Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our latest pic~

Aaa... ini dia wafaa.. Insyirah latest photos taken during Lana's visit. Was taken at prayer room at DreamWorld.. Insyirah in disguise~~~ hehehehe...

Friday, February 13, 2009

Work while you work...

Work while you work,
Play while you play,
To be happy and useful,
That is the way,
Things that you do,
Do with all your might,
Things done by half,
Are never done right,
So one thing at a time,
And that's done well,
Work while you work,
Play while you play...

Yup, in Insyirah case - Sleep while you sleep... Play while you play...

Photos taken at office yesterday. Cian baby ummi~~~

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Insyirah sayang~~

This day, three years ago, I was busy with the whole study leave documents.

This day, two years ago, I might be sitting at my desk at little maryvale trying to figure out how I could run from the heat.

This day, last year, I was on bed number 35 at RBWH, feeding little Insyirah while Ummi and Yaby wacthing closely.

Yup, today Insyirah celebrate her first year.

To Insyirah, although Ummi know you still can't read just yet, here's our wish to you. Who knows you might find the time to korek2 Ummi's blog one day. ;)

Dear Insyirah,

Ummi and Ayah love you so much. May Allah shower you with His blessing. Our prayer is for you to grow up healthy and happy.. and for you to grow up becoming a good example to many. Happy birthday sayang~

*send via ellyWong's LG ks20

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Born to be 'wild'?? haha...

I must admit, that I have report in due.. tomorrow. Hohoho... Yet I really got to spill.

Last night I had a little chat over the ym with ayu, my room mate back in mrsm. Immediately she showered me with great news on mimi's achievement becoming the top in her class of dentistry. Congrats mimi! And of course she did story-mory on her great adventure at the beautiful Danau Toba (I could imagine just how beautiful it was from the way she was telling me) as well as her elaborate shopping experience. Haii~ yes ayu, I was at the edge of my seat when you said that "rasa macam semua benda nak beli". And yes, congrats to ayu for your successful shopping trip. :P

Anyway, that's not the main point I'm so desperately wishing to share. Well, talking to ayu had triggered that same feeling I had after watching the inaugural speech made by Obama and of course the series of documentaries that was shown on the TV about Obama's past: I was left amazed thinking indeed some people are destined to become what they are today. It's like they are born to be 'it'.

Take a few of my friends for example; I have ayu, nurul, ain, zaharaa whom are all teachers. And having to know them, they are indeed good quality teacher material. All the softness and gentleness and that 'thing' which I couldn't find any word to match it. They just have it. And take mimi, an excellent dentist insyaAllah to be, has a great smile with again that 'thing' which only a good dentist has. And gosh I could go on.


I didn't deliberately left the three dots up there... I was left speechless and smiling alone - again. Hehehe...

After typing all that up to this point, I didn't have thought a way to end this entry. :P With that, I hope you don't mind me ending it just like that! HOHOHO... guys, you are brilliant becoming you! ;)

p/s: weeiiii korang, I miss the good old days laaaa~

Monday, February 2, 2009

Say what??!

You know, when I was in school, one of the reasons why I am so looking forward to Monday was to get Pocket Money from Ummi. Hohoho... It had become a ritual, where Ummi would line up the exact amount of money for a total of five days for each of us siblings. And as I suppose the same applies to all of you, "the older you are, the more you get". Hence, our 'bidding' starts of with 30cents perday when you are in standard one, standard two and standard three. And each year after that, it will increase by 10cents.

Because, Ummi has made us our lunchbox, I usually kept the whole lot of the money. And Ooooh wah... how I love the sound of the coins making its way down into my piggybank. And of course, the sound of the kancil songs played each time a coin went in. Hohoho... And not just that, the heavier it gets the more excited I became. Mana taknyer.. super ring, coki2.. sumi jelly... you name it! :D

Talking about size and money... I wonder, how the rules really applies....

A-ha... I got one. If you are holding one of the biggest position in the country, I bet you could get millions in a day. Oh! How I envy them~ NOT!!!