Friday, April 30, 2010

Please do your job~

Aijooo~ another freak accident. To the family members of Allahyarham Aminulrasyid Amzah, like many Malaysians I also pray that may the truth would finally be revealed.

Let's not take side for a while. 

On one hand, the police force was saying that the car was driven suspiciously and suspected to have weapon carried in the car. To add to everything, based on the newspaper report, the police also said that the car has rammed them. Reading these at first, I was shocked. In my head I was saying that just maybe Malaysia's crime has worsen and we have now juveniles as serious outlaws. Then the next day I read the story from the other end. The family was saying that Allahyarham Aminulrasyid has never committed a crime and positively sure that he was not involved in any kind of malicious activities that could harm anyone. Of course upon reading this my heart sank. And at that point I was thinking, alamak~ what if he was not a dangerous criminal after all as has been reported in the previous news? He was only about to turn 15 and died of a gun shot.

This morning, I was reading thestar and was totally taken aback by the statement made by the IGP. Aijoo~ how could you come out with such statement? The statement was, "If you do not want the police to enforce the law, then say so,". Aijooo~ Who said we do not want police enforcement. My personal opinion is, all the family of the victim wanted is justice. They want to know what actually took place that very night lorrrrr~ I just felt that that is sooooo unprofessional of the our police force to be saying that. A better statement would be, "We, the police force will take this case seriously and will investigate this case at all costs. We will hope to eventually find out the truth and may justice be prevailed." Aaaaaaa.. better you see. 

I tried to put myself in the Allahyarham mother's shoes. And yes, I would go to the same extra length to find out the truth too. Try to understand. And if after investigations and the truth was as said i.e. the boy was acting dangerously and there are reasons for the need of the police force to use the fire arms, then by all means I would accept it. But until then, boleh tak investigate betul2?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A heavy task~

If you are animal lover, I bet you will be disheartened to see a bird left alone in a bird cage. Too small for it to even stretch its wings to make a few turn in the air. I wonder if it still remember how to fly. These caged birds live under the 'protection' of the owner who also become the 'sole' provider of foods and water to the birds. Now, my questions are; Do you think these birds are grateful that they has an owner? Do you think the birds are happy living in such a constraint space?

This is a life of a bird we are talking about. But what if we alter the situation a little. What if the caged birds are living human? But these people are not locked in a cell but rather in their own land barricaded by tall walls separating them with the outside world. Unlike the birds who longed to set free away from their caged, these people wants to stay despite they have to build tunnels underneath the ground for food, clean water and medical supply. Yes, they are no other than the Palestinians. 

I received a reminder email from one of my colleague. One of them is on the new instalment by the 'Egypt' government as a measure to further stop supply coming in into Gaza. Just to make the lives of the Palestinians harder than ever. They are planning to built an Iron wall that will stretch 20-30m deep underground across Gaza and Egypt. I could not help but to feel sick to my stomach and yes rasa kesian yang teramat to the Palestinians. Ya Allah, please blessed them and give them the strength to live on and survive every hardships they are facing.

What could I do to help? I am positive that many has asked the same question. But I guess we as an individual could do nothing else but to pray. But is it enough. Everyday, children are dying. Rasa helplessnya Ya Allah. 

I remember in one lectures given by an Ustaz a few years ago. He said that for as long as there are maksiat happening around the Muslim world, selagi itu there will be no success for Muslims (free the Palestinians). If his claim is true, then I guess the least we could do is to do our part to do amar maa'ruf nahi mungkar. Fikir-fikirkan...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Apa nak jadi~

So it has been a while.. sorry everyone. I've been quite occupied lately. And if you would like to know how my bad air problem is going on, sadly to say, it has worsen. I've tried every method that was suggested including eating a whole bunch of ginger. Unfortunately for me, the bad air stays. Anyhow, I am coping. Although there were the hours where I can't deny that I was struggling to keep myself focus on anything else. Just pray that everything will be back to normal for me once I pass the first trimester in 5 weeks time OK. :)

