Thursday, May 27, 2010


Alhamdulillah I had a chance to join a crowd of people to listen to two exciting talks by Br Imran. If I must described the style of lecture Br Imran had given, surely I would say it definitely has relatively the same style as Allahyarham Sheikh Ahmad Deedat. May Allah bless his soul and put him among the people He love.

I first 'heard' of the late Sheikh Ahmad Deedat after stumbling with one of his many pamphlet arranged neatly  in our little Musolla back in Southampton Uni. I remember the first title that caught my attention was "Jesus is not God". After reading a few I decided to google out who this guy could be. He seems to be incredibly knowledgeable. It was then I found clips of his debate which was his method of da'wah. I was totally impressed by him especially after watching the clip that shows his biography on how he started his quest of learning and understanding the Quran and Bible to reach out to others. Yes, do find the time to do some search on the youtube and watch a few. I can be 99% sure that you can't get enough of him. :)

The second lecture that I attended by Br Imran was on "Allegations against the Quran & Their Clarification". The exciting part was of course when it came down to the QandA session. Alhamdulillah there were some non-muslims who take the time to listen and asked questions. My opinion, all questions except for the last one were answered brilliantly with strong facts. For the last question, Br Imran might have rushed a bit, hence, making it a little less convincing. What was the question you asked me? HohohOHO.. lenkali kite bukak cite. But there is one answer which stand out to me the most that night. It came to me as a seriously fresh perspective. 

A lady asked, "How should we react when people mock our beloved Prophet Muhammad saw?". Part of the answer replied by Br Imran sounded something like, "During the time of the Prophet, he was humiliated, shoved with animal gutts but did anyone stand in rally? Did our Prophet instruct anyone to take actions against those people? And do you know that there were more caricatures which makes fun of Prophet Jesus. But did you react the same way? Did you forget that Prophet Jesus is our Prophet too. What we could do instead of joining in a rally is to tell them about Islam i.e. by doing da'wah. You'll be surprise that many of them didn't know the truth about Islam."

p/s: esok I'll have my first 12 weeks scan. So excited to meet my baby! :D 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Complaining am I?

Happy Teacher's Day!!! :) and to my dearest sister Sarah Wong Azman, Happy Birthday. :D 

That aside, this morning, I felt like giving my thoughts on one other thing.  

I remember I was told that one of the questions that will be asked after your passing is, "What have you done during your youth?". If I have to give a skema answer to the question right now, honestly speaking, I could be sure that I don't have a 100% mark answer. Sigh~

At times when I was reminded of that question, it would strike me hard as a real wake up call. And always, I would try to think of ways that I could contribute to the ummah. Alhamdulillah, in my latest development on drafting what-could-be-done has led to something on which I think is possible to be done. And with Yaby who came out with the idea, insyaAllah I am yakin that this could go all the way as long as Yaby and I really work hard for it. Then of course, at the back of my mind was that other question, "how much difference can an individual make?".  I am not being sceptic. I am simply saying based on the reality that surrounds us. Just a while ago, I told Yaby how helpless I felt most of the time after reading the news. I knew that one of the signs of Kiamah is when more people promoting the negative elements and hide the positive. And the bad comes to people as something that is normal while the good isn't. 

I think I have lived long enough to understand how the human 'system' works. You see, I am not expecting a perfect and flawless leadership. Should I was a man and destined to become a leader, I know that I would bound to make mistakes along the way. I know the flaws are visible just because we are human. I could accept that. But what I found it hard to accept is when one made a mistake but too ego to apologize. And I even harder to get a sense out of some leaders promoting something that is clearly wrong and stopping the good. And the hardest is to accept the fact that some people knew that they are not capable of taking the job, but refuses to step down for reasons only they and Allah know.

I know becoming some 'people' is not a stroll in the park type of job. It is hard. You'll not only be questioned in this life but even more in the next. And speaking as someone who never takes the leading role, one could argue that I do nothing more than to complain. 

As Yaby has put it, "maybe this is a test for people like us". When I asked "how is it like us?", Yaby answered, "Orang-orang yang tak sabar. Yang ingin lihat balasan Allah datang (pada mereka yg berbuat silap) sekarang.". To be honest, there's the glimpse of truth in Yaby's words this morning. 

I am an individual. How much difference can I make? I hope you ask the same question too. Just so we could do our part, stop complaining and pray for the best. And may there be greater good at the end of the tunnel. 

ps: O Allah, I know this would sound selfish. But please not let 'it' happen in my life time.    

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mengejar pelangi~

I must admit that the time composing this entry is better be used to polish up my draft. Tapi nak buat macam mana~ I think I deserve a small break. 

I had the chance to watch Laskar Pelangi. My verdict, an inspiring movie!

One script that stands out the most for me sounded something like; 
"Mimpi aku ini bukan untuk berkahwin dengan seorang saudagar. Tetapi mimpi aku untuk menjadi seorang guru" (I didn't dream to marry a rich businessman, but to become a teacher). 
The story was about an elderly man and a woman who's dream was to keep one o f the oldest school in Indonesia to continue to be opened. And this is not just an ordinary school. But a school for the poor. 

Awal2 lagi, I had tears in my eyes. Not because of a tragic scene but simply because of the sheer determination and courage shown by the kids and the teachers in the movie. On one hand, eager to find knowledge and on the other eager to give and share their knowledge despite the condition of the tattered school and broken furnitures. And at one point in the movie, there was the other lines that I love. The scene was when the elderly man was discussing about the future of the school with his bestfriend. Nak tahu, kena tengok laa. huhuhu... Of course by the end of the movie, lagi sedey laa kan. I don't want to spoil for you just in case you felt like watching it too.

When I decided to become a 'teacher' myself, I have  pledged to work hard and give my all in order to provide my students with good insights and understanding on the subjects that I will be teaching. But after watching Laskar Pelangi, I think I am going to add one more to my target. I hope that I would not only teach but also inspire my future students. Just like Lintang! :D