Monday, December 22, 2008

Let the adventure begins... Part One

Gosh! I thought I saw a couple of spiders while entering my blog domain. ;P Anyhow, as mentioned, this entry is on my latest trip (not so latest now) to Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne... enjoy~


With e-tickets, luggage, babies, prams and carseats, the ten of us (Yaby, Ummi, Insyirah, myself, Shidah, Yati, Rayyan, Lina, Wid and Mimin) heads to the Virg*nBlue counter. We were behind schedule. Our original maxi cab couldn't find 46 Gailey Rd. By the time we finished checked in our luggages, it was only 20 minutes before our flight takes off. If you might remember the initial scene of Home Alone, where the whole family scramble their way to the boarding gate., knocking bags and other bystanders... yup, we were pretty much that way. Hohohoho... Lucky, all of us made it.. in one piece. :P

The flight was kinda empty.The pilot even joked about it saying "feel free to move to the window seats so that Qantas might think we have a full load" and that is not the last of his funny announcements.
Nature never fail to amuse me. The lines of grey clouds on top of a clear clouds which covered only from one point of an area was like a lace curtain hanging by a window.. it was so beautiful, MasyaAllah. Yaby tried to snap it, but couldn't get a nice angle for it.

Upon reaching the Canberra airport, we rented two cars with Yaby and Lina as the main drivers. With that, our road trip officially began.

Except for the hot weather and different company, Canberra is pretty much the same from my last visit. Nothing new. We stop over a couple of mountains, the national museum, the parliament house, the shopping mall... hmm... where else... a'ha.. the Malaysian and Bruneian 'embassy' before heading to our next stop for the night - Wolonggong. (Why so fast concluded Canberra? Ohoho.. well, except for the many time Yaby failed to follow the GPS while getting use to using it, there wasn't any interesting point to share :P)

This part of the road trip adventure, was the most scary of all! Mana tak nya. One - you are not familiar with the place; Two - it was night time and dark. No street light; Three - there were fogs; and finally Four - there were 3Km of hairpin corners!!! I thought they only exist in anime where the characters in the anime doing drifts all over the place! Adoi~~ After three hours of driving, we reached our destination. We stayed over Shikin's and Malik's place. They were indeed a lovely and generous couple. Thank you for letting us stay! :)

The next morning after having enough sleep and stomach filled (yup.. with breakfast ready... they are really2 baik one), we drive to Sydney which only one and a half hour from our stop.

Upon reaching Sydney, we checked in into Malaysian Hall and after prayer we headed to Circular Quay where the Sydney Opera house located. (Ohoho.. yes, I remember my first time meeting the word 'quay' in Southampton and pronounce it as 'kuey' instead of 'key'). From Circular Quay, we walked to QVB before galloping KFC halal next to Town Hall then walked to Darling Harbour (after shopping for baby nappies) and finally walked back to Sydney Opera house. We stayed until it was dark enough to see Sydney at night before making it a call.
The next day, we drive all the way to Blue Mountain followed by Bondi Beach where both are the two of the must-see places if you ever stop by at Sydney. Unfortunately for them, it was raining cats and dogs, hence, the-ever-love-photo-session-people couldn't do much except taking photos in the car as well as in the rain. But before wrapping up our second day in Sydney, we went to the McD at Punchbowl, the place where you can find rows of halal food, to satisfy our long thirst for fastfood! :P
After a good long night rest, we start our journey to Melbourne. But before that, upon persistent request by Shidah (which was worth it though), we stopped first at University of Sydney for some photo session. Having that said, in order to reach our destination, the GPS had made us drive through Sydney backyard neighbourhood. :P Yup, this is what we call 'roadtrip'. Huhu... Anyhow, after our successful photo session, we heads down to Melbourne.
But to avoid having the need to drive 10 hours straight, we stopped at Albury for the night. Albury is three hours from Melbourne. And yes, because it's a roadtrip, we did stop by the road once to miggle with our cameras and made another detour to one of the dams in Australia where we had our lunch (was it Napean dam? Gosh, I have forgotten!! This proves that this entry has been too long in my posting list. Hohohoho) .

