Thursday, October 28, 2010

My quick rant~

Lately I am addicted to speak with Insyirah over the phone. After a few rings, there will be that little high pitch voice on the other line who would straight away say, "hello mi-mi". My heart just melt and it continues to falter when Insyirah said, "mi-mi, come. Let's watch cartoon with me.". Adoi~ Bila tak call nak call. Bila dah call anak suruh balik nak balik. How?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't be angry laa mak~

I came across this one hadith on "patience";
Anas ibn Malik reports: “The Prophet saw a woman crying by the side of a grave. He said to her: ‘Be mindful of God and be patient’. She said to him: ‘Leave me alone. You have not experienced my calamity; and you do not know him.’ She did not recognize the Prophet. She was then told that he was the Prophet. She came to see him, but she did not find guards at his home. She said to him: ‘I did not realize who you were’. He said: ‘True patience is that shown at the first blow’.” (Related by Al-Bukhari).
Clearly, this hadith is trying to point out the virtue of patience when calamity strikes and that although crying over someone's death is permissible, one should not include wailing or crying aloud and lamenting on death. 

What I am also more interested is on the other fact described in the commentary of this hadith. It was on the personality of our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw. Little was he offended or take it personally when the lady spoke to him in a rude manner. 

Talking about being offended. 

You see, in the last few weeks, whether it was on the radio or someone's discussions or on the newspaper, I had come across with these many stories which kinda related to being offended. In our words, kecik hati laa. 

In one lecture that I heard, it is mentioned on the importance of parents and also husbands not to be quickly offended or kecik hati by the people 'under' them. That is to say, children as to parents and wife to a husband. The point that the Ustaz was trying to make is, in our Islamic teachings, it is highlighted the importance of blessing of parents to the children as well as the blessing of a husband to the wife in order for the children and the wives to live a peaceful, prosperous and happy lives in this world. Should parents and husbands senang sangat je terasa, it would only welcome and bring hardship to the anak-anak and the isteri. After hearing that, I have make sure that this point is pinned neatly at the back of my head. Dah jadik mak laa katakan. :P 

Like the story in the hadith, what made the lady spoke in such a rude manner to our Prophet i.e. the one man we all Muslim must respect, is because she was overcome by her troubled emotions. This situation can happen to anyone i.e. bile tak stabil one might do or say something that is not appropriate. Nama pun manusia and especially to us 'woman' who's mood pretty much easily swayed by our hormones. *coughing*. And of course when the kids are entering that crucial age stage when the smallest things matters i.e. the teenagers!!! hehehe...

Having said that, we couldn't argue that there were cases where children and wives behaving badly and clearly menderhaka towards the parents and the husbands. Ni memang dah masuk bab cerita lain. Nauzubillah~

Let us all mendidik secara berhemah and penuh sabar ye kawan-kawan. ;)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Second chance...

"If you give a person one chance, they might turn out to be a good person...", and so I was told. Daddy said that after he shared me an interesting story of how one of his friends make a turning point in his life. And it was the right turn.

He used to be one of the kongsi gelap guy who had been living a brutal and violent life. He even told Daddy that one of the police stations in Malaysia was his second home. Although I have to skip most of the details, hearing this, anyone could imagine what a rough life he had been involved. 

It all changed when one of his other friends who also happened to be Daddy's friend advice him that he should change his lifestyle. Enough of the kongsi gelap and come out clean. The friend suggested that he should start working under him and even said that he could promote him to become a supervisor. When I asked Daddy how old is his other friend who was braved and kind of him to offer such kindness. Daddy told me that the friend is younger than him. At this point, it only makes it clearer to me that you don't need to be a certain age to change another 'man's' life.

He was given a chance to change and good for him, he grabbed it. His abrupt 180degree turn also lead him to build a happy family of his own. 

Second chance seldom come by. But when they do, some still ignore the clear sign. Only the one that's fortunate live to enjoy a better life. No wonder there's the doa in al-ma'thurat which said, "Ya Allah, janganlah Engkau biarkan nasib kami ditentukan oleh diri kami sendiri" which from my lack of vocab lead me to literally translate the doa into "O Allah, please don't let us decide our own fate i.e. guide us in making decision in life". 

I wanted to write a longer post but my dear Insyirah kept pulling my hand and told me "mi-mi, stop working. Let's go down.". And so with that, I end this post. ;)