Sunday, June 28, 2009

Making it clear

Yes. yes.. I should be completing my write-up, but I am quite sure like many of you bloggers, ideas usually come in the strangest time. :)

I think it was back in early this month, where I've been reading reviews in a few blogs on Nur Kasih. Yup, now showing on TV3. Wanting to know how good it really is, I surf the net for and after trobleshooting during registration process, I managed to watch the whole three episodes. Yup! It's catchy and I too agree like many that the cinematographic is excellent and the script is good too.

Yesterday morning, again yes, it took place during my short break (dua episod kire pendek tak? :P) before continuing with my experiment *clear throat*, I watch the latest listed episodes of Nur Kasih. Alamak~ Kesian the brother! Anyway, after finishing the two episodes, the more I came close to shouting that "this shouldn't be happening!" especially when the father is a Ustaz. As potrayed in the drama, Nur is a pious and a good daughter who never came close to alcohol and let alone Zina. On the other hand, her newly married husband is the total opposite. Can that be considered as sekufu? So it was made to the audience that Adam's father i.e. the ustaz only did that so to have someone to care for Adam when he's gone. What??? To me the reason is sooooooo invalid. First it is because both of them aren't agreeable and secondly I remember during PAFA studies on marriages, my Ustazah mentioned that "a man should be married to the woman of his liking and better still woman of his own choice". In my quick google search, I found this article describing marriages in Islam where it describe how an arrange marriages should be made. If you have better material on this matter, do feel free to share it here :). And I will do more in depth search when I have the time.

So... tak ke kesian kat Nur... Hmm... well, I know it is just a story and as a producer, they wanted to come out with the best story line which is usually the near impossible situation in life. The more tak logik and heart breaking, the better the story goes. But the thing that concerned me most is the fact that how the story could affect the audiences.

I remember when I was in the UK, there is one Brother who in his talk, asked us to do a short experiment. So the Brother said, "when I said 'right' could you raise you left hand and when I said 'left' you raise you right hand instead?". At first, I had a little difficulties myself to do left-right and right-left. But as time progresses, I manage to do just right and so as to the many audiences in the talk. After the experiment ended the Brother said something like, "you see, at first, most of you are having the difficulties to coordinate your brain and your hands to do the opposite. But as you do it over and over again, you finally manage to do it without a problem. The same with living in this current society. When something that at first is wrong but more and more people are accepting it, it will one day become a norm and finally it reaches a stage where the unaccpetable is no longer defined."

I like the story and I really want to know how it would end. But I just hope that if you are watching especially with younger family members, let them know the true value. Highlight that this only a drama because we don't want them to think "even if I am 'bad', I still could marry a 'decent' girl" or "is this how an arrange marriage in Islam is made?" and etc...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

For all the wives and wives-to-be!!!

I was trying to search for nasyeed related to husband and found this instead. The nasyeed Zawjati (My Wife) by Ahmed Bukhater. Even before I read the translation to the nasyeed, the melody really strikes me. Yup, I got the lump in my throat. And when I did especially when I reached the last two paragraph, I couldn't stop my tears duct from not working!!! adeh~~ (why am I being so sensitive lately??? amelia wong azman!). Enjoy the nasyeed gurl! ;)

Zawjati (My Wifeeey...)

“Uhhibuki misla maa anteee” I love you the way you are,
“Uhiibuki kaifa ma kunteee” I love you the way you were,

“Wa mahma kaana ,mahaa saara“ No matter what did or will happen
“anti habeebati anteee” You are and will be My Darling.

“Zawjateee…” My Wifeeey…

“anti habeebati anteee” You are and will be My Darling.

“Uhhibuki misla maa anteee” I love you the way you are,
“Uhiibuki kaifa ma kunteee” I love you the way you were,

“Wa mahma kaana ,mahaa saara“ No matter what did or will happen
“anti habeebati anteee” You are and will be My Darling.

“Zawjateee…” My Wifeeey…

“halaali anti laa akhshaa adulan…an numaqteee…” You're my rightful wife, I don’t fear sin… I don’t care not about those who like to reproach and irritate me.
laqad azina zamaanulana bi wuslim ghayri mumbatteee” It is our destiny to be Together eternally.

“Saqaytil hubba fi qalbi bi husnil fa a’li was-samti” In my heart you instilled love With grace and good deeds.
“yagheeb-us’-sa’adu innibti” Happiness vanishes when you disappear,
“Wa yasful a’yshu inji ti” Life brightens when you're there.

“nahaari kaadihum hatta izaa ma a’ttulil baytee” Hard is my day Until you return home.
“Laqituki fanjala anni duna ya izaaa tabassamteee” Sadness disappears When you smile. J

“Uhhibuki misla maa anteee” I love you the way you are,
“Uhiibuki kaifa ma kunteee” I love you the way you were,

“Wa mahma kaana ,mahmaa saara“ No matter what did or will happen
“antee habeebati anteee” You are and will be My Darling.

