Thursday, January 28, 2010

On the note~ My Alt+Tab

I was doing some writing and at the same time trying to keep up with the latest score between Murray and Cilic... and of course now there's Talking about multi-tasking :P..

I've told myself not to watch any tennis.. not until the final men's and women's single which is on this weekend. But as I watched the highlights on the news, I surrendered to the temptation. Adeh~ And I have deadline on the 5th and there's so much still need to be done. :P

Ooppss.. got to go.. need to check the score and MORE IMPORTANTLY amelia wong azman, is to complete my paper. :P

Monday, January 25, 2010

Only He knows...

It is part of being a Muslim to accept the fact that the original teaching of Christian came from the one and only God. Yes, when I say God here, I am referring to Allah swt. The one true God that we Muslims prostrate to five times a day. It was brought down in the book of Injil with Prophet Isa a.s. to lead the people of Israel.

What I am about to say is purely based on my opinion. You see, when I heard that the Catholic church is filing a court ruling to enable them to coin the term 'Allah' in their magazines, my first impression was - "they got to be kidding me". To me, it comes as another attempt to mislead our Muslim brothers and sisters yet again. Mana taknyer. I wouldn't mind at all if they are going to use the word 'Allah' in this way say for example, "there is only one God and He is Allah the creator of the earth and heaven". Hands down to that. But my only concern is when the word Allah is going to be used to describe their concept of trinity. Yes, my only problem is that I am afraid that more Muslim brothers and sisters will get confused. Only Allah and those people knew what they are up to. Whatever the agenda behind it, there is one thing I know for sure. There is a famous verse in the Quran,
And (the unbelievers) plotted and planned, and Allah too planned, and the best of planners is Allah. Quran 3:54
With what has been reported on the news, I would say, they might have got more than what they have bargained for. Muslims in Malaysia fighting one another. Rifts getting bigger.. blaming one another. Sedey sangat~ One might also think that what I've written here as an action to even stir things up. But you see, one of my oldest childhood friend is a Christian and she has always been kind and friendly towards me. The kind of friend everyone would want to have. Surely I don't want to spoil the friendship we have had. The truth is, I am just hoping to send a message out there especially to those who berkerut when reading the newspaper...

At first I too see this as an act to stir the Muslims community which majority are Malays in Malaysia. Dah laa tak cukup with all the division we Malays had politically. The evidence are clear from the newspaper, blogs and etc. But then I realised, just maybe.. maybe who knows it might be the stepping stone to unite the Malays and build a stronger Malaysia for all Malaysian.(hehe.. looking at the glass half full laa ni) . It might also be the time to show that Islam langsung tak menindas other religions and we could all live in harmony hand-in-hand. And to show that Islam is the true religion. Kalau tidak pun, at least we pray and hope for the best for Malaysia.

It always gives me the goose bumps when I heard stories on how one converted to Islam. I mean look at it this way. They have been brought up to believe that their religion is the truth. It's like you were raised to eat fruits and one day a guy came to you and told you that you should be eating rice and meat and vegetables. And so, to these people, they might think that eating fruits is the correct eating habit. They have live for generations and fruits has thought to be sufficient for them. They might even come back to tell the other guy who is eating rice, meat and vegetables that eating fruits is the correct and perfect meal. So we have to understand their position. But that doesn't mean we have to agree with them in the sense that we need to convey to them the truth. We need to convince them just like what they are doing. We need to reach out to these people and the rest is in Allah's hand.

Alhamdulillah, I was born a Muslim and raised as a Muslim who is trying to be the best of Muslim which I think is the toughest examination to score :P. Seriously! Hehe... I pray that Allah will grant His hidayah to my dear friend, my neighbours and of course Daddy's side of the family. To be honest, I haven't had the courage to actually sit and ask them what they really think of Islam. We had the general chat and discussion on tudung, praying, fasting and that was just about it. InsyaAllah one day. May Allah gives me the courage to fulfil my duty as a Muslim. Amiiin...

I leave you guys with this video that really touched my heart of an OZ who find Islam in such a wonderful way..

Friday, January 22, 2010

That's what I call it...

So "couch potato" is a term referring to a person who loves the tv so much that he or she can't get themselves to move away from the couch that easily. In other words he or she let themselves constraint to their couch or sofa or bean bag or etc. In different words lagi, these are the person who spends too much time in front of the tv laa. Now.. what do you call the person who can't get off from his or her desk chair because he or she is constraint to deadline? "Desk potato".. hmm.. but if we use the 'potato' word it might carry the same frequency as couch potato i.e. to laze around in front of the computer. Hmm... After much deliberation, I have decided to use the opposite word for potato. That would be CARROT.. <-- I tricked Yaby to getting this LOL.

Me: Yaby, Po say one word, Yaby kena bagi the first opposite word yg came to mind tau.
Yaby: *while working on his paper draft* hmm..

