Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On the note~

"It's not a matter of 'proving' to anyone simply because 'this' is not a matter of 'proving'. Maybe I was trying too hard on my part. I should have let it come and go. Being acknowledge is all I hope for. Because to me, once you acknowledge that a person is a 'part' of your life, then only you can learn to care for them. If I may ask, would you rather be the falling leaves or a bed of flowers that is just too rare to come by during autumn." - ellywong

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My big gurl...

Playing masak-masak with all her teddies.... 
I then kacau Jia asking her to pose for the camera.. hehe

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sister and brothers~

In yesterday's class, the second part was one surah Al-Alaq. I've looked on Islamic Lesson webpage and they have yet to upload yesterday's talk. InsyaAllah soon. From the way I see it, I would never look at surah Al-Alaq the same way again. Do have the time to check some other time and find the time to listen to it. Two weeks from now, Sheikh Aslam will touch on surah Yassin. Looking forward to that.

Anyway, I guess the current highlights in the Malaysian newspaper are based on a speech given by one of the MPs in one of the Parliament sittings. In his speech, the MP wraps on what he believes as the ugly truth that lies behind the heavy curtains of Malaysia's political structure. And since I am not into politic, I could only commend on the non-direct-politically-related-issues. HohohoHOHO.. Having said that, while I would hope that my children would avoid sebaik mungkin becoming one of the backbenchers, I still salute those who enter politic because of what he or she believes and passion and with the intention to serve the people. And NEVER as a means to conjoin status gained from the politic with other 'unhealthy' ambitions.

So I was reading Imam Nawawi book again. What I did was, I took the book and open the pages randomly. And guess what? It landed on 'Making judgement of People'. In one of the hadiths, it mentioned of one Sahabah question to Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
Narrated Al-Miqdad bin 'Amr Al-Kindi: An ally of Bani Zuhra who took part in the battle of Badr with the Prophet, that he said, "O Allah's Apostle! If I meet an unbeliever and we have a fight, and he strikes my hand with the sword and cuts it off, and then takes refuge from me under a tree, and says, 'I have surrendered to Allah (i.e. embraced Islam),' may I kill him after he has said so?" Allah's Apostle said, "Do not kill him." Al-Miqdad said, "But O Allah's Apostle! He had chopped off one of my hands and he said that after he had cut it off. May I kill him?" The Prophet said. "Do not kill him for if you kill him, he would be in the position in which you had been before you kill him, and you would be in the position in which he was before he said the sentence." The Prophet also said to Al-Miqdad, "If a faithful believer conceals his faith (Islam) from the disbelievers, and then when he declares his Islam, you kill him, (you will be sinful). Remember that you were also concealing your faith (Islam) at Mecca before." (These are not the exact text from Riyadhus salihin but a copy and paste from here.)
After reading the hadith, it shook my heart on how great it is to mean well.. to bersangka-baik. What could have been a better example than this?

And the following hadith tells the story of Usamah Bin Zaid r.a who killed a man after the man said "La ilaha illallah". Upon reaching Madinah, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w who had heard the news asked Usamah, "O Usamah, did you kill him after he professed La ilaha illallah?". Usamah replied, "O Messenger of Allah! He professed it only to save his life.". Prophet Muhammad repeated the question again and Usamah said, "He went on repeating this to me until I wished I had not embraced Islam before that day (so I would have not committed this sin)".

I would not want to be in that position too. Especially in the presence of our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. And in another naration of the above hadith on Usamah, the wordings scare the hell out of me. It is said that, Prophet Muhammad said, "Why did you not cut his heart open to find out whether he had done so sincerely or not?".

Yup!!! It says it all. I later found out that the full title for the chapter reads as "Making judgement of people keeping in view their evident actions and leaving their hidden actions to Allah". Aaaaa.. yes yes. It says it all again!!! So apa lagi, bersangka-baik people. Jom bersangka-baik.

I think it was early this year that Yaby shared a point from Jumaah Khutbah. Where it touched on how Islam did not recommend and condemning personal attacks to be used among Muslims. Simply because it can bring and leads to greater destruction and loss in the Muslim community. I mean lets faced it though. 'This' is what really IS happening in Malaysia! Group A said this and that on Group B. Group B also said this and that about Group A. And saper yang menang? Tak tahu. And indeed, the fiasco that comes from this mouth bashing act comes as another means for another group of people to manipulate the situations further. So saper yang rugi? Sigh~

My conclusion, we are Brothers and Sister not in blood but comes with the syahadah. And now that we are family, we have to remember that "family never talk bad about one another".

