Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A new chapter~

So yes I have been away. It has been a tremendously hectic+killer weeks in the last 3 weeks. But Alhamdulillah, everything was good and I'm now safely in Malaysia. To be honest, I still find it hard to absorb the fact that I am back for good. All my syukur to Him. :D

Anyway, coming back home does not mean that I am not at all going to be busy. In fact, it was the total opposite. For a start, there was the Dr's appointment after a quick trip to the hair stylist.. since my hairstyle doesn't fit at all to the lovely hot condition of my Tanahair. The place I heart most. Then of course, I have been shuffling and browsing web pages almost everyday to find a suitable place we could call a place of our own. Adoi~ I can't believe it is soooo difficult to find the dream house close to my work place. Sigh~ I mean, not that I didn't know what to expect after my history of finding a house for rent when I was in Brisbane. It's just that, this is totally different. I really-really have to be 100% sure that the house I am buying is the best to bring up my family. Indeed this is a new chapter for me... tak sangka weii.. I am currently in that phase. 

Then of course, in less than 15 weeks, insyaAllah I'll turn myself into another chapter when this baby boy is welcome as an official member of  ellyWong's family. My guess is, I will have to expect a 'little' different from the previous outcome i.e. having a baby girl. One thing for sure, insyaAllah, I know Insyirah will come in handy since she has been practicing her pengawas skill all over the place. Say this morning, 'accidentally', while I was doing a little thinking of my own, little did I know I was nibbling my protruding finger nails. Then came my dear Insyirah telling me, "mi-mi, don't do that. Don't bite your finger nail". Of course, I was left with red face laa since I was suppose to be the one who should be telling 'someone' not to do such act. *Daddy, if you are reading this, I promise you that I'll try not to repeat this shameless behaviour in front of my children ever again. hihihihi* But soon after the malu phase has gone, I couldn't help but felt blessed having Insyirah who's unlike her Ummi, is more of a ladylike and proper in manner. Alhamdulillah.. :D

Then the next milestone that will mark as a new chapter would be in *ehem* years of time when I am going to replace the number '2' in the first digit of my age with my favourite number - '3'. Aiyooo~ I know. I am tuaaa already. Just a while ago, Yaby and myself were looking at our photos dated 6 years back and realised how much we have 'grown' :P huhuhu. Now that that has been said, I pray for Allah to panjangkan all of our umur ibadat. I mean who didn't know the famous lyrics in the Sepohon Kayu nasyid (is that the title?). Yup, it's - "walaupun hidup, seribu tahun kalau tak sembahyang apa gunanya". Adoi~ now that it came to me, lagi cuak when come to think of the lyric than becoming older. 

Since I haven't post a Happy Ramadhan wish to everyone on this blog, I think it is not too late to wish all Muslims out there Selamat berpuasa and menjalankan amal ibadat. May Allah accept all of our ibadah. Amin Ya Rabb ;)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Another walk to remember~

Mak aii.. I do really think this baby is making me way too emotional.

As I walked around my empty house, tetiba I was engulfed by that melting feelings. I couldn't believe that this day has finally arrived. Alhamdulillah. The day I could say I am going back to Malaysia for good. InsyaAllah... 

It's only seven days left. This day next week, I shall bid my farewell to Brisbane with uncertain knowledge of when I shall be visiting Brisbane ever again. 

Although I am totally thrilled to get back to Malaysia, like I've said earlier in this entry, I felt somewhat sedey laa jugak. Of ourse it's because of the many good times and great companies that I have collected along with other bitter hours. Hihihi.. to my dear friends, I know you know who you are, thank you for making my journey a little less painful and a whole lot colourful. You guys rock!

When I posted this photo n my fb, I put a caption of "First arrived with only 4 bags. 4years later.."

that was also the time it strikes me on how much weigh this journey has added to my list of memories. And of course, the best 'packaging' of all is having my little Insyirah and another one coming soon this December insyaAllah - the family package :D hehehehe..

I would definitely miss Brisbane. And surely there will be the moments when I wouldl smile when I recall this adventure. :D

Monday, August 2, 2010

My quick rant~

It's already Monday!!! but me packing is not ready at all. aiyoooo~