“Zawjateee…” My Wifeeey…
“antee habeebati anteee” You are and will be My Darling.

“tagiku bi al hyaatu iza bi aa yauman tabarramti” Life turns black When you're upset,
“fa asssaa jaahidan hatta aw haqqi qaamaa tamannaytee” So I work hard To make your wish come true.

“anaaee anti fal tanay bi jifhil hubbi maa ashtee” You're my happiness. May you be happy forever.
Fa roohanaa qadi talafa ka mislil ardhi wa annabteee Our souls are united Like soil and plants.

“wa amali wa Yaa sakaanee Yaa unsi wa mulhimateee” ”You're my hope, my peace My good company and inspiration.
“yatibul a’eshu mahmaa daaqatil ayyaamu intibteee” Life is good, no matter how hard it is, When you're fine.

“wa amali wa Yaa sakaanee Yaa unsi wa mulhimateee” ”You're my hope, my peace My good company and inspiration.
“yatibul a’eshu mahmaa daaqatil ayyaamu intibteee” Life is good, no matter how hard it is, When you're fine.

“Uhhibuki misla maa anteee” I love you the way you are,
“Uhiibuki kaifa ma kunteee” I love you the way you were,

“Wa mahma kaana ,mahaa…saaraa“ No matter what did or will happen
“anti habeebati anteee” You are and will be My Darling.

“Zawjateee…” My Wifeeey…

*source from dawaholic*

p/s: It's second Rejab today. Cepatnyer masa berlalu~ Can't wait for Ramadhan!!! :D

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Miss-match photo

Gome-gome.. finally got the photos. I knew that I could just dressed up Insyirah just like her Ayah did and later snap a photo of her.. tapi just felt like it won't be the same.. :D Huhuhu

Saturday, June 20, 2009


It's my laundry day... :( huaaaaaaaghhhhhh...

Self status: Hungry
Insyirah status: Playing on the bed
Yaby status: Writing conference report
Laundry status: One basket hanged, one basket full done but two more to go

So here's the unexpected thing that I want to share... while I was sorting the clothes, I found this t-shirt. One of Yaby's favourite t-shirt. The other was a grey one which he even wore it during our visits to Paris. *sigh* There's no edditing in the photo. Yes, the many little holes (which is getting bigger actually) on the t-shirt are real.

Attempt number to discard object: Seven times
Object status in the bin: One time
Attempt status to discard object: Fail

It's true!

So OK. One might argue because the t-shirt was a gift from me. I got it in one of the lucky draws. The t-shirt has been 6 years now with Yaby. And I guess the frequent laundry must have made the t-shirt takes its toll. Ohohoho... Yaby being sentimental? LOL Orrrrrrr, maybe... maybe it's the nature in guys. Guys are... selebet hmmm? <-- macam myself tak selebet. So far, there are two guys in my life, who say NO when told to purchase new clothes. Because they have little decent clothes to wear, it happened much too often, that they'll wear the same piece over and over again and at some point in their life they'll say "takde baju laaa". The first is my Daddy.. and the second as you've guessed it correctly - it's Yaby. But the funny thing is, when we purchased say, a new shirt for them, they'll put it on as if the shirt has always been in the closet! Adoi~ biler suruh beli tak mau...

The problem with me being a woman in nature pulak, I love to buy new clothes! LOL... But the thing is, I seldom wear the new one but stick to the old one. Koh koh koh... Having said that, although right now I am wearing a baju yang dah reput jugak laaa, I have no problem in the past to discard when they are no longer suitable to wear. So OK. One might argue, maybe.. maybe it's because the clothes that Yaby gave me are still in good condition hence, I don't have to discard them. Hmmm... ntah? LOL

Happy cleaning guys!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


ahahaha.. just want to share a funny thing.

Dalam my head kusut masai.. which is how I would describe myself jugak laa.. I got a dose of laughter-the-best medicine by Yaby. He was trying to sing the DIA (Fauziah Latif) song when it is clear that he don't know the lyrics. Adoi..adoi...

Dah laa Yaby. Cukup laaa repeating the same wordings of the song over and over again... that's not how the song goes laa Yaby... :P

Monday, June 15, 2009

Insyirah's kata hati???

If Insyirah could talk and reasons, this are the things she might said to her Mimi and Yayah;

  1. Ummi, I am bored.
  2. Ummi.. ayah... can't you guys play with me?
  3. Ummi, I want to eat porridge as a change...
  4. Ummi, I haven't wash my face and brush my teeth today...
and the list might go on and on...