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

MY school...

Macam-macam.. Sigh~~ You know I know we can't avoid not reading the newspaper. Just because we need to know the current issues and of course not to forget how it could help to improve our vocabulary. The things is, after I was becoming all kusut-masai with my research, the last thing I want to hear is another series of bad news. Unfortunately for me, news couldn't be better.

There's one news a few days ago that caught my attention. Yes, he has made many headlines before and this too will never be his last. As much as I honestly dislike his approach (literally.. seriously.. :P), I can't deny the fact that he did bring out many important facts for which we could do some thinking.

Anyway, last weekend was a handful one. It has been a while. On Saturday, there was the friendly football tournament among Malaysians. Yaby was among those wearing the soccer boots. Now that his leg is fully recovered, Yaby has begun playing football again.

While the mommies were sitting under the tree enjoying the game under the cloudy blue skies, we had an interesting chat on the education system here in Brisbane. And the topic continues when I visited Lyn on Sunday. Some of the fun facts on the school system here are the following:
  1. The teachers will have meeting with a parent once a month (betul kan lyn kan.. ke I silap dengar.. hehe). I think this is good since it keeps the parents in the loop.
  2. In one class of fourty++, there are FOUR teachers! That does not include parents who become volunteer. How good can this be!!
  3. They have interactive education tools in class and not to forget to mention the kitchen that they have! Best nyer~
  4. The kids do have homework but the teachers have a guide on how much homework can they give a student at a particular age. I have heard stories from Malaysia of small children age 3 who was given homework and have exams??? And to have tuitions at the age of five??? Alamak~
  5. They love to give certificate of appreciations to these kids. I actually saw it with own eyes when I went to K Zai's house. It says "The most improved in science subject" among others.
  6. They have game during assembly!!!
I am not sure how our primary school is improving nowadays. Hopefully to the better especially after all the mess created by some people. Kesian budak2~

I love my primary school days. If I didn't hear the comments made by my friends who have children attending schools here in Brisbane, I would have thought that my school had done enough for me. Especially when we only have to pay some small amount of money for the school fees (not for the price of the school books though. And seriously, too much oooo dulu~ Berat gilerr).

But after listening to educational system they are having here, I think there are some good points which we could apply to our primary schools too. Maybe we won't have the budget to put a kitchen in every class just yet :P, but we could start off by having the 'show-and-tell' routine. What is a show-and-tell? It's like this. One student will go to the front of the class with an item of what he wants to share with the whole class. And he or she will talk on the item for about 5 minutes or so. Yes!!! Presentation skills! Indirectly it builds confidence in the kids and self-esteem. Of course, teachers must make sure it is a pleasant and stress-free activity. I am sure the kids would love it and that is how school should be. A fun and an exciting place! :)

I know it's impossible to overhaul the current system but there's always room for improvement. I understand that Malaysia system is too exam oriented. Because of that, kesian cikgu2 are pressure to make sure that the kids perform well in every subjects. If not, the school ranking will go down. I can understand now why we had so much homework. And the thing is, it has also becoming a mindset that only the kids with 'As' in their report card will excel in life. Seriously, how wrong can that be! And yes, because of that, I have heard stories of which parents would want so much from the school and blame the school when their kids get low marks in the exams and when not getting enough homework. Apa daa~

While I can't deny that there are the good sides for both educational systems i.e. ours and others, in the end it is really important to understand that down the line, what the system needs to achieve is for our kids to be able to apply the knowledge they got from school. Not just getting the correct answers for all the exams questions but also to apply the knowledge practically.

Oh yes, in case if you want to know the football match result, Yaby's team won 3-1.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

On the note~

A simple statement can mean different things when read or said in a different tones. And at times, you thought a person would know you well enough that they would understand. Yet, you are wrong. Adeh~ susah2...

