Thursday, July 30, 2009

Insyirah sakit...

Yesterday I was nearly brought to tears.. not by the news on TV or by romantic love story. But by looking down on helpless little Insyirah, screaming, while the doctor and nurses hold her down. Twisting the tube left and right and at the same time squeezing her tiny arm to take a sample of her blood.

On Tuesday Insyirah was playing her heart out. No sign of anything. It was later close to midnight when she had a little temperature. We tried to make her take some paracetamol but she just won't.

Her fever continue to persist the next morning. What makes it unusual is the fact that Insyirah acted differently - restless and floppy. She had had fever in the past where she could still enjoy her favourite TV show and play with her toys.

We brought her to Uni GP where the GP suspected Meningitis. My heart fell when I heard that. So she referred us to the Children's hospital for further test.

Arriving at the hospital, a nurse applied some cream (where she told me it would make that part of Insyirah's hand numb when they want to take her blood). I never like anything to do with needles. They also took her temperature again. By then it was 40.1degree.

Then they took us to a ward and managed to force some paracetamol down Insyirah's throat. They then straped Insyirah's toe with some device to monitor her pulse rate and oxygen level (I was told). At that moment, her pulse rate leveled at 190.

After 50 minutes or so, they come to check Insyirah's condition, but her temperature only drop a little. It drops to 39.8. At the same time, for some reason, Insyirah did not stop crying.

The good news was, the doctor ruled out Meningitis. When asked if she usually cried that much, we told the doctor it could be that she just didn't like her new environment or she might be afraid of the new faces.

Because Insyirah continues to cry, the doctor said that she had called a senior paediatric to look at Insyirah before they could discharge us. That was when the doctor said, to be on the safe side they are going to proceed with more testing i.e. the urine test and the blood test. My heart sank. As much as I want to know what bothers Insyirah, I don't want to see them taking her blood.

The urine test came out normal. As for the blood test, we will have to come back to the hospital tomorrow.

Thank you to all who prays for Insyirah's health. And thank you too, to Yati, Nuha and Jijoy who cooked for us late night supper.

Hopefully it's nothing serious. She still has a temperature but we manage to make her take her medicine this time by tricking her to drink her juice mixed with ibuprofen. :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Latest fav pic~

This is what Insyirah would do if we say "kiss" or "sayang"... ;)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Sunat prayer...

You know the time when you wake up to go to the loo and when you try to sleep again, you just can't. Yup, occasionally this happens to me too and today is just one of the day.

So, it was about 3.30am. Subuh won't be near until 5:13am. I adjusted my pillow making it bouncy again but my
eyes won't just 'turned off'. So after a couple of minutes or so of twist-and-turn, I told myself, "might as well use this time to do some prayer". That was then the 'trick' began.

Although I knew that 'that' was the best decision of all, my
body denies to wake up! Yup, there were the whisper in my ears telling me, "alaaa.. try to close your eyes again. You will go to sleep".

The two ideas i.e. "waking up to perfom sunat prayer" and "to go to sleep" clashed for more than 45 minutes before....

... before I remember this "you don't want the syaitan to laugh in victory, do you?". So alhamdulillah, this morning I manage to get my tahajjud done.

It's 4:45am now and I don't want to waste it just like that. After all it has been a while since I last have a silent moment of reflecting of my own. :)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

OK laaa

Although I didn't really watch the match Mal vs ManU, but thanks to ManU fans, I was kept updated with the game highlights. And I was told that Amri (betul ker?) gave two goals to Malaysia. Kudos to him and to the rest of the Malaysian squad. An improvement indeed. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new era in the sporting events in Malaysia.

And on the note, I do hope all the fans who went to watch the great match manage to find some 'space' to perform their maghrib prayer. As I was told that the stadium was a full house. I don't think the Musolla could fit everyone at once. ;)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

My hexagon shape plastic bags?

Fuhhhhh.. finally... my break time and yes... *yawning* I am feeling a little sleepy now.

I started my day with the laundry. While brushing my teeth, I sort the clothes with one hand and later put one basket full into the washing machine, fill in some laundry liquids and put it to start.

I then went to the kitchen (yes, after I have finished brushing my teeth) and as usual there were plenty to wash. Yup, I have deliberately put it as a morning chores but this morning, as I look down the sink, I am thinking twice if I should keep the routine that way.

