Sunday, September 26, 2010


It has been more than a month now since my last post. Which also about the same length of the time I've been here in Malaysia. Oh yes, Happy Hari Raya to all.. maaf zahir and batin. :)

Alhamdulillah I am in my 30th week of my second pregnancy. Things seems to be very busy under my belly every now and then since I could feel the kicking, the turning, the karate move where someone put an elbow into your ribs... yup, you name it.

Anyway, my last appointment with my GP in St Lucia was about a week after my 12 weeks scan. Then I had non until I touched the Malaysia soil again which was about 5 weeks ago. Here's the thing. During my labour with Insyirah, I had a 3rd degree tear. I remember a few minutes after I had little Insyirah in my arms, a doctor came in to examine and after a few preparations I was led to an operation theater room. Two plus hours later, I was in another place where a couple of happy smiling nurses help to put warm blanket around me while another was checking on my pulses and BP and so on. 

I remember looking at the clock and I couldn't believe that it had been close to three hours since the last time I hold little Insyirah. In my head I was wondering how was Ummi and Yaby were coping with little Insyirah. I then asked the nurses when I got to see my baby again. Immediately after that, one of them then said, "right now" before another nurse came along and led me to my ward.

As I entered my ward, I could hear a high pitch yet small cries. It was after all Insyirah. Yaby said, she might be hungry. And so after they transfered me to my bed, Yaby laid little Insyirah next to me and before you knew it, she found what she was looking for. :D 

Eh jap.. what was I suppose to write about? :P

OK OK.. I was actually meant to tell that I had a 3rd degree tear. If you are not sure what is a 3rd degree tear, just know that it is 1 degree away from the worse kind of tear! *saje letak exclamation mark :P*

And so, during my first check up in Malaysia, the Dr said something which scare me and has been causing me dilemma ever since. Based on the fact that I had a 3rd degree tear, she advised me to consider cesarean for this pregnancy. To be honest, I could feel my heart skipped a beat upon hearing that. :( Mana taknyer, the Dr's explanations was fair. In summary, 1) the chances of getting 3rd or 4th degree tear for my case has increased to 15-20%; 2) there might not be or a good specialist might not becomes available to 'mend' the tear; and 3) should point '2' comes in, then it would also mean that my bowel system could be affected. Sigh~

I have been asking around as well as browsing the net to see if anyone had a 3rd or 4th degree tear and still manage to go for a 'clean' normal pregnancy for their subsequent baby. Despite the fact that C-sect is the one thing I want so badly to avoid, I have had the "why not you consider 'it' this time?" running inside my head. Adoi~ My only request here is, please let me know if you have heard of stories with positive outcomes having a normal labour despite a history of 3rd or 4th degree tear so that I could be more confident to go for normal and avoiding the massive operation of C-sect.