Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Change of course...

Winter is finally coming to its very end. Ahh.. Yes! No more cold feet or fingers that is especially when I am in my humble-extra-cold unit which I call home. :D And the best thing of all, saying goodbye to winter also means that I would no longer be hesitated to jump into the shower. Hohoho...

Winter shower time is usually what I least looking forward to. The thought of knowing that when I am all warmed up in my pyjamas and have to sacrifice all of that as I step into the bathroom, if not once, zillion times had made me say 'NO' to bathing :P. The thought of water touches my skin as I am surrounded by cold air in the bathroom is a mind torture! Brrr~~ But of course, once I am the under the spell of warm water, the next least thing I would want to think of is to have to turn off the tap and letting the surge of cold air hit my skins. Adoi... Yes yes.. the transition of getting my shower done during winter is what I never keen of. Tak best langsung!

Talking about transition.. I believe yesterday is another clear cut scene that brings us another step closer to a stronger and united Malaysia - which I am longing for. I would like to take a rather neutral conclusion from what happened yesterday.

At one end, it is a positive 'result' to the current government in the sense that it shows that the people of Malaysia think that they might have not done enough. They should probe into their administration where there exist 'huge' problem which they overlooked somewhere along the line. At the same time, they need to work extra hard and change 'inside'-'out'. Proactive measures and massive improvement need to be taken in order to gain back the trust and support from all Malaysians. One thing that they should learn is that, the people are now a better and wiser judge. It is fair to say that what all the Malaysians really want is a government that could bring harmony and prosperity to Malaysia. At the other end, as for the new leadership, should it take over the country, they too have to buckle-up and provide the people with the best. And so, either way, the people of Malaysia will benefit. All I can say is that, this is indeed a significant sign of a healthy and 'true' independent Malaysia. Yup, 3 more days for the whole Malaysians to celebrate it's independence day.

Oh! Just look at the time. It's quarter to 12. I think I skip this one and have a shower later in the evening. :P Hohohohoho...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The small thing that matters...

These few last weekends, I had been shutting myself out from the outside world. No TV, internet, no going out with friends... NOT!!! :P In fact, it was the opposite. Not that I had it all planned. It was a coincidence that couldn't have exist at better time. Yup, August has always been the best month each year to celebrate Ummi for all her hardship in bringing up we siblings. :)

Our weekend 'tour' start of with our second trip to DreamWor*d. Then Whale Watching and a quick run to Surfers Paradise. In between there were a couple of fishing trips (and another one today which I sadly have to pass) and not to forget the long list of makan-makan. It concluded yesterday with our road trip up to Sunshine Coast which couldn't just go by without my first strawberry picking experience.

When Yaby and I first arrived in Queensland, we were pretty much in our own little world. It wasn't until I had to 'chase' (I really mean it when I said 'chase') this young lady who was walking on the opposite side of the road that I later met a gang of friends that made Yaby and I felt Brisbane a lot like home. I would proudly told anyone that meeting these bunch of people as one of my best moment here in Queensland. :) However, as months past by, one by one, they left for their home country. Leaving me and Yaby behind. God knows how sad I was when I have to bid farewell to these great people... :( *sigh*

But like they always say, "life must goes on" and "patah tumbuh, hilang berganti". Hence, I couldn't ask for more when I met another 'hefty' of great people. Alhamdulillah. A whole 'school' of Bruneian. Huhu... What even great about it is because, Insyirah is no longer alone. She has now a friend whom she could look up to. The handsome Alai Rayyan who lived approximately 200m away from my house! ('Alai' is a what the Bruneian call as in 'dear' <-- betul ker Yati? hohoho... correct me if I'm wrong).

Like the first chapter of Riyadhus Salihin which discusses on Nawaitu, I recall having told that in life, whatever we do, it goes back to our intention. For example, if you organise a trip to some place with a few friends with the intention to have fun, then Allah will grant 'fun' to you and only 'fun' you'll get. But if you have place within your intention of having fun with a few others for example to be grateful or to strengthen the bond among friendship or to gain Allah blessing, then insyaAllah, not only you get all that you have intended, it will also be accorded as hasanah. And so as to many of our daily routine which can all be regarded as good deed as long as we make our intention clear that it is all for Him. With that, I would not want to end this post without reciting this dua...
"...Ya Allah, Engkau Mengetahui bahawa hati-hati ini telah berkumpul kerana MengasihiMu, bertemu untuk mematuhi (perintah) Mu, bersatu memikul beban dakwah Mu. Hati-hati ini telah rnengikat janji setia untuk mendaulat dan menyokong syari'at Mu, maka eratkanlah Ya Allah akan ikatannya. Kekalkan kemesraan antara hati-hati ini. Tunjuklah kepada hati-hati ini akan jalan-Nya (yang sebenar)..."

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Got tagged this time by Mr Tabib Haiwan. So here goes....

Question 1: What were you doing 5 years ago?
2nd year doing my BEng in Electronics. Eh silap.. silap... I was back in Malaysia for summer holiday. Eh jap.. ke tgh attend BTN...

Question 2: What were the 5 things on your to do list today?
1. Complete downsampling code for tomorrow's meeting with sv..
2. Pump BM
3. Go to great court tuk lunch together2 with friends
4. Buy Ekka ticket for Saturday :)
5. Hmm... and all the usual for eg. guling2.. with baby insyirah.. :P

Question 3: What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
1. Bin Bin
2. Yup! Super Ringgg yg bnyk giler colouring ituuu!!!
3. Chocolate biscuits...
4. Chocolate cakes...
5. or just simply chocolatesssSSS!! :)

Question 4: What are 5 things that you would do if you were a billonaire?
1. Like Mr Tabib Haiwan said.. bayar zakat...
2. Pergi Haji!!!!
3. Buy tanah kat kampung mana2 and then tanam pokok durian, rambutan, manggis, ciku, mangga, pisang and etc so that my children boleh balik kampung panjat pokok masa time musim buah-buahan...
4. Buat one foundation for all the needy one yg can terus generate income to help more needy people.. especially single parent.
5. Nak built my dream houseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. we heee!

Question 5 : What are 5 jobs you've had?
1. Asst Lecturer
2. Research student
3. Cleaner yg lasted only for three days...
4. Cashier at MaryBr*wn
5. Student

And as usual, now I need to tag others pulak. Since it didn't limit to how many, I tag all yang haven't do this before.. hohoho... :)