Last Saturday, I had the chance to have a coffee hour (although not that I am having any) with some of my friends. One of them is a convert. It was refreshing to hear his side of the story on what he thinks of Muslims in Malaysia. Among his remarks that I could remember was, I quote, "I was taken aback on how Muslims in Malaysia are right now." And another was, "I was in the lift, and some girls wore something that shows more than what Australian girls were wearing.". Yes. He said that. Being a Malaysian, I felt kinda ashamed but has to admit the fact that it is the truth. What's becoming with our youth? The discussions continued and at one point he even claimed that most of the movies shown on the Malaysian teli weren't decent (Nur Kasih is OK ;) hohoho) and how I MUST agree with the statement...

Let's not talk about the foreign movies. I am talking about Malaysian product... Malaysian movies. Some of you who are reading this might say, "tengok tu, tak nak sokong Malaysian film industry". Please~ I branded myself to be patriotic with Islam above others. You see, I could go away with movies like Nur Kasih. A big tick of approval. One of the film that has a BIG NO-NO from me is a recent film now playing in Malaysia. The film has 90% of all the huge negative elements one could think of. From being an escort to gay couple. Alamak~ apa nak jadi??? Since it is comedy genre, I have tried to take it from a humour point of view, but I just can't. Yes yes. Maybe one would say that I am katak bawah tempurung. Itu pun tak boley accept. But I think, I've travelled fair enough to see what is right and what is wrong. The whole setting just don't click with our culture. Maybe that is happening in Malaysia. But for them to actually produce such film and show it to kids who knew less about values... Hmm.. tak boleh.. tak boleh. My honest point of view, I would really don't mind if they just stick to Nur Kasih alike. LOL...   

As mentioned in verse 12 of surah Yassin, 
Verily, We give life to the dead, and We record that which they send before (them), and their traces and all things We have recorded with numbers (as a record) in a Clear Book.
it actually has the 'traces' to be accorded written in the book.What it is saying (as described by Sheikh Aslam) was, suppose we gave to charity to build a Mosque. Each time someone is praying in the mosque, insyaAllah a good deed will still be recorded in our book even after we have passed away. And if in our life, we have done something or say things that is wrong and someone follows us, for as long as they say or do it (because the idea comes from us), we will be accounted to it.

The verse is clear. Allah has made it clear. We should beware on how our doings could influence others. And how many of us could deny the fact that we learned a lot from what we watched on the tv. Aiyo~ I don't like especially the way they are portraying something that is against fitrah in such a casual manner. Double aiyo~ 

How could I not be worried since I am planning to raise my children in Malaysia? You tell me... :-|

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bad air problem...

This second pregnancy is somewhat different to my first. With Insyirah I have my morning-noon-and-night sickness. But alhamdulillah, it wasn't the type of muntah like one of my friends is having right now. She has lost 5kg up-to-date. Kesian. Get well soon Sha. And the last time, I couldn't spent much time browsing the internet and even blogging. HOhohoOHo.. lawak2. For some reason, each time I look at my favourite webpage I would go dizzy . 

But this time, instead of morning-noon-and-night sickness, I think I got 'indigestion' problem. But only during sleeping hours. My tummy would become bloated but the 'bad' air refuses to go out from either side of the *ehem*.. exits. So, memanglah my beauty sleep was interrupted. Not only in sleeping position but also in standing, sitting and every position one could think of.. I was left uncomfortable in every way. But alhamdulillah it came only to stir at night time. Not 24-7.

