Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day one - Log

If you have been following my blog, you might remember an entry which I touched on 'transition'. Well, as of 11.25pm last night, I am currently in a new mode of transition - i.e. life without Ummi in Brisbane. And while most people talking on virtues of the first ten days of DzulHijjah, I think for a change, I could use the idea and write a log of my first ten days with Yaby, Insyirah and PhD... and yes, I knew that I was supposed to report on my great 7 days adventure of my road trip. I will put it in later entry insyaAllah... :)

Day 1:

This morning, I woke up at six past eight. Insyirah is still sleeping. Usually at this time, I could hear some distant noise whether it came from the bathroom, or the second room, or the hall or the kitchen... *sigh*. But today, there was nothing. Silent.

I checked my mobile to see if there was any message from Ummi or Chezel... but none. I thought to myself, "maybe Ummi is still waiting for her baggage". I woke up slowly making sure that Insyirah not to be disturbed and made my way to the bathroom. After brushing my teeth, I sneak passed my bedroom and went straight to the kitchen. Yup, I need to start cleaning the kitchen myself again. Hehehe... I checked for Insyirah's food and only to find that there wasn't any left. A'ha, as you might have guess, Ummi usually helped me with this too.

I towed the last packet of our gravy beef, wash some rice together with mix vegetables (the last recipe Ummi had cooked for Insyirah) and put it to boil. I then went into the bedroom to check my email. By then, Insyirah began to make her tiny cries.. yup, she's about to awake. I lifted her from the bed, snugged her in my arms and tried to put her to sleep again only to find that my effort was useless. And as usual, Insyirah in her morning form especially if she had not had enough sleep will be somewhat cranky plus moody.

After making Insyirah a little less cranky, I then text Chezel to see if Ummi was alright. Her immediate reply placed comforts in my flurry mind. "...ni tgh mkn ni", was in her reply text. I couldn't help smiling after reading the text message. A few days before Ummi left, Chezel did asked if Ummi wants to eat anything in particular and ummi replied on the YM saying she wants Nasi Lemak daun pisang and a can of 100pl*s.

If you are a tentative reader, you might wonder, what happened to Insyirah's food. Yup. As I was pampered from the last nine months i.e. having someone to look after 'me', I had forgotten that I was coking for Insyirah. Yup, as I was feeding Insyirah, there was the smell of something burning which obviously coming from the kitchen. Quickly Yaby and I rushed to the scene. The water in the pot had dried up. Insyirah's healthy food had turned into layers of black carbon. Hohohoho... and yes, I have to start all over. This time however, I had place a timer to remind me.

Anyhow, came afternoon, our plan to take Insyirah to the office changed but replaced with a night tour to the office. Yup! Along with our vacumm cleaner, a bag of toys, Insyirah's sleeping mat and her cot, we climbed to level four of room 36. Hohohoho... rasa macam dlm movie pun ada. :P After a few arrangements and cleaning, the room is now set for Insyirah. We did try putting her in the cot while we were watching from afar and she seems to have no problem whatsoever. Hopefully Insyirah will remain that way when the actual working days arrived. :)

Hmm.. I guess this wraps well my 1st ten days without Ummi in Brisbane. (I must say that I have clearly dismiss a lot of important events that took place during the day... hohohoho :P)


fedy said...

xpe elly, susah now, sng later on.. wahh,, insyirah kecik2 dah buat phd ngan ummi n abiy ek..

ellyWong said...

ameeen. insyaAllah... harapnyer laa kan. ;)

lyn said...

you know, when my mum stayed with me for 3 weeks, then she left, the silence broke me apart. so i can just imagine how youre feeling right now...

on a positive note, its good that syirah is getting use to her new routine yes?

if need anything, anything i can do at all, just give a shout out, OK?

ellyWong said...

awwww.. toche toche lyn.

yup, insyirah is so getting use to her new routine which later going to change again in a few days to come... yeayyyyyyyyyyyy.. mau balik!