Me: Putih
Yaby: Arang

Me: Besar
Yaby: Kecik

Me: Potato
Yaby: Huh? Potato?.. hmm.. Carrot..

So, to all dear research students who has to stuck their face in front of the computer until late hours, although you rather be somewhere else, with the power I have as the author of this blog, I shall call you DESK CARROT!

hehehe... Just another episode of rintihan hati I would say. :P

Anyway, tonight, Mai, one of my close friends here in Brisbane will be going back for good. A girl who I will describe as someone with a big heart and smile. From her daily status, I could only say that she is definitely looking forward to land her feet back in Malaysia. After all she has been here longer than I have. To mai, all the best to you. May more success will come your way.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can I be your friend? :)

As I mentioned before, there are just so many things which I learned from the KCB book. Now that Yaby had watched the final part, I could now touch on one which I think worth sharing. It is a plot that is only in the story book but not in the movie. It's about a teenager named Zumrah.

Zumrah was born in a pious and caring family. But due to financial problem, she was sent to live with her uncle. During her time there she was raped a few times by her cousin. She kept it from the knowledge of others. One day, she let her parents knew on her intention to come back but was denied by her parents only because her parents didn't know the calamity that befall her. Because of that, Zumrah had resentment towards her parents and she pledged to do anything to hurt their feelings. She turned to prostitution and when she got pregnant she went back home to break the news to her parents with the motive to hurt their feelings even more. At that point, Zumrah's father had a heart attack and passed away. She regretted and try to come back from all the misery...

Now, I've seen and read it on the news where this thing could happen to anyone. Be it a child molestation to raping an elderly woman. It is an ugly truth. Nauzubillah himinzalik. It is mentioned in the book that Zumrah has no one she could turn to. She was a teenager afraid to let her parents know thinking she might break ties between her parents and her uncle's family. And yes, I've also leant that there were cases where some teenagers who told the truth but was being a victim of sarcasm of their own parents.

In my opinion, this shouldn't happen at all. A family should be a place where you could trust and care for. And as a parent, we should be protecting our children and not the other way round. Listen and find out the truth. It is surprising how much listening could help tie the bond especially between parents and teenagers. Another really important assets in our life is friend. Sometimes, I do believe we have to jaga tepi kain orang. In the sense that, if you think someone is troubled, approach and talk to her. She might not be having a problem but she could always use a good friend to talk to. In the case of Zumrah, her mistakes was not letting her parents knew. She made the assumptions that she would be breaking ties between her families. Most parents would want the best for their children. And most parents usually care. One has to always remember that we are not living alone in this world. A family is always the place you could trust on, insyaAllah. And so if you ever have a problem, talk to someone.

Teenagers is the most delicate stage of age. It's where most define their characters and their principles. Yes people could change with time, but something like character could take years to change. And I believe the main influence of all are the family and friends. Yup, wonder why they say choose your friend wisely? Again from many real life events, we have seen how although was brought up from a good family with strong religion foundation, once they left home for school, everything turned out differently. Adeh~ risau jugak each time I think of this. I knew that I couldn't be around my children 24-7 to let them know which is right and which is wrong. And the thought of how Malaysia is, now, lagi lah memeningkan. I seriously wouldn't have thought Malaysia would have gay marriages. Nauzubillah himinzalik. And some youngster tanpa segan silu told their friends about their one night stand and they are born Muslims. Ya Allah, minta pelihara and dijauhkan from zuriat kami kelak. Truthfully, in my opinion, we could make friends with everyone. We should. But always have at the back of our mind to keep the good one closer. Remember in a hadith:

On the authority of Abu Musa al-Ash'ari (رضي الله عنه ), the Prophet (صلي الله عليه و سلم ) said:

A good friend and a bad friend are like a perfume-seller and a blacksmith: The perfume-seller might give you some perfume as a gift, or you might buy some from him, or at least you might smell its fragrance. As for the blacksmith, he might singe your clothes, and at the very least you will breathe in the fumes of the furnace. [sahih al-Bukhari, vol 3, #314 and Muslim]
Later in the book Zumrah asked what she should do. She wants to repent. This is how it was shared in the book. First and foremost, she has to forgive her parents. I found this amusing too at first. But it is true. As explained in the book, the point of doing so is because, in Zumrah's mind, her parents was the cause of her misery and hatred. By truly forgiving, she would not have any more enmity towards her parents and have a new strength to move on. Then, she should realised that there is no sin that is too great to be repented and to be accepted by Allah. For Allah is the most Merciful. And of course, we must always remember that for a taubah or repentance to be accepted, one has to ensure; 1) shunning the sin, 2) regret the sin and 3) firmly abstaining or avoiding the sin.

There is so much that I wish to share out from the book. Senang2, silalah find the book at your local library or even better, secure the book for our own children. Insyirah and future babies, dengar ni. Baca tau. Jangan tak baca. ;)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aaa.. what again? No no...