O Allah guide us all.. embrace our hearts. Let it not be under the influence of the syaitan.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Quick post

After getting the sad news from back home, I decided to pull the Riyadhus-Salihin and open chapter "The book of Visiting the Sick". In case you are new to Riyadhus-Salihin (which I were too not long ago), it is a book of compilation of hadiths by Imam An-Nawawi. And speaking of Imam An-Nawawi, I couldn't help but to feel high admiration for him. And if there is one other thing that he could inspire us is on his method of learning. It is mentioned in the bibliography of Imam an-Nawawi that he would make notes on every material that he was reading. And if you happen to buy one and read Riyadhus Salihin, you will feel more amazed on how he compiled thousands of hadith according to related events and how he found most useful. Which I do think too! And on the note, of course when it comes to learning hadiths, the best way is still of course by having some Sheikh or Ustaz to explain it to us.

In the beginning of the chapter it stressed out the five rights of every muslin to one another i.e. 1) return the greetings, 2) visit the sick, 3) accompany funeral processions, 4) accept an invitation and 5) to respond to the sneezer when the sneezer praises Allah. And as I read further into the chapter, I came upon the hadith below:
Abu said Al-Khudri r.a. reported: The messenger of Allah saw said,"Exhort your dying men to recite: 'La ilaha illallah'" - Muslim
I found the commentary given by Imam An-Nawawi worth noting. In this commentary he said, I quote:
"This hadith implies the Prophet's instruction to his followers to recite the testification of Islam: La ilaha illallah (There is no God except Allah) besides the dying people so that they may also recite it after hearing it. Yet, they should not be urged to recite it (i.e. by saying to the dying person: say it, say it) lest they refuse in embarrassment involving an affront to Faith. May Allah guard us against such a thing!"
Dulu, after the passing of my grandmother, I did asked the silly question i.e. whether she managed to recite it just because I heard that some people said that if you are a good person you will be able to recite it on your last breath. And if you do recite it, you will enter straight to jannah. And truly, after reading this hadith, I have to make myself clear that there is no such thing. It is never a definitive measurement of anyone's Iman. wallahualam..

p/s: amelia and yasir doakan semoga Allah golongkan Hasan dikalangan mereka yang Allah kasihi. kepada mak teh dan keluarga, semoga terus cekal dan tabah.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Stay focus~

In the last couple of months, Jia has at least one nose bleed per week. I found myself googling for answers on "if it's serious", "why it happened", "what need to be done" and even confirmed if everything is OK with Jia's Mak Long and Mama Citi.

So the answer is it's normal and it happened because the small veins in the nose lining bursts. I should only be worried if the blood did not stop and she has it with a temperature. And the are also list can be found here. And here is a copy-paste text from the website on how it should be treated:

A nosebleed can be a very traumatic event for the child. They will often be scared and think something is seriously wrong with them because there is so much blood. So it is important that the parent stays calm. They should cuddle the child and say something reassuring, like, 'It's OK, let's sit down, then you'll be fine. I'm here and I'll make sure you're OK.
  • When the child is sitting down, hold their nostrils with your fingers, a handkerchief or a facecloth.
  • Pinch the lower, soft part of the nose between the thumb and forefinger.
  • The grip should be firm and the pressure on the nose steady.
  • Hold the child's nose for 10 minutes. Look at a watch so you are sure 10 minutes have passed before letting go.
  • If the child is old enough, teach them how and where to hold their own nose.
  • If in doubt, have the doctor or health visitor show you how to hold the nose.
  • It may be a good idea to read a story or watch television while waiting, to divert the child's attention.
  • After the nosebleed has stopped, the child should not play any rough games for a couple of hours to prevent the nosebleed starting again.
  • Tell the child not to pick, rub or blow their nose for a couple of days.
  • If the bleeding continues, try the same procedure once more.
  • If the bleeding doesn't stop, call the doctor.
So it happened today again. Just a while a go. I was cooking when I could here Jia said, "wash.. wash". When I popped my head to see what happened, there she was, walking towards me with blood stains around her face and hand.

Here's the thing, even after going through the list, I still switched to my panic mode! And that cause Jia to cry. I know.. I know... I am not cool. Panic always gets the best of me. Sigh~ I thought after making a joke out of it while walking with Yaby to the office last Friday could at least remind me to keep my cool especially when it involves my kids. But it proves to be not enough. It's like someone actually hit my panic button and there's no way of stopping that person!Apa laa amelia wong~

They say we learned most from our parents. And this is definitely not a trait I want my children to follow. :P HohohoHOHO... Raise up your hands if you are or used to be just like me. Now, give me high-five! And please.. let me know if you have a way to overcome or at least hide it.

