Monday, December 22, 2008

Let the adventure begins... Part One

Gosh! I thought I saw a couple of spiders while entering my blog domain. ;P Anyhow, as mentioned, this entry is on my latest trip (not so latest now) to Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne... enjoy~


With e-tickets, luggage, babies, prams and carseats, the ten of us (Yaby, Ummi, Insyirah, myself, Shidah, Yati, Rayyan, Lina, Wid and Mimin) heads to the Virg*nBlue counter. We were behind schedule. Our original maxi cab couldn't find 46 Gailey Rd. By the time we finished checked in our luggages, it was only 20 minutes before our flight takes off. If you might remember the initial scene of Home Alone, where the whole family scramble their way to the boarding gate., knocking bags and other bystanders... yup, we were pretty much that way. Hohohoho... Lucky, all of us made it.. in one piece. :P

The flight was kinda empty.The pilot even joked about it saying "feel free to move to the window seats so that Qantas might think we have a full load" and that is not the last of his funny announcements.
Nature never fail to amuse me. The lines of grey clouds on top of a clear clouds which covered only from one point of an area was like a lace curtain hanging by a window.. it was so beautiful, MasyaAllah. Yaby tried to snap it, but couldn't get a nice angle for it.

Upon reaching the Canberra airport, we rented two cars with Yaby and Lina as the main drivers. With that, our road trip officially began.

Except for the hot weather and different company, Canberra is pretty much the same from my last visit. Nothing new. We stop over a couple of mountains, the national museum, the parliament house, the shopping mall... hmm... where else... a'ha.. the Malaysian and Bruneian 'embassy' before heading to our next stop for the night - Wolonggong. (Why so fast concluded Canberra? Ohoho.. well, except for the many time Yaby failed to follow the GPS while getting use to using it, there wasn't any interesting point to share :P)

This part of the road trip adventure, was the most scary of all! Mana tak nya. One - you are not familiar with the place; Two - it was night time and dark. No street light; Three - there were fogs; and finally Four - there were 3Km of hairpin corners!!! I thought they only exist in anime where the characters in the anime doing drifts all over the place! Adoi~~ After three hours of driving, we reached our destination. We stayed over Shikin's and Malik's place. They were indeed a lovely and generous couple. Thank you for letting us stay! :)

The next morning after having enough sleep and stomach filled (yup.. with breakfast ready... they are really2 baik one), we drive to Sydney which only one and a half hour from our stop.

Upon reaching Sydney, we checked in into Malaysian Hall and after prayer we headed to Circular Quay where the Sydney Opera house located. (Ohoho.. yes, I remember my first time meeting the word 'quay' in Southampton and pronounce it as 'kuey' instead of 'key'). From Circular Quay, we walked to QVB before galloping KFC halal next to Town Hall then walked to Darling Harbour (after shopping for baby nappies) and finally walked back to Sydney Opera house. We stayed until it was dark enough to see Sydney at night before making it a call.
The next day, we drive all the way to Blue Mountain followed by Bondi Beach where both are the two of the must-see places if you ever stop by at Sydney. Unfortunately for them, it was raining cats and dogs, hence, the-ever-love-photo-session-people couldn't do much except taking photos in the car as well as in the rain. But before wrapping up our second day in Sydney, we went to the McD at Punchbowl, the place where you can find rows of halal food, to satisfy our long thirst for fastfood! :P
After a good long night rest, we start our journey to Melbourne. But before that, upon persistent request by Shidah (which was worth it though), we stopped first at University of Sydney for some photo session. Having that said, in order to reach our destination, the GPS had made us drive through Sydney backyard neighbourhood. :P Yup, this is what we call 'roadtrip'. Huhu... Anyhow, after our successful photo session, we heads down to Melbourne.
But to avoid having the need to drive 10 hours straight, we stopped at Albury for the night. Albury is three hours from Melbourne. And yes, because it's a roadtrip, we did stop by the road once to miggle with our cameras and made another detour to one of the dams in Australia where we had our lunch (was it Napean dam? Gosh, I have forgotten!! This proves that this entry has been too long in my posting list. Hohohoho) .

The thing about roadtrip is, we could not expect what to expect until we reach our destination. When we drive through Albury, in my heart and mind, I could only think of one thing - it's an old Cowboy town. You can imagine Albury just like one of the Clint Eastwood films except that it has electricity, the road has been tarred, cars replaces horses and there were rock band songs played - fullstop. The room wasn't anything like it was described in their webpage - as Yaby has put it. One of the room (which we asked to be replaced), if I must describe, looks pretty much like a school dorm room that has been wrecked by naughty students. Hohoho... But.. we survived. :P

*** end of part one ***

Friday, December 5, 2008


Since someone has brought up the issue again, I thought to myself "better put an answer for all to see"...