The other day I received a slide show which supposedly listed 45 related lessons in life. On one of the slides it said something like "Agree to disagree". The way I see it, "Agree to disagree" tells the same story as the "No opinion is wrong".

Let me just give a few examples of scenarios and you tell me which can be related to "Agree to disagree".

Scene One:
Student A: I think when I grew up, I want to be a successful sports woman.
Student B: No! That is a bad idea. I wouldn't recommend you doing that.

Scene Two:
Student A: I love to eat an apple out from the fridge. It is so much crunchier.
Student B. No! That's ridiculous. The apple is still crunchy regardless.

What say you. Do you think both can be applied to "Agree to disagree"? What if the answer is said to be only applicable to Scene One.

Now, being myself, I couldn't help to think - why couldn't it be used for Scene Two? So yes, some might say that Scene Two is largely a FACT rather than a subjective point as Scene One. My question would then be, how come one could not take Scene Two as two students giving out their opinion and how they believe an apple is 'crunchier'? Student A statement is totally correct if he or she referring to an apple that has been 3 days old. It will be crunchier compared to an apple that is 3 days old and left under the sun. Students B statement is also true since he or she might be referring to a fresh plucked apple from the orchard.

Do you get what I mean?

Oh wait. What did I just do? I've just given my opinion that I am not agree with the answer. I think "Agree to disagree" can be applied in both situations.

Hmm.. What? It's wrong? Why can't you "Agree to disagree" with my given opinion.

At this point, some might say I am about to start an "arguement".

Again hang on. Why is it an "arguement" and not a healthy "discussion"? Does that mean you do not "agree" with my opinion? But I thought we have to "Agree to disagree"? No opinion is wrong remember... :P

Ahahaha... pening tak?

Okes.. nak kemas rumah. It's Sunday already!!! :(

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Zombie hours

Aaaa... and just like cookie monster here it is - Me is Zombie. Me no sleep properly. Me have so much to do. But me got little time.


I know that at later years of my life, if Allah permits, I will look back at this time and possibly I would smile. And it could be I felt to study all over again. Hmm... Every morning now, I would wake up with one more in mind. That I need to finish soon and it is time for me to give back. This is people money I'm using to further my studies. InsyaAllah.

As for Wife-Insyirah-PhD hmm... Entertaining Insyirah at the office is getting more challenging. She just don't like the idea of being confined in an office. And now that she has learned to open the door, it has been a few times that I need my running feet and make the 100m quick dash. Penat2~ At home Insyirah is much more relax and so am I as I don't need to worry if her laughter is too loud.. and she has all her toys.. and I have all the time in the bathroom and making noise to wash her when she pass stool. Hohohoho...

If you are reading this, please make prayer for Yasir and myself, May Allah ease everyone's doing.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Rojak~ :P

So yes I have been skipping blogging hours. It's just that I have too much to opiniate (haha... making up words :P). By the time I read some further material, the next day there were other more concerned matters that I think I should be highlighting. And it goes on and on. Ntah brapa bnyk draft dah waiting for me to complete them :P.

Anyway, besides the compelling sad news that is happening in Malaysia, I have had the share of good news. Congrats to K Afi. Terharu for making myself and Yasir among the first to know. :) Then of course, I had a family trip to Noosa. It was hot but enjoyable. I would definitely want to go up there again to secure those yummy-licious nougat!!! (Eii lyn, let me know if you ever going to sunshine again tauuu. Nak kirim)

And the best that has happened this week is - I managed to complete reading the Ketika Cinta Bertasbih!!! Seriously a Kitab I would say. At one point of the book two, I was soooo terharu that upon hearing me tersedu2, Yaby was saying, "Alaaa, ni yang tak best ni". LOL... I could guarantee that those who haven't married and in the search of finding that one true love,would definitely cry cats-and-dogs. Hahaha... Yes, these books will have their very place in my library soon. I wanted to share it here on what I think of the storyline, but was warned by Yaby. Yup, just in case if he accidentally enter my blog. lalalala~ To all book lovers, read this book!!! :D

photo taken at eumundi markets..

Sunday, January 3, 2010

On the note~

Adeh~ just got back after sending ummi off.

Sambil gosok gigi, I went to check out the other room. It was pretty much the same except there is no longer Ummi around. Whether Ummi will be using the computer or doing her puzzle.. yup, the sight was no longer to be seen.


I am planning to make a full 30 times 7 days countdown. Baru semangat. I just want to get back as soon as possible. Ummiiiiii~ :(

Friday, January 1, 2010


On my list, by 2011:
1. Submit thesis
2. Settle down
3. Second child.. ngeh ngeh ngeh :D

In addition:
4. Catch up with old friends!!! <-- ed! I've listed it here ;)