn't say anything sbb kes malas layan. Knowing that mula laa tu Yaby nak mengarut to throw the guilt*
yaby: Awak minum susu tu, then kumur2 dlm mulut. Bagi semua lemak kumpul kat pipi.
me: .......... *I gave him the stare*
Adeh~ seriously???...