The thing about roadtrip is, we could not expect what to expect until we reach our destination. When we drive through Albury, in my heart and mind, I could only think of one thing - it's an old Cowboy town. You can imagine Albury just like one of the Clint Eastwood films except that it has electricity, the road has been tarred, cars replaces horses and there were rock band songs played - fullstop. The room wasn't anything like it was described in their webpage - as Yaby has put it. One of the room (which we asked to be replaced), if I must describe, looks pretty much like a school dorm room that has been wrecked by naughty students. Hohoho... But.. we survived. :P

*** end of part one ***

Friday, December 5, 2008


Since someone has brought up the issue again, I thought to myself "better put an answer for all to see"...

As you might have discovered, my English is far from perfect. Adoi~~ talking about grammar... ntah biler baru wokey pun tak tau laa... and so why do I choose to write in English knowing that my English is berterabur?

The answer is simple, I am so use talking to myself in English. And because spoken English is never equivalent to written English, hence, the million.. trillion.. zillion grammatically errors made. :) Hohohoho... And I do hope that by writting in English, I could polish up my English.

Apa tu.. saya dah cuba tulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia. Akan tetapi, bunyi dia jadi kelakar. Jadi macam tak betul. Nak taip satu ayat yang best pun rasa susah. Melainkan kalau kena karang satu yg formal. Itu boleh.

And so, hope this clarify things a little. The conclusions made:

1. Amelia Wong Azman bukanlah seorg yang tere dalam bahasa Inggeris :)
2. Amelia Wong Azman bukanlah juga nak tunjuk hebat dalam bahasa Inggeris :)
3. Amelia Wong Azman hanyalah lebih mudah menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris :D

To conclude my rojak entry, don't forget aaa, Arafah day. The 9th day of DzulHijjah. Jom kite try pose~ ;)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Day one - Log

If you have been following my blog, you might remember an entry which I touched on 'transition'. Well, as of 11.25pm last night, I am currently in a new mode of transition - i.e. life without Ummi in Brisbane. And while most people talking on virtues of the first ten days of DzulHijjah, I think for a change, I could use the idea and write a log of my first ten days with Yaby, Insyirah and PhD... and yes, I knew that I was supposed to report on my great 7 days adventure of my road trip. I will put it in later entry insyaAllah... :)

Day 1:

This morning, I woke up at six past eight. Insyirah is still sleeping. Usually at this time, I could hear some distant noise whether it came from the bathroom, or the second room, or the hall or the kitchen... *sigh*. But today, there was nothing. Silent.

I checked my mobile to see if there was any message from Ummi or Chezel... but none. I thought to myself, "maybe Ummi is still waiting for her baggage". I woke up slowly making sure that Insyirah not to be disturbed and made my way to the bathroom. After brushing my teeth, I sneak passed my bedroom and went straight to the kitchen. Yup, I need to start cleaning the kitchen myself again. Hehehe... I checked for Insyirah's food and only to find that there wasn't any left. A'ha, as you might have guess, Ummi usually helped me with this too.

I towed the last packet of our gravy beef, wash some rice together with mix vegetables (the last recipe Ummi had cooked for Insyirah) and put it to boil. I then went into the bedroom to check my email. By then, Insyirah began to make her tiny cries.. yup, she's about to awake. I lifted her from the bed, snugged her in my arms and tried to put her to sleep again only to find that my effort was useless. And as usual, Insyirah in her morning form especially if she had not had enough sleep will be somewhat cranky plus moody.

After making Insyirah a little less cranky, I then text Chezel to see if Ummi was alright. Her immediate reply placed comforts in my flurry mind. " tgh mkn ni", was in her reply text. I couldn't help smiling after reading the text message. A few days before Ummi left, Chezel did asked if Ummi wants to eat anything in particular and ummi replied on the YM saying she wants Nasi Lemak daun pisang and a can of 100pl*s.

If you are a tentative reader, you might wonder, what happened to Insyirah's food. Yup. As I was pampered from the last nine months i.e. having someone to look after 'me', I had forgotten that I was coking for Insyirah. Yup, as I was feeding Insyirah, there was the smell of something burning which obviously coming from the kitchen. Quickly Yaby and I rushed to the scene. The water in the pot had dried up. Insyirah's healthy food had turned into layers of black carbon. Hohohoho... and yes, I have to start all over. This time however, I had place a timer to remind me.