Okes, I need to check my chicken now! ;)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Quick post

This week too, I won't be able to attend Aslam's class. This time, to celebrate Sha since she's going back for good.

Anyhow, I've been meaning to share one other thing which I got from Yaby which he got again from Aslam. And before I forgot to mention. I have actually included Islamic Lesson webpage in my reading list in case if you wish to listen to his lecture. Do try to browse through it.

I don't really know how Aslam had said during the Khutbah but it sounded more or less something like (which I got from Yaby) -

If Allah loves you, you will receive many tests or hardships on this earth as an act of punishment to lessen our 'left' scale on the day of judgement.
Seriously, to be honest, there were times when I just felt geram at some people and do hope that they would get a serious punishment and humiliation on this earth. It has come to the extend where I want to pray something bad to happen to these people. The 'people' I meant are for example the murderer of Allahyarham Nurin Jazlin or those people that made the 'decisions' to take some people's land by killing the innocences and etc..

Then again, it shows how simple minded and emotional I was. First, I remember reading a hadith that said one should only make good doa for others as if you are making the doa for yourself (Oh maann, I know I should have made a note about this. I couldn't find it. sigh~). Second, who knows, if Allah has planned to give those people His Hidayah, they might be even better person and insyaAllah could have greater positive impact. And thirdly, it might be because of what Aslam has mentioned. That is, Allah has no love for them and they might deserve a greater punishment in the next life. Wallahualam..

That's it for now I guess. Happy Friday~ ;)

Monday, March 8, 2010

On the note~

I've lost track of the dates~ when weekend was like every normal days.

ps: Sorry Jia.. Mi-mi should have played with you more yesterday isn't it :(.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Money money money.. always money...

When my youngest brother told me that he was going for a job that offering him rmXXXX a month, as a concerned sister I told him "Are you sure?".

Let's faced it. Who ever said that living in Malaysia is cost effective is just rubbish. To start with, groceries prices are hiking. Inflation taking its toll. Then there is the other toll i.e. road toll. From my place to KL would cost a fortune and still I would have to face the traffic jam. Am I paying to be stuck in a jam?? Darn! Petrol prices aren't helping either. Traffic + idle car = more petrol. Adeh~ and remind me why do I still want to live in Malaysia again? Nasib because that is my tanah tumpah darah laa. <-- hohoho patriotik di situ.

Anyway, my brother reassure me, telling me he hates to wait at home doing nothing (I see some Chinese blood there :D). He got accepted without his transcript since the graduation will only be in mid this year. At that point, listening to his reasoning and determination, I practically has to respect his decision despite the strong urge that I have wanting him to wait for another job offer.

It has been almost two months now, but so far I haven't heard a single complain from him about the company except him worrying getting all tanned up (takper azam, fair and lovely ada :P hohoho). In fact, he broke a news telling me that the boss is thinking to give him a pay rise. And just a while ago, he confirmed the news and will get the raise starting next month.

You see, while we can't deny that money has its importance, but we should remember that it is not the source or answer to everything. Having a lot of money does not guarantee that you will be happy. Some has millions but still felt he or she hasn't got enough (and would go as far as to get untung atas angin yang melampau by selling at a higher price including credit card fees and whatever surcharge one could think of. Sigh~). And some could even hire the best doctor. But that doesn't mean that one has secured a long life of good health. Or one could pay millions to look younger by cosmetic surgery or having botox every now and then (which surprisingly more men is getting into this business) . But then again, you can never fight nature. And sooner or later, your age would finally consume you.

Truly is, that feeling of content is God given. Whenever He wanted to make anyone felt satisfy, He could just do it and vice versa. Even to some people who has just enough on a day-to-day basis. If He says you are going to live a happy life, you will. But that doesn't mean that one has to stop doing anything and hope miracle would happen and there will be food ready on the table. Kena berusaha la~

And the way one usaha, is of course not through that ragut or rompak and all. Hmm.. yes, I can't deny the fact that there are many social problems which are rooted in poverty.

