Monday, November 24, 2008

The unexpected entry...

This post was composed on the 21st Nov, at room 409, Nomad Industry Backpackers, A'Backett St, Melbourne.. under the dim light that surrounds my bed with Insyirah next to me doing her thing... :)


Its my 26th bday!

I am typing this, well actually *clear throat* more of like punching letters using my new stylus on my new LGKS20. Yup,got one for myself... as a birthday gift from Yaby. Although Yaby clearly said that the price should not exceed $*00, much to his weary, I have successfully made him pay another extra of a couple hundreds! huhuhu...

I am, just like my current surroundings, a little gloomy (due to the hanging bedspread around my bed). Not because I am sad but it's because, I am so26 terharu! Thanks in alphabetical order insyirah (who is now fast asleep), lina, mimin, rayyan (who is also asleep), shidah, shikin, ummi, wid, yaby, yati, thanks giler26! I really26 am happy! Adoi. Words can't describe how I feel right now. adoi26...

The cake was excellent! The present is even more26 hebat! And of course not forgetting the plenty birthday kisses and the laughter. And most of all the great company! I love you guys!! adoi26..

I have so much to write, yet I couldn't spell fast enough to record all the words that coming out from my brain with this tiny keyboard, hence, forcing myself to retreat from composing the longest entry ever for my blog. I will include this though as one of my update from this roadtrip.

Till then...


Sunday, November 23, 2008


Just got back from a long and exciting roadtrip.. a whole week! From Brisbane to Canberra to Wollongong to Sydney to Albury to Melbourne and back to Brisbane! Will put up some updates here later insyaAllah. ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


First and foremost, I just want to say it's a pleasure getting your feedback on my previous post. To Itot, I wonder how you could have ended up with your interpretation. Serious hebat! Maybe, I should have meant it that way. :) Having that said, I am happy to annouce that all guesses made are correct. Yeaaaaa!!! :D Ya laa, since it could mean anything. ;)

But of course, surely, I have meant something - a specific thing.

When I wrote "My little garden" yesterday, I was referring to what exactly as the last "anonymous" aka my-little-sister-in-law aka Caja had pointed out. She even summarises my whole mental picture in her comment. Yes, the green grass is indeed Yaby, the little garden is my little family and the flowers is referring to Insyirah. The butterflies and the lovely scent are ideally representing how I feel. There is however, another element. That is the element of space where in my case the space represents the time.

Last Saturday, there had been a small discussion between me and Yaby. Yaby was suggesting that we might have to consider sending Insyirah back home. I knew that when Yaby made this suggestion, it was purely based on his concern with regards to my studies+baby+home. I too had the same idea couple of months back. At that time, I found myself struggling a little. Progress was minimal but workload was at the maximum. And I have gone as far as to discuss it with Ummi if the case should happen. Ummi assured me, telling me that she could help in taking care of Insyirah if I have to opt that option. But now, with better progress, I admitted that I don't know how I could have thought of letting Insyirah out of my sight.

(Should the flowers taken away from me, then I have more space not only for myself to walk around but also for the green grass to grow. Meaning, if Insyirah is going to be sent to Malaysia with Ummi, I then would have more time that I could use to concentrate with my studies and time with Yaby.)

Ummi is going back this coming December. Currently, with the help of Ummi, Insyirah has almost 24/7 loving and caring attention. And to be honest, all my workload associated with house if not entirely, almost 60% are taken off my shoulder. Ummi is indeed a SuperMom. This December will mark a new dawn for me. Hohoho... I wonder what would become of me. Hmmm.... *musing*

Anyhow, last Monday, the hadith class concluded the chapter on "Belief & Perfect Reliance on Allah". There's a dua which I learned from that chapter which goes "Hasbunallahu wa ni'mal-wakeel". It simply means, "Allah is sufficient for us and is the best one to put trust in." And so, as of now, together with this dua, I want to try as hard as I could, NOT to let the flower taken away from me. Of course only time would tell. Until that day arrive, I would give my very best to spent equal amount of quality time with Yaby, Insyirah and completed what I have started. ;)

InsyaAllah... :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Little Garden...

I have always loved my little garden. It is not that huge but enough to make me proud and happy.

Most of the time, the green streaks of grass is in a perfect trimmed condition. Only a few times, there was a little spot of grass that I overlooked while taking care of my little garden. However, before it overgrown to different spot, I make sure I trimmed it making my little garden nice and green again.

It took me a while before I finally realised that something is missing in my little garden. There were no flowers. Red, pink, violet, yellow and orange coloured flowers. Only green streaks of grass.

I began to find seeds of different kind of flowers to be grown in my little garden. Of course, that also means I have to sacrifice some of my green grass space to make way for my new colourful flowers.

My routine on my little garden grows. Not only I have to care for my green streaks of grass, I also have to care for my flowers.

Days gone by. I could see little shoots coming out from the dirt. Then, there were leaves. Flower buds began to form. It wasn’t long before my little garden filled with beautiful colourful flowers. The fragrance from the flowers combined with the freshly green scent from the green grass adds flavour to my little garden. Butterflies that never were in my little garden began to dance among my beautiful flowers.

As I sat on the green grass of my little garden surrounded by these flowers, I tried to imagine what would become of me if these flowers were taken away from me. Am I going to be satisfied having only my green streaks of grass? After all, taking those flowers away would also mean that I would gain back the spaces for the green streaks of grass to grow.

It didn’t take me long to get an answer.

The answer is clear to me. I know that I wouldn’t be happy. It would be a different story if I haven’t had those flowers in my little garden in the first place. Now that I see what flowers could do to my little garden, I would not want to be left without any flowers. Although it means more time in the garden, I would give my very best to take care of my new little garden.

p/s: for you to understand... ;)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Getting the equation right...

It's 4.55am.

1. Tummy grumbling. Feels like eating but too lazy to reheat the food. Eh jap, is there even leftovers??? Hmm....
2. Report writing. Not even close to 2 pages and I have to do for two column 6 pages paper! Adoi~~ sempat ker ni~~~
3. Sleepy? Nope. But feels like berguling-guling with little Insyirah especially now that it's a little cooler than last night. 

Yup, looking at my conditions and the given variables above, my calculation to getting the correct end values, seems rather off. Totally!!~~

Assuming that I end; my work now, and go to the kitchen to find some food but only to find out that food = 0. Then, it means that I have to include new variable that is = cook. By having the cook variable, it also implys that I might have to - some hours from my writing report hours since I have intended to berguling-guling with Insyirah. Of course, my other option is to cook XOR berguling-guling with Insyirah, hence, maximising the time allocated for report writing. Hmm... If only the  of hours/day is > 24 hours.

The above can be read as:
Assuming that I stop my work now, and go to the kitchen to find some food but only to find out that food equals to zero. Then, it means that I have to include new variable that is to cook. By having the cook variable, it also implys that I might have to deduct some hours from my writing report hours since I have intended to berguling-guling with Insyirah. Of course, my other option is to EXCLUSIVE OR cook option with berguling-guling with Insyirah, hence, maximising the time allocated for report writing. Hmm... If only the total sum of hours per day is greater than 24 hours. 

In another simple words, the above can be summarised as:

*Exclusive or gate will output TRUE, if and only if either condition is TRUE.