As you might have discovered, my English is far from perfect. Adoi~~ talking about grammar... ntah biler baru wokey pun tak tau laa... and so why do I choose to write in English knowing that my English is berterabur?

The answer is simple, I am so use talking to myself in English. And because spoken English is never equivalent to written English, hence, the million.. trillion.. zillion grammatically errors made. :) Hohohoho... And I do hope that by writting in English, I could polish up my English.

Apa tu.. saya dah cuba tulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Akan tetapi, bunyi dia jadi kelakar. Jadi macam tak betul. Nak taip satu ayat yang best pun rasa susah. Melainkan kalau kena karang satu yg formal. Itu boleh.

And so, hope this clarify things a little. The conclusions made:

1. Amelia Wong Azman bukanlah seorg yang tere dalam bahasa Inggeris :)
2. Amelia Wong Azman bukanlah juga nak tunjuk hebat dalam bahasa Inggeris :)
3. Amelia Wong Azman hanyalah lebih mudah menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris :D

To conclude my rojak entry, don't forget aaa, Arafah day. The 9th day of DzulHijjah. Jom kite try pose~ ;)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day one - Log

If you have been following my blog, you might remember an entry which I touched on 'transition'. Well, as of 11.25pm last night, I am currently in a new mode of transition - i.e. life without Ummi in Brisbane. And while most people talking on virtues of the first ten days of DzulHijjah, I think for a change, I could use the idea and write a log of my first ten days with Yaby, Insyirah and PhD... and yes, I knew that I was supposed to report on my great 7 days adventure of my road trip. I will put it in later entry insyaAllah... :)

Day 1:

This morning, I woke up at six past eight. Insyirah is still sleeping. Usually at this time, I could hear some distant noise whether it came from the bathroom, or the second room, or the hall or the kitchen... *sigh*. But today, there was nothing. Silent.

I checked my mobile to see if there was any message from Ummi or Chezel... but none. I thought to myself, "maybe Ummi is still waiting for her baggage". I woke up slowly making sure that Insyirah not to be disturbed and made my way to the bathroom. After brushing my teeth, I sneak passed my bedroom and went straight to the kitchen. Yup, I need to start cleaning the kitchen myself again. Hehehe... I checked for Insyirah's food and only to find that there wasn't any left. A'ha, as you might have guess, Ummi usually helped me with this too.

I towed the last packet of our gravy beef, wash some rice together with mix vegetables (the last recipe Ummi had cooked for Insyirah) and put it to boil. I then went into the bedroom to check my email. By then, Insyirah began to make her tiny cries.. yup, she's about to awake. I lifted her from the bed, snugged her in my arms and tried to put her to sleep again only to find that my effort was useless. And as usual, Insyirah in her morning form especially if she had not had enough sleep will be somewhat cranky plus moody.

After making Insyirah a little less cranky, I then text Chezel to see if Ummi was alright. Her immediate reply placed comforts in my flurry mind. " tgh mkn ni", was in her reply text. I couldn't help smiling after reading the text message. A few days before Ummi left, Chezel did asked if Ummi wants to eat anything in particular and ummi replied on the YM saying she wants Nasi Lemak daun pisang and a can of 100pl*s.

If you are a tentative reader, you might wonder, what happened to Insyirah's food. Yup. As I was pampered from the last nine months i.e. having someone to look after 'me', I had forgotten that I was coking for Insyirah. Yup, as I was feeding Insyirah, there was the smell of something burning which obviously coming from the kitchen. Quickly Yaby and I rushed to the scene. The water in the pot had dried up. Insyirah's healthy food had turned into layers of black carbon. Hohohoho... and yes, I have to start all over. This time however, I had place a timer to remind me.

Anyhow, came afternoon, our plan to take Insyirah to the office changed but replaced with a night tour to the office. Yup! Along with our vacumm cleaner, a bag of toys, Insyirah's sleeping mat and her cot, we climbed to level four of room 36. Hohohoho... rasa macam dlm movie pun ada. :P After a few arrangements and cleaning, the room is now set for Insyirah. We did try putting her in the cot while we were watching from afar and she seems to have no problem whatsoever. Hopefully Insyirah will remain that way when the actual working days arrived. :)

Hmm.. I guess this wraps well my 1st ten days without Ummi in Brisbane. (I must say that I have clearly dismiss a lot of important events that took place during the day... hohohoho :P)