Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My latest medicine...

Want to know what I do each time the PhD illness aka Permanent-head-Damage illness strikes? Hohoho... look at Insyirah's photo or even better - drop everything and start playing with Insyirah.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yup, I've been busy. With a new task on my daily schedule i.e. baby-insyirah-related-work, I just hope that my day could stretch for another at least 4 hours. Anyway, regarding the-updating-blog issue, well actually, I had bumped into some interesting stuff which I thought could make a fine entry. The only thing that has stopped me was I have other work which requires my urgent attention. Hence, I put it aside and told myself "OK, I'll do it tonight" but only end up in vain and the whole thing repeated itself the next day and the day after and so on until today.

How come I have the time for this entry you asked me? Hmm.. there's no quick answer to your question. BUT, a longer version there is :P. *clear throat* I just got back from a quick stop at UQ to collect photos from Ms H and later went to the library to collect the book which I have requested. Looking at the time now it's 11:31am and Zuhur prayer will be in less than 20 minutes. Which means, even if I start doing my work now, I only have a while to do what ever I have started before stopping for Zuhur prayer and then my lunch. And judging from my working style, I need at least 30 minutes before I could be in my 'gear 5' mode. Seriuosly laaa. And the thing is, should I start doing my work now, I still have to wrap up everthing by 1:00pm (to allow time for zuhur prayer and lunch) since at 2:10pm today baby Insyirah will get her first jab, BCG. I've told you it will be a long winded answer. Huhuhu... :P

*intermission - continued after approximately 5 hours later...*

This morning, ummi was telling me that an old friend of hers, whom I knew quite well, SMSed her and telling her something like this, "...Sometime you fell but you manage to pull yourself together. But other time, you just felt you couldn't anymore...". From that phrase, we could easily tell that the very person has given up on something. The difficult part is, at least for me, has always been on how or what I could do as a friend, to make him or her back on his or her feet again. I had, some too few, encountered with this kind of situation where friends pouring her heart out but all I could do was to listen - not being able to be of much help. How I wish I could do more to help.

Looking back through my yesteryears, I myself had admitted defeat a couple of times. Always, it occurred when I was all stressed out and things seemed to fall apart one after another. During that time, I began to feel like the whole world was against me. I would not deny that I was crumbled and find it easy to put all the blame on others. But being a muslim, I would say that I am very lucky that I am equipped with the sixth Pillar of Iman i.e. belief in the predestination by Allah of all things, both the (seemingly) good and the (seemingly) bad. And of course having a great family and friends have really help to keep my sanity well in place. I manage to see it from another point of view and took the matter as an opportunity to reflect myself as well as a valuable learning experience.

Reality is, we could never run from problems that 'love' to left us miserable and stranded. But like ummi always told us children, "kalau nak semua senang, kat syurga nanti". Yup, simple. To to you Mr O*, I pray that the best will unfold in front of you soon. And like my daddy used to tell to me should I be in your position, "remember, it's not the end of the world". :)

note: while writing this entry, the author was interrupted 11 times (feeding Insyirah, Zuhur prayer, cooking lunch, Insyirah's appointment, groceries shopping at wollies, late lunch, feeding Insyirah, Asar prayer, relaxing, feeding Insyirah and Maghrib prayer). That's why it is only published at 6:36pm. :P

Photos taken during Insyirah's BCG shot

Baby Insyirah in pain... sorry dearest.