Sunday, July 27, 2008

Going places...

As many has heard it, there's a beautiful Malay proverb that goes "Jauh perjalanan, Luas pengalaman". In my superficial way of translating it into English, it will be something like "as you go places, you'll understand more" I suppose. Please forgive me for doing it no justice.. :P

To be honest, in the beginning when I had the opportunity to learn the clever Malay proverbs, I find it very difficult to grasp as well as to put the 'chosen' wordings and the meaning side by side. For example, why do it says "Harapkan pagar, Pagar yang makan padi" when I have never seen a paddy field with fences surrounding it. Fighting against my ignorance, I remember how I just memorise most of these proverbs together with it 'stated' meaning just to ensure that I pass the BM test despite the fact that I find it hard to accept the relevance behind some of the quotes. But because I realised that my brain didn't work very well in memorising i.e. it will only stay in my brain for as long as the exam period.. I never keen in memorising. Because of that, I really need to understand and to be able to put it into use. Back to the "Jauh perjalanan, Luas pengalaman" quote, having had the experience of being at three different locations - Ib*m to Muadz*m Sh*h and then to Kl*ng, I didn't really 'felt' that my knowledge or experience has increased in any way.

It was not when I was 'blessed' with the chance to further my studies overseas and came back to my beloved country that I realised that indeed, the proverb do make sense. Being away to a foreign land makes you see things at a different angle.. different perspective... which broaden your horizon of thinking. And not just that, you would feel like you understand 'them' a little more just by living in their country.. or traveled and say "I was here" at their famous landmarks. I suppose one of the reasons behind it is because, when you are in a different country, you are out of your comfort zone. You are forced to mix with them, hence, exposing yourself to their different way of life.. the way they work, talk and think.

As a bonus, being far away from Malaysia, makes me cherish Malaysia even more. And because our great ancestors were very observant and intelligent, they manage to come up with another proverb that correspond to this feeling I have just described. Yup, it's "Hujan emas di negeri orang, Hujan batu di negeri sendiri. Lebih baik di negeri sendiri". If I had taken the proverb literally, I would have gone to 'that' place where 'gold' is abundance. Seriously... :P hohoho.. and again because I always wanted to understand the Malay proverb better, I recall the discussion I had with Yaby on this subject. As Yaby had put it when I asked "why don't they want 'hujan emas'?", Yaby answered "sebab emas ni kan conductor electric yang baik. So kalau hujan lepas tu ada kilat.. mati laa semua org. Pasal tu lebih baik hujan batu...". Yup.. I know.. I know... who could have seen that coming??? :P...

And so, because I realised that indeed "Jauh perjalanan, Luas pengalaman".. Yaby and I had made up our mind to let Insyirah do some travelling on her own. Yup! So that she could be more wiser than her Ummi and Ayah.

We've prepared a bag packed with some nappies, baby wipes.. some clothing and some cash to assist her in her adventure to explore the world.

Acah jer~~~ mana mungkin! ;)

**photo taken at Gold Coast.. 26 July 2008~~

Friday, July 18, 2008


I didn't go to the office today. Why? Hmm.. the thing that I'm worried most has taken place yesterday.

For the past weeks, I've been having problem getting my milk out during my pumping session. Talking about the increase in the global oil price which scrutinises that one of the factors is because demand is more than production... And in my case, although it does not has any affect on global milk price, it sure brings much headache to myself. As demand i.e. baby's Insyirah consumption increases week after week, my not-so-many stock decreases. And yesterday, by 3pm, Insyirah has consumed the last bottle of her milk supply. The first thing that I heard as I stepped into the house yesterday was "nasib baik... saved by the bell.. dah takde susu dah". God knows how I felt at that time. Even as I'm typing this, I'm still worried sick. As of now, I only manage to get a total of Insyirah's 8 hours intake.

On the brighter side, today, I found some time for myself, hence this entry. :) For this entry, I thought for once, I should share the history behind my blog writing.

I started blog writing in mid November 2005 and to be honest, I never thought that it would last this long. At that time, again as I would always have done when I am feeling a little excited or sad or has something to say to 'myself', I just wanted to write.. to express what's inside me. It so happened at that time I was at my office and although I haven't got my special book, I've got loads of paper which I could scribble onto.. which is the norm. But I remember hearing a little whisper (which is actually just me n my brain and nothing more tau.. nothing to do with entity.. :P), that suggested blog. Yup, as simple as that, my blog writing began. Having said that, I've drawn a little line on what I should and shouldn't write in my blog. Hohoho.. yup.. ada guideline gitu. Hohoho...

At that time, I was with fri***ster blog. But the thing with fri***ster blog, I couldn't play around with it's html (I'm not sure if they allow it now). And so, in January 2007, I made the jump to blogger. That was when I knew that I have one or two dedicated blog fan of mine. Hehehe... yup Ain.. one of them is you! Toche.. toche Ain for your encouragement! It makes me keep on going! ;)

By now, you should realise that I really don't have any point to make but simply to dedicate this post to all of you who have been giving me the support and of course 'material' that I could use in my blog writing. Hehe... Thank you!!! :D

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quick Post!

It seems that I've been lagging much too long for a new entry. hohohoho... Why? Because, when I have the free time this is what I do:

1. Playing with Insyirah...
2. Lepak2-ing with Insyirah in the duvet.. yup!! This year winter is so cold!

Adoi... and the thing is, I never got bored doing it unlike watching tv kerr.. reading ker... hohoho... Oh no.. does that mean I need another patch i.e. the "insyirah patch" (which could make me lose interest in Insyirah for couple of hours)? Hohohoho...