Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Because enough is enough"..

I need some PATCH! Seriously. The following are the patch that I'm looking for. Let me know if you guys have bump with any or all of it. :D
  1. Name: Anti-Sleeping patch
    Directions: Place patch on your skin. Suitable for adults who have unfinished work. One patch is equal to an hour.
    Warning: Not to be used more than 30 patch in two days. Also not suitable for pregnant woman (who wish to fight the normal fatigue caused by pregnancy).
    Side effects known: The zombie-like-eye will develop. Although it's normal, it will make others run away from you.

  2. Name: Helping-Hand patch
    Directions: Place patch on the other person's skin. Suitable for all ages (accept babies since they can't really help).
    Warning: Because it hasn't been fully tested, the effects may vary for one individual to another.
    Side effects known: User might need to pay extra on foods to make the "helping-hand" person happy.

  3. Name: Anti-Syntax Error patch
    Directions: Copy patch folder into your working folders. Suitable for research students under stressed caused by mounting error codes.
    Warning: Might not be compatible with Windows program.
    Side effects known: Some codes might not be synthesized which might end up having you to rewrite your code all over again from scratch.
Yup, these are the patch that I'm craving for (to name a few...)!!! But of course, the best remedy of all is still to stay organised i.e. don't do any last minute work and don't ever procrastinate (which is really the difficult part)! ;) :P


Nadia J said...

huhuhu lawak la amy. ni dapat idea dari iklan nicabate ke? heheh..

all the best with ur report! or whatever it is yg amy tgh pening. u can do it!!!!

n yes, not to procrastinate is very difficult indeed. *spoken by a true proscratinator herself* :p

chesitie said...

anti-sleeping patch? hahaha.. i need one of those!!!! plssssssssssssss!
nway,im taking a nap right after dis.hahahahaahahah :P

chesitie said...
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elly wong said...

ha'a laa nia. mmg akibat sbb iklan "call 13 QUIT" ni laa... hohoho...

ti, ti kena tido laa. especially biler nak exam. kalau sleep deprive, leh effect performance on the day nanti. good luck exam!!! you can!!!! :D

13may said...

baca side effects yg tak tahan tuh...

hahha hahha hahah :D

elly wong said...

May pulak biler nak pakai "N-patch" :P

Mimi Amilia said...

N-patch ape lak amy?huhuhu
Moga dimudahkan segala..InsyaAllah!

elly wong said...

hohoho mimi.. n-patch tu mmg 'wajib' may pakai.

thank you mimi dear. untuk mimi juga. semoga kite semua slamat abih. :D