Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Little Garden...

I have always loved my little garden. It is not that huge but enough to make me proud and happy.

Most of the time, the green streaks of grass is in a perfect trimmed condition. Only a few times, there was a little spot of grass that I overlooked while taking care of my little garden. However, before it overgrown to different spot, I make sure I trimmed it making my little garden nice and green again.

It took me a while before I finally realised that something is missing in my little garden. There were no flowers. Red, pink, violet, yellow and orange coloured flowers. Only green streaks of grass.

I began to find seeds of different kind of flowers to be grown in my little garden. Of course, that also means I have to sacrifice some of my green grass space to make way for my new colourful flowers.

My routine on my little garden grows. Not only I have to care for my green streaks of grass, I also have to care for my flowers.

Days gone by. I could see little shoots coming out from the dirt. Then, there were leaves. Flower buds began to form. It wasn’t long before my little garden filled with beautiful colourful flowers. The fragrance from the flowers combined with the freshly green scent from the green grass adds flavour to my little garden. Butterflies that never were in my little garden began to dance among my beautiful flowers.

As I sat on the green grass of my little garden surrounded by these flowers, I tried to imagine what would become of me if these flowers were taken away from me. Am I going to be satisfied having only my green streaks of grass? After all, taking those flowers away would also mean that I would gain back the spaces for the green streaks of grass to grow.

It didn’t take me long to get an answer.

The answer is clear to me. I know that I wouldn’t be happy. It would be a different story if I haven’t had those flowers in my little garden in the first place. Now that I see what flowers could do to my little garden, I would not want to be left without any flowers. Although it means more time in the garden, I would give my very best to take care of my new little garden.

p/s: for you to understand... ;)


Yatz said...

Flower = friends is it? the more friends u've got the more time have to allocate for them and te more hati to jaga....but flower can also = babies...hehehe but mcm tak kena pulak...mhmm i will stick to friends la...btol tak?

ellyWong said...

hmm.. mari kite tunggu n lihat. hehehe ;P

lydia said...

kak noor,
i think in your case..flowers=Insyirah..
am i right?..hehe..:)

Anonymous said...

i like~~~

lyn said...

i think the garden of grass represents family and the basic things that you have now.

and the flowers represents all the material things in life that you have worked hard for earning it.

hahaha apa2 pun... beautifully written

Nadia J said...

saya rase ia mewakili garden amy yg dekat balcony tu? kan kan? hehe..

ellyWong said...

wahhh.. bagus-bagus for putting your thoughts kat sini. will put what i meant later2~~ ;)

p/s: nia.. sorry to say laa. tapi sah2 nia punyer laa paling terpesong laaa. huhuhuhu :P

Anonymous said...

little garden-family
green grass-abg ngah

after insyirah was born..
chemi's life become more cheerful with happiness..
without insyirah in chemi's life, it will be chemi n abg ngah only n with that ur life would be empty n dull..

ellyWong said...

wahhh.. caja... u read my mind.. :P

Effa Ash said...

hahahaa nia mmg plg terpesong hikhik..chumil lak