As a matter of fact, yesterday Nuha managed to capture a photo of unready.. unkempt.. untidy insyirah... LOL

p/s: kire ok kan tapi.. nak pergi pasar pun kan. :P <-- huhuhu alasan..

Monday, June 8, 2009


So here it is Ain, latest Insyirah's pics at 5 days short to become 16 months.. don't forget to upload your wedding pics later too ;)...

Just before we head to HT...

At HT...

Friday, June 5, 2009

I am into it!

Just finished watching one late night movie with Yaby.

Earlier tonight after Yaby got back from office, I asked Yaby if he would watch a movie with me. That is of course after pouring Yaby with all that had taken place at home between 1:15pm to 9:04pm. Including on how Insyirah brought my sandals to my room and puling my shirt calling out 'mimi' all at the same time wanting me to take her to Ayah. I told her Ayah will come back home soon but she wouldn't stop. I then made a call to Yaby, (which before that, I accidentally called Yati in my desperation to get to Yaby a.s.a.p) and put the phone to her ear to let her hear Ayah's voice :). It was only then she stopped wanting to go out. Ayah's girl? A-aa *head shaking movement*.. Insyirah is Ummi's baby!

Anyway, Yaby agreed to the idea and he said I could choose what to watch. I was about to pick 'The International' when I asked Yaby if "takde ke yang lain.. 'He's not that into you' ke?". And Yaby said, "tu dah lama dah ada". And I went "asal tak bagitau dah dapat!". Even though he said I could pick the movie, Yaby was put off when I said "HNTIY then!" telling me that the film was rated pretty badly, 6.8 on IMDB. But I insisted and went with my preference. Hohoho... Just as I was about to enter my blog page Yaby claimed, "cerita tu best jugak laa". Yup, it wasn't that bad after all. I was almost at tears. Wait. Actually.... hmmm... I was in tears...

Anyway... either my ever-scrutinised brain is not working properly late at night or it was just me shutting it away, I couldn't have guessed how the story in each plot would end. By the way, if you happened to be wanting to watch it, there's spoiler ahead and you might just want to skip my whole entry now. Don't tell me I didn't warn you...

Well, truthfully, I love how the story turns out in the end with the exception of the husband and wife story. Although I am not denying that it could happen in real life, I would prefer if they could make it in such away that the marriage could be safe. *sigh* A married man met a young woman at a store, he shows some generous gesture and there you might have it :(. Big time problem! Nauzubillah for the type of Scarlet to stir anyone's marriage. Not in that ugly way.. nauzubillah hi min zalik.

The one that really swept me away was how Ben proposed to Jen. That is sooo sweeet. The way I see it, that scence of Ben and Jen, it simply shows how happiness can be achieved as long as both parties could make sacrifices for one another. And yes, great things do come in marriages as long as you work for it!!! :D Kan Yaby kan... I love you Yaby!!!~~

Overall, the movie is OK laa. I'm going to end this entry with the quote from HNTIY, "maybe the happy ending is... just... moving on"... What say you people? :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Since last night Insyirah has been holding the 'Banana' flashcard with her fingers trying to grab of the 'banana' I suppose. I managed to reassure her to go to sleep last night and will get her banana tomorrow.

This morning the first thing she said when she woke up was 'mama' i.e. banana in her own tongue and quickly finding the ' Banana' flashcard. Anakku mengidam kerr...

Sorry Insyirah Ummi belum beli. Wait aaa...

Monday, June 1, 2009

How Great...

OK! I promise this is sooo going to be a short one since I myself haven't managed to get my code synthesized. It compiled but not synthesized! Ya Allah permudahkan lahh coding amelia wong binti azman.. ameen~

So here's the thing... as of now, my heart is pounding and my head is bursting with the idea of having my second baby. Hehehe... It's trueeeee!

As I received more good news of second or third pregnancy from my friends, that is also when the desire began to pile. Latest in the list is Aida. Congrats again Aida! Yes yes.. Insyirah is only 15 months. But for some reason when I came across news of pregnancy, I too felt the rindu of becoming one. *tarik nafas panjang2x... sabar amelia wong binti azman*

Memanglah Allah is the Greatest of All. He crafted we, ladies, filled will love (chewahh! jangan jeles nyer kaum adam) and gentle yet strong at heart. And one of the best plan He made for us ladies is, He made us forget the pain that we had endure during labour and sooner or later He planted in our hearts with seeds of yearn.. yearning to love and care for babies! If you asked any mom when they were having contractions, I bet many would say "this is the last of it!". But I remember when I held Insyirah for the first time in my arms, I couldn't describe how happy I was and how I felt everything was like magic. Almost immediately after I looked upon Insyirah's tiny face, the pain was history and it's all worth it.

Indeed Allah is Great!