Wednesday, January 28, 2009

When will it be over..

While still sitting on the prayer mat after Maghrib prayer today, I take a deep long glance around my bedroom. Ahead of me was Insyirah, sitting by herself playing with her toys while murmuring God-knows-what. On my right, was her walker while on my left was a pile of Insyirah's-made mess. God, she really knows how to move 'everything' out of her box. Yup, she is at that stage where she loves to make a mess of everything rather than to clean up and would so love to see her Ummi bebel2. So, you could imagine, some of her nappies lying together with her books and her favourite teddy...

After our one month holiday and without ummi here in brisbane, unless if we were having visitors, Yaby, Insyirah and I would spend most of our time in the main bedroom. Aside having to clean up or answer the nature calls or to cook, there's no other reason not to be inside my humbly room. Hoho.. you got it. Playing, eating, watching, sleeping (obviously)... Our crib, our home...

As Insyirah made her way to me, I gave my hand to her asking her to 'salam' my hand. When she took my hand and pulled it close to her lips to kiss it, I couldn't help smiling. She is indeed growing - real fast. Next month, Insyirah will be a year old. It surely feels like magic. I guess babies are magical.

In the midst of pening kepala with piling work that hasn't with much progress, the pain ease when I saw Insyirah's cheeky smile or heard Insyirah's hysterical laugh or enjoying Insyirah's funny act...

On the news today, they showed the destruction faced by the Gazan where twelve hundreds Palestinians were killed - murdered. At the end of the footage, it shows a group of women sitting next to rubbles. One in particular with a baby in her arms. At that point, I couldn't be grateful enough. Those people are left without a shelter. The young ones have to live without a proper home let alone toys and books and new clothes to wear. These children would never live the lives of a normal children. They will grow up in such a condition where everyday would pass by without certainty. They could never tell if today would be the last time for them to share a meal with the family, sitting on her father's lap or played with her siblings. And the mother would never know if that would be the last smile her sons ever gave her...

My prayer is with you, Gazans..


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A man once said to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him): "I have plenty of property, a large family, a great deal of money, and I am a gracious host to my guests. Tell me how to conduct my life and how to spend (my money)." The Prophet replied: "Give (regular charity) out of your property, for truly it is a purifier, and be kind to your relatives and acknowledge the rights of the poor, neighbors and (those in need who seek your help)."

- Fiqh-us-Sunnah, Volume 3, Number 3

"They ask you (O Muhammad) what they should spend in charity. Say: 'Whatever you spend with a good heart, give it to parents, relatives, orphans, the helpless, and travellers in need. Whatever good you do, God is aware of it.'"

- The Holy Quran, 2:215

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let's nurture...

As a teenager I had.. yes.. always have.. the idea of writing and publishing a best-seller. I remember it starts of when I began to have opinion of my own on everything. I began to read column on newspaper and silently fighting in my head over what those letters or journalists had written. I then began drafted feedback letters to newspaper though in which I didn't remember putting any of those letters into an envelope. And then, I started to have the idea of having a column section of my own in the local newspaper. Hohoho...

At the same time, I was into books. Reading them was a pleasure. As usual, there's a trend among us teenagers of which author everyone 'should' be busy reading. There was one time, most of my friends were into AA. I tried reading one but ended up musing. To me it wasn't the greatest piece. But most of my friends read AA's book because they enjoyed the love story line more than anything. Yup.. all those romantic scene which hardly exist in real life love story (well.. having that said, I would not deny that there are some exceptional cases though). It was at that time when there's a little voice in my head that said, "I think I can write a book too".

I was in my upper secondary when I realised that the number of books or articles read per week dropped significantly. At that time, my focus had shifted to understanding all the new subjects at school. I must admit that it was the greatest lost I ever had in life. Daddy noticed it when he realised that there were more mistakes in my letter which I sent him. I remember Daddy sent back one of my letters with all the errors highlighted. When I called him in the weekend, he asked if I have been reading and advise me to read more and practice writing again.

When I recall back, my passion for reading grows because I have parents who instill the love for reading. I remember how Daddy used to bring back photocopies of books for us siblings. He would read to us as well as making us read. At the same time, when I was at school, I was surrounded with friends who loves reading too. At times, we would discuss the storyline and of course the characters of a story book in our conversation. How each and everyone of us would also want a husband like the one described in a book for example... hohohoho

People would say, why read when they have made movie out of it? Well, that's the thing about movies. It limits the imagination. TVs are bad.. bad...