After finished washing up, I then reminded myself, "amelia wong azman, I think it is time for you to pack the strelizer and the bottle warmer and everything else that you no longer using. Make room for the kitchen". After one big sigh, I unplugged the cords but only to realise that I need to wipe it clean from all the brown (I bet it's from the brownies the other day) and red (yup, that must have been the chilies) stains before I could put it back into their respective boxes. Aaaa.. speaking of boxes, I realised that I need to do some climbing and searching too. Another big sigh. And yes, at that point, I was thinking of "why not do it some other day and lets forget the whole storage thing". But for some reason, today, my good side manage to make me stick to the plan and hence, washing, climbing and scurying I was.

It was about the right time when I finish with the sorting and cleaning of the 'unused' stuff that the first laundry was ready. At this time, Insyirah has also awaken. I filled the washing machine with the second basket and let it do its job while I went down to hang the first batch. That is of course, after making Insyirah her breakfast and put her on the high chair in front of the TV to let her watch her favourite 'in the night garden' show.

Because Insyirah was still occupied with her TV show, I thought I could use the time to pack the rubbish bin. And that was when I realised that I have another long awaited job - I was suppose to organise these plastic bag nicely. The other day, at a friend's house, I saw this one, you know the plastic bags container. The one with holes all around it. Yup. What strikes me was, unlike myself who just chucked all the shopping bags under my sink cabinet after shopping, each and every bags in the container is carefully folded into nice triangular shapes! That was when I said to myself that I really need to do something with all the plastic bags back at home. So today, I pull a big green bag and squeeze every bags into it. Before long, I could see lots of useful space under the cabinet!

Because Insyirah was still not done with her TV which also means I have more time of my own, I decided to embrace what ever left of my good mood today and put it to good use. And so, I went to my room to meet with my biggest archenemy ever - the folding clothes chore! There were tonnes!!! Adoi.. yes again at that point, I was hoping that Insyirah would call out for me so that I could escape for the one-thousand-three-hundreds-and-fifty-seven times. But she didn't. SIGH. So, I threw everything on the floor and start folding one by one. SIGH... SIGH...

You know what I get from all my brutal chores today :P? Hohoho... One big note that I should stick on my forehead so that it won't happen again. Or at least, not too often. That is, never.. never.. NEVER delay anything. If I haven't delay one clean batch of clothes to later, I wouldn't be stuck with twenty-one batches of clean clothes to be folded. If I have taken 5 minutes of my time each time after my shopping trip to put the plastic bags properly, I would have a beautiful hexagon folded shape of plastic bags and would have a better looking space under my sink the entire time. If I haven't delay my washing, I don't have to queue three washing in a row. SIGH... I have been using the I-am-busy-with-my-PhD much too long and too often. Yup, I am getting complacent. Hohohoho...

I guess, in life, we human tend to do it lots. Put it to later. And most of the time, we try to find excuses to justify our doings. Which in my case, I'm using the I-am-busy-with-my-PhD excuses and with Yaby green light to put all house chores to later, I just let myself loose for the time being :P. But for sure, if it is the small little thing, you can get away with it. But if its the bigger one, try not to...

Never ever ever delay repentance towards Allah. Never delay to seek forgiveness from anyone. Try not to delay payment if you are owing to somebody. Yup.. all that has got to do with other human being and our Creator are just not the best thing to put to delay. :)

p/s: some of the figures discussed above have been exaggerated to give a better 'feel' to the entry


Thursday, July 9, 2009


I was about to write about something else when I was informed by my brother on the massacre of Uyghur people. Where are these Uyghur people live? I was clueless myself. Then I found out that they are the minority in Xinjiang.. with many descendants from Turks. Most are Muslim.

After some search, I found out that the killing had took place several days now. But why am I not aware of any of this?

I am one of the 'victims' of the media foul play. There's little coverage on the news. This is the second major news this week that I bump into that is related to Islam that is purportedly SHOULD BE in the main stream media but didn't. The first was about the Muslim woman who was stabbed 18 times in a court room. Now this! Brutal murder and killing of innocent Uyghurs.

As I am typing this, I am listening to World news and so far, NOTHING!

The following feed is from the youtube which potray what took place in Xinjiang. Please be aware that as you proceed to the second and third part of the series, there will be more disturbing scene.

There are so many violence against Muslim around the world which many are undisclosed by the media. This is just one of the many plain evidences on the racism and discrimination that is continuously happening in the Muslim World.

Ya Allah, I seek refuge from you... especially for all that are under the oppression of those whom without your guidance .

Monday, July 6, 2009

13 Rejab.. 6th July.. two days before another deadline. Loving what I'm doing...