Anyhow, came afternoon, our plan to take Insyirah to the office changed but replaced with a night tour to the office. Yup! Along with our vacumm cleaner, a bag of toys, Insyirah's sleeping mat and her cot, we climbed to level four of room 36. Hohohoho... rasa macam dlm movie pun ada. :P After a few arrangements and cleaning, the room is now set for Insyirah. We did try putting her in the cot while we were watching from afar and she seems to have no problem whatsoever. Hopefully Insyirah will remain that way when the actual working days arrived. :)

Hmm.. I guess this wraps well my 1st ten days without Ummi in Brisbane. (I must say that I have clearly dismiss a lot of important events that took place during the day... hohohoho :P)

Monday, November 24, 2008

The unexpected entry...

This post was composed on the 21st Nov, at room 409, Nomad Industry Backpackers, A'Backett St, Melbourne.. under the dim light that surrounds my bed with Insyirah next to me doing her thing... :)


Its my 26th bday!

I am typing this, well actually *clear throat* more of like punching letters using my new stylus on my new LGKS20. Yup,got one for myself... as a birthday gift from Yaby. Although Yaby clearly said that the price should not exceed $*00, much to his weary, I have successfully made him pay another extra of a couple hundreds! huhuhu...

I am, just like my current surroundings, a little gloomy (due to the hanging bedspread around my bed). Not because I am sad but it's because, I am so26 terharu! Thanks in alphabetical order insyirah (who is now fast asleep), lina, mimin, rayyan (who is also asleep), shidah, shikin, ummi, wid, yaby, yati, thanks giler26! I really26 am happy! Adoi. Words can't describe how I feel right now. adoi26...

The cake was excellent! The present is even more26 hebat! And of course not forgetting the plenty birthday kisses and the laughter. And most of all the great company! I love you guys!! adoi26..

I have so much to write, yet I couldn't spell fast enough to record all the words that coming out from my brain with this tiny keyboard, hence, forcing myself to retreat from composing the longest entry ever for my blog. I will include this though as one of my update from this roadtrip.

Till then...


Sunday, November 23, 2008


Just got back from a long and exciting roadtrip.. a whole week! From Brisbane to Canberra to Wollongong to Sydney to Albury to Melbourne and back to Brisbane! Will put up some updates here later insyaAllah. ;)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


First and foremost, I just want to say it's a pleasure getting your feedback on my previous post. To Itot, I wonder how you could have ended up with your interpretation. Serious hebat! Maybe, I should have meant it that way. :) Having that said, I am happy to annouce that all guesses made are correct. Yeaaaaa!!! :D Ya laa, since it could mean anything. ;)

But of course, surely, I have meant something - a specific thing.

When I wrote "My little garden" yesterday, I was referring to what exactly as the last "anonymous" aka my-little-sister-in-law aka Caja had pointed out. She even summarises my whole mental picture in her comment. Yes, the green grass is indeed Yaby, the little garden is my little family and the flowers is referring to Insyirah. The butterflies and the lovely scent are ideally representing how I feel. There is however, another element. That is the element of space where in my case the space represents the time.

Last Saturday, there had been a small discussion between me and Yaby. Yaby was suggesting that we might have to consider sending Insyirah back home. I knew that when Yaby made this suggestion, it was purely based on his concern with regards to my studies+baby+home. I too had the same idea couple of months back. At that time, I found myself struggling a little. Progress was minimal but workload was at the maximum. And I have gone as far as to discuss it with Ummi if the case should happen. Ummi assured me, telling me that she could help in taking care of Insyirah if I have to opt that option. But now, with better progress, I admitted that I don't know how I could have thought of letting Insyirah out of my sight.

(Should the flowers taken away from me, then I have more space not only for myself to walk around but also for the green grass to grow. Meaning, if Insyirah is going to be sent to Malaysia with Ummi, I then would have more time that I could use to concentrate with my studies and time with Yaby.)

Ummi is going back this coming December. Currently, with the help of Ummi, Insyirah has almost 24/7 loving and caring attention. And to be honest, all my workload associated with house if not entirely, almost 60% are taken off my shoulder. Ummi is indeed a SuperMom. This December will mark a new dawn for me. Hohoho... I wonder what would become of me. Hmmm.... *musing*

Anyhow, last Monday, the hadith class concluded the chapter on "Belief & Perfect Reliance on Allah". There's a dua which I learned from that chapter which goes "Hasbunallahu wa ni'mal-wakeel". It simply means, "Allah is sufficient for us and is the best one to put trust in." And so, as of now, together with this dua, I want to try as hard as I could, NOT to let the flower taken away from me. Of course only time would tell. Until that day arrive, I would give my very best to spent equal amount of quality time with Yaby, Insyirah and completed what I have started. ;)

InsyaAllah... :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Little Garden...