The other day, Yaby told me of what Aslam shared in one of the Jumaah Khutbahs. Someone who didn't pay zakat might think that he or she is saving a lot. And instead, the money could be used to cover his or her own expenses. But one should not forget that Allah has many way to take back what He has given. Like for example, the car suddenly started to break down and need a repair work. Or a family member got sick and you have to pay a large sum of money for the medical bills. I mean, there are just simply too many ways that the money could be taken away from us.

By its own definition, zakat is an act of purifying one's wealth. And let's face it. Zakat, the third Pillar of Islam, is the key solution to both group of people i.e. the rich one and the not so rich one. When the rich gives to charity, insyaAllah the rich will become content. As for the needy, they could benefit from the money to improve their lives by getting a better education or to start a small business where they can generate more income for better living.

I've taken the liberty to do some maths. There are about 28millions population in Malaysia. Of which, let say 60% are Muslim. And one third of the 60% has wealth that satisfy the nisab after deducting whatever that is allow for the person. If let say the minimum amount of zakat that need to be paid by an individual is RM100. This means that the total zakat collection in Malaysia that could be put to good use is RM560million per year. And I think that is a lot of money!!! My suggestion would be, instead of building more mosques next to each other why not build schools for a change, or help students who were the victims of PTPTN to pay off their loans or to establish funding to pay fees for needy students. And I bet the amount is actually more than that. But why are there still needy people in Malaysia? You tell me...

And as for my brother, as long as he is content and happy, I guess it is better off for him to continue working at his current workplace. After all I don't want to be blamed if he got a 5 figures job but hasn't got a life and turn into a boring, no-life, workaholic boy. Like they say, "all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy". And my guess is, if he pays the zakat, he would become a happier person (as long as he stops worrying about jadi itam manis laa ye Azam. hihihi ;P).

Take care bro digging all the tunnels using that boring machine you just mentioned! ;)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Give it another try~

You know how you sometimes did something but didn't realise you actually have? Like when you locked the door but you couldn't remember for sure. It's like your brain has registered the routine you are going to make. An example would be, you grab the bag, slipped the sandal under your feet, unlatched the lock and put the door behind you. And because of that, sometimes there will be lapses in between your brain registering the action you've done and your body movement which resulted you being unsure if something has been done. Hope you got what I mean.

And so, nak dijadikan cerita, it has happened to me like 5 times in a row last month of something which I need a brain tuning.

You see, when it came my turn to introduce myself to someone I've never met, in the last five occasions, I've forgotten to address myself as "Kak Amy". Adeh~ "amelia wong azman, you are 28 this year. Please understand that." Of course, there was this odd seconds and which I later had to make the abrupt change to "Yes, yes.. Kak Amy" and offering her my big lovely smile as an indirect apology before the poor being thought she looks older than her age.

Am I in denial? Oh tidak. I totally acknowledge my age. I know I couldn't beat my 100m dash record anymore because I'm no longer ten. Or eat as much fat and sweets without having to worry about my weight. Yes yes, lower metabolism that is.

I remember someone telling me, that if you repeatedly doing something some X number of times (I couldn't remember for sure how many), your body will then do what ever you are repeating easily if not automatically. Say for example, you have forced yourself to do a morning jog for a X number of times consecutively, hence, the next coming days after X number of days will be easy. In other words, it will come to you naturally. It do make sense since it is clear that the more times we reiterate a text, the chances of getting all the words in the text correctly is much greater. Yup because you have echoed the same wordings to your brain again and again.

And because for that reason, *clear throat* I could excuse myself for the kesilapan during introducing myself since I have been doing that as long as I can remember :P. Of course the other reason would also be because I've forgotten to update my brain profile on how older I looked on the outside. Sigh~ I couldn't help it. It's just because I am so used to feel than I am the same me 21 years ago. Yup, honestly speaking I never felt any less older in the inside (and I am quite positive you guys felt the same way too kannnnnn? hehe).

Having said all this, if the assumption about the "X number of times" is true, then I guess we could all put it to the test. Like, trying to force ourselves to leave the bed and perform the night prayer or to give to charity more than the usual amount or to read more books or to give salam to a stranger (which I found much easier to do when I am not in Malaysia).

Happy trying~ Do tell me if it works! :D