Friday, January 25, 2008

Over the moon...

Yesterday, Yaby and I went for our first antenatal class. It was a nice thing to do to wrap up my busy day yesterday.

Last Tuesday, I received an email from my dear supervisor saying that I would need to do a 15 minutes presentation on Thursday. My reaction after reading the email? Well, try to imagine the face of Sylvester right after being chased by Hector the Granny bulldog. What even worse to know was, on that very day, HOT PIZZAs will be served instead of the usual dry biscuits. HOT PIZZAs means more people would come for my presentation. Uwaaa!!! I could have fainted should I go on thinking about the outcome of the presentation.

In the morning, I did a couple of practices in front of Yaby and my GOD, even his usual sweet face looks scary and I could barely had any eye contact with him! Alamak... And so, at 12:30pm yesterday afternoon, I began to set up for my presentation i.e. the laptop thing.. the projector thing.. making sure the slides are OK. Hmm... By 12:50pm only 4 people entered the seminar room. My heart was singing. "4 people would be great", I thought to myself. However, as the clock striked 5 minutes to 1, the seatings was almost filled. Only two seats left available. At that point, my heart was racing. By 1pm additional seats were brought INTO the seminar room!!! Haiihhh.... nasib nasib...

And so my presentation began. In the first 30 seconds, I successfully keep my two feet together. But by the time I reached my first content slide I was speechless! The one thing that I do wrong was on the 31st second my eyes accidentally met with the top man in the office! Aduih... terus jadi cuaklaa... Although he was smiling, I was totally out! I appologised to the audience and telling them, "I'm a little bit nervous..." which later I was told by my supervisor that when giving a presentation, no matter how nervous you are, NEVER admit to it! The whole presentation an QnA ended at 1:26pm. Right after the presentation, I had one-to-one discussion with my supervisors. Though they admit and assure me that it was a good start, I didn't feel satisfy.

As I mentioned earlier, my antenatal class save my day. Memang lucky sangat2... The class was not only informative but it was enjoyable! Malaysia should really start to have this kind of classes for new parents to be. Our midwife, Ping 2, (yup, I didn't mistype that. She called herself that since there's another Ping in the same hospital :D) really made the class interesting. Although I felt tired right after the presentation and plus it has been a very long day for me, the tiredness just seems to disappear. What even makes me happy was Yaby seems to enjoy the class too (only those who knows Yaby from school would understand this :P.. hehe).

In just one day I got to learn so many things. First some useful tips for presentation. No 1. Don't admit you are nervous even when you are. Try to hide it as much as possible. No 2. Try to focus on an empty seat i.e. try to make eye contact when you are not making eye contact. If all seats are filled, try to imagine all of them doing something funny. And loads from the antenatal class which would be impossible for me to list everything here. Here's a few. No 1. Fathers have great roles for baby's brain development. No 2. Parents should realise that not all baby that first came out is cute. Some have more wrinkle than the others. But eventually, the baby will be just as beautiful. <- I really laugh at this one because Chezel says the same thing. Hehehe... No 3. Support from families , friends and especially husband is very important for wife especially during baby blues and to avoid post-natal depression.

As I stepped outside the hospital, it was already 8:45pm and the moon seems to shine evermore brightly. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Bumpy road...

8 weeks before due!! And how do I feel about it? Well, couldn't be more thrill and excited! I am going to be a mom! Yes, shout with me everyone - I am going to be a MOM! (if you are a male and you've just shouted it out - GOTCHA!! ;P huhuhu...) And how is Yaby coping with all the excitement... well, just scroll down a little and you do the maths! :D

They say children bring more splendour and joy to a family. Some say children complete the puzzle in a marriage. I couldn't agree more. Even now as my little baby still in my huge 'belly' waiting for the time to join me and Yaby in the real world, I realised that I am happier, a whole lot happier. *Clear throat* Although there were a couple of days when I was engulfed by my not-so-happy-mood. Yup, blame the imbalance hormone! :P Watching the tiny baby movement left me smiling. All I can say is, it feels like magic!

It makes me wonder how anyone would have the heart to hurt their own children. The latest is the news of a father who abused his 5 years old child to death. Geram pun ada... sakit ati pun ada... apa punya org laa... Let's just pray that no more children be victims of this cruel act.

Photo's at Moreton Bay with Sham, Anjas, Linda, Nia, Shiedah and Effa... :D