I still don't know what causing it since I only has been experiencing it for the last four nights now. And I still haven't found any remedy for it. With Insyirah, I've countered my morning-noon-and-night sickness by eating dry biscuits every now and then during the day and at night I had a small container filled with raisins. And I had trained my subconscious mind to grab some should I felt the gas was about to come. And it worked perfectly. But this one.. hmm. adeh~ 

I've looked for some suggestions on the web and would definitely put it to the test tonight. In case you have had this in your earlier pregnancy, do share the tips. Kesian amelia wong azman :p huhuhuhu~ 

Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't turn around~

Where was I.. aaa yes.. as I mentioned in my previous post, I've bought the 1001 inventions: Muslim heritage in our World book. Is an eye opener to many I suppose. Each time I reached a point which I think was super awesome, I would read the point out loud to Yaby. And after sometimes, Yaby said, "they took the knowledge but not the value". Yaby's claim is true indeed. 

I too have wonder every now and then why some people who especially work in the domain where they dwell in the realm which will bound to find them 'looking' or 'finding' at a miracle would still not embrace Islam?

Then in last Friday tafsir class on surah Yassin, might just have an answer to my question. 

"Verily! We have put on their necks iron collars reaching to chins, so that their heads are forced up. And We have put a barrier before them, and a barrier behind them, and We have covered them up, so that they cannot see. It is the same to them whether you warn them or you warn them not, they will not believe." 8-10:Yassin 
What these three verses mean are such that, there are some people whom Allah has shown them the signs right before them, as if serving on a plate, yet they turn their heads away because of their arrogance. Hence, in the verse Allah said, for these people "We have put on their necks iron collars reaching to chins", which means they could hardly move their heads to see where they are going i.e. no more guidance to them. And it continues, "And We have put a barrier before them, and a barrier behind them, and We have covered them up, so that they cannot see". Listening to this makes my heart tremble. I would not want to be in a state even for a second that I would be left without His guidance. And to be all covered up.. Nauzubillah himinzalik.

Sheikh Aslam also mentioned that these verses came down in the form of two reasons: 1) as a warning to people whom Allah has given sign yet ignore the clear signs and 2) for muslims (who brings the words of Islam i.e. da'wah) so that they would not distressed when their effort goes to nothing. I guess for the second point, it would be a reminder for us muslims too that Hidayah is not something we could offer. We could only try our best to inform and bring out the truth. The rest is in Allah's hand.

I would pray for Allah to open the hearts of the non-muslims who are working behind the 1001 exhibitions. And may Allah granted them the best gift He could offer - His Hidayah.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I am pregnant!!! :D

hehehe... I guess that's all I really want to shout~ HohohOHOHo..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

They arrived!

Got my two books today! As Jia said when she saw the packaging, "present mi-mi". I was sooooo hooked with the 1001 Inventions: Muslim Heritage book that Jia came menyibuk trying to sway my attention towards her again. hehehe.. A must have book! One that really strikes me is on the Robinson Crusoe.. there were many similarities in which one might think if he actually has taken it from an Islamic literature? hmmm... :D hehehe.. BUKU BEST! As for my second book, belum sempat going through just yet. Hopefully soon. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bite.. bite.. but not cheesy bite!!

Just finished talking to Ummi and Daddy on the phone. Among the voices that I longed to hear for comforts or reassurance as well as encouraging words! They are the two people that know me inside out. The two people I could trust! The two people whom I could totally rely on!! Hehehe.. Love you both Ummi and Daddy!!!

Anyway, as usual I was pouring to Ummi and Daddy on my upcoming challenges. Hoping that they could make extra prayer for me. And I told them how I was worried sick and blaa blaa. And now, if you are reading this in my actual tone, you could actually feel that I am HAPPY! If you didn't get that, let me just tell you that I felt totally stress free now!

Yes, I still have to do this and that. But this uplifting spirit I am having right now would definitely keep me running at least until the big day. Daddy was telling me that there was nothing to be afraid of IF YOU ARE PREPARED! I take his words and highlighted it before storing it safely in my memory. And Daddy told me of one of his projects which Daddy claimed to be near impossible. And he said, at times when we have to face it, we just have to BITE THE BULLET! I have to bite the bullet.

I pray for Allah's mercy that He will help and ease my doings on that day. Amiiiiin~ Thank you Allah for surrounding me with all these lovely people who always care for me!