And now, becoming a parent myself, I would hope that I would do the same for Insyirah and all my future babies before they find friends that would continuously foster the good nature of reading, InsyaAllah. Parents should work hand-in-hand. It is by nature that the sons would look up to his father. The same for daughters with mother. And so, to all Ayahs and yang sewaktu dengannya, let's find time to read to your kids... and yes, some extra money for Ummis and yang sewaktu dengannya to buy new books for babies please... ;)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Let the adventure begins... Part Two

This post wast drafted on the 22/12/2008... baru hari ni di publishkan.. hohoho..


I did forget to mention that Shikin and her husband and her little boy - Wafi, joined our road trip.

Anyhow, after brekkie, we were all freshen up to enjoy ourselves in Melbourne. This time, Yati requested that we all should go to DFO (direct factory outlet...) for some *clear throat* brief shopping experince. And just like that, after nearly three hours drive, we reached Melbourne's DFO. Yaby and I knew that the rest of the road trip crews could spend their whole day there. But as organiser, Yaby had put a time limit. That is 5sec per shop entry. (yeah.. right. As if they'll abide :P).

After a few hours there we drive straight to our lodging. To be honest, because the Albury motel was that 'scary', it makes us so happy to see our room at the Nomad's. It's clean and the bed was perfect! :)

But before anyone gets too comfortable on the bed, we started our Melbourne city tour. The other good thing about Nomad's is, it's almost in the heart of the Melbourne city. Everything is in walking distance. We walked to ...hmm... I can't remember that road name... but the road is like the main driveway for all the attractions - shopping place.. nice buildings.. entrance to China town.. restaurants... you name it. We stopped at Nelayan's for dinner. Finally, I saw something like we have in Malaysia - 'nasi campur' which I could buy and eat!!! :)

We then went to Crown's hotel to watch the fire display. Since we missed the 8.30pm session, we have to wait for a little while for the next show. Lucky we have Br Malik and his funny idea to kill the time. I'll let you guys figured out yourselves of what one could do. ;) :P

By the time we reached our bunk, everyone was exhausted. But that did not deter Yati to go out and search for Krispy Kreme... hohoho.. which later to my excitement and 'terharu', they have all planned to celebrate my birthday. I was caught off guard. I knew the next day was my birthday, but I didn't expect they would throw me a surprise party. Mana taknyer... I was putting Insyirah to sleep and everyone was tired. The really funny part was, there was their birthday singing AND Insyirah cries. Poor little Insyirah was kinda in 'surprise' herself. Hohoho... That explains her red nose in the last posted photo of my birthday entry. :P

The next day, our inital plan was to stop by at the Queen's market and then drive to Phillip Island to watch the smallest penguine in the world. Because, it was kinda early in the morning still, there wasn't many booths were opened. Then again, that didn't stop 'them' from borong-ing very very very cheap Australian t-shirts. Seriously cheap. And because of that, we come out with an adhoc plan that we would visit this market again tomorrow before leaving for Brisbane.

For some reason, the GPS states that, it will take only 40 minutes to reach Phillip Island. Little that we knew, it was actually almost three hours drive. Hadoi~~ hehehe... We made a stop at one place called Amaze'n Things for which we thought we could stretched our curled legs :P and get a cup of coffee. That was when we found a broucher that gave some information on the Penguine. It states that there were only two session to watch them - either early in the morning when all of them make their tiny walk towards the sea and the other is later in the evening when they popped out from seas to return to their nests. Yup, and because of that, we have to modify the plan to be spent other ways instead. Apa lagi, we stopped where ever we thought could give us the best background for our photo shoot! Came afternoon, it started raining and all our activity was made indoor.

The next morning, as 'carefully' planned, we went straight to Queen's Market. Hehe.. lat least as our last shopping treat. For any of you guys who wanted to get souvenir from Australia at the best price, this is really where you guys should go. It's haven! By the time, we were all done, our car was packed with bags. Huhu.. No joke. Seriously packed! Lucky there are still room to fit in. :P Our last stop in Melbourne was to climb *not really climb laa.. naik elevator juga~~* all the way up to Eureka Deck. The concept was the same like Q1 deck in the Gold Coast. The only difference is, it is overlooking city instead of sandy beaches. By 2pm, we made head to the airport. Fuhhh.. abih dah report perjalanan for the road trip. ;)

This trip is the first me having Insyirah as my main hand luggage and I'm loving it! ;)

oitsss ellyWong!

What's into me? Hohoho... I was't out of topics. I wanted to spill on Insyirah's development.. on our many adventure back in Malaysia, including the shocking moments my family and I had when I got 'cramps' on my limbs.. and of course on the war that is taking place in Gaza killing hundreds... but.. there's a huge BUT... I just wasn't in the mood! :P

Soyou guys just have to bear with me. Please tungggguuuuu~~ don't go far far though :P... huhuhu