I have always loved my little garden. It is not that huge but enough to make me proud and happy.

Most of the time, the green streaks of grass is in a perfect trimmed condition. Only a few times, there was a little spot of grass that I overlooked while taking care of my little garden. However, before it overgrown to different spot, I make sure I trimmed it making my little garden nice and green again.

It took me a while before I finally realised that something is missing in my little garden. There were no flowers. Red, pink, violet, yellow and orange coloured flowers. Only green streaks of grass.

I began to find seeds of different kind of flowers to be grown in my little garden. Of course, that also means I have to sacrifice some of my green grass space to make way for my new colourful flowers.

My routine on my little garden grows. Not only I have to care for my green streaks of grass, I also have to care for my flowers.

Days gone by. I could see little shoots coming out from the dirt. Then, there were leaves. Flower buds began to form. It wasn’t long before my little garden filled with beautiful colourful flowers. The fragrance from the flowers combined with the freshly green scent from the green grass adds flavour to my little garden. Butterflies that never were in my little garden began to dance among my beautiful flowers.

As I sat on the green grass of my little garden surrounded by these flowers, I tried to imagine what would become of me if these flowers were taken away from me. Am I going to be satisfied having only my green streaks of grass? After all, taking those flowers away would also mean that I would gain back the spaces for the green streaks of grass to grow.

It didn’t take me long to get an answer.

The answer is clear to me. I know that I wouldn’t be happy. It would be a different story if I haven’t had those flowers in my little garden in the first place. Now that I see what flowers could do to my little garden, I would not want to be left without any flowers. Although it means more time in the garden, I would give my very best to take care of my new little garden.

p/s: for you to understand... ;)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Getting the equation right...

It's 4.55am.

1. Tummy grumbling. Feels like eating but too lazy to reheat the food. Eh jap, is there even leftovers??? Hmm....
2. Report writing. Not even close to 2 pages and I have to do for two column 6 pages paper! Adoi~~ sempat ker ni~~~
3. Sleepy? Nope. But feels like berguling-guling with little Insyirah especially now that it's a little cooler than last night. 

Yup, looking at my conditions and the given variables above, my calculation to getting the correct end values, seems rather off. Totally!!~~

Assuming that I end; my work now, and go to the kitchen to find some food but only to find out that food = 0. Then, it means that I have to include new variable that is = cook. By having the cook variable, it also implys that I might have to - some hours from my writing report hours since I have intended to berguling-guling with Insyirah. Of course, my other option is to cook XOR berguling-guling with Insyirah, hence, maximising the time allocated for report writing. Hmm... If only the  of hours/day is > 24 hours.

The above can be read as:
Assuming that I stop my work now, and go to the kitchen to find some food but only to find out that food equals to zero. Then, it means that I have to include new variable that is to cook. By having the cook variable, it also implys that I might have to deduct some hours from my writing report hours since I have intended to berguling-guling with Insyirah. Of course, my other option is to EXCLUSIVE OR cook option with berguling-guling with Insyirah, hence, maximising the time allocated for report writing. Hmm... If only the total sum of hours per day is greater than 24 hours. 

In another simple words, the above can be summarised as:

*Exclusive or gate will output TRUE, if and only if either condition is TRUE.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hmm.. which is which... Part 2

Some idiom related to "white":

1. as white as a sheet
to be very pale, usually because you are frightened or ill.
She was trembling all over and as white as a sheet.

2. as white as snow
to be very white.
His hair and beard were as white as snow.

3. lily-white
1. completely white in colour.
He marvelled at her lily-white hands.
2. completely honest.
He's not exactly lily-white himself, so he has some nerve calling her a cheat! (often negative)

4. whiter than white
someone who is whiter than white is completely good and honest and never does anything bad.
I never was convinced by the whiter than white image of her portrayed in the press.

Question now is, does Insyirah fits any of the idiom listed above? hehehehe...

Photograph taken after applying Insyirah with tapioca flour. Insyirah got measles since Sunday. This remedy work!!! A good suggestion indeed by Ina. Thanks!!! ;)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

We are family~

I didn't plan to do any work after subuh prayer this morning. In fact, I never expect to gain any result from my coding. :) Alhamdulillah...

It has been a norm where it's really hard for me to 'be' at my working desk for more than an hour (now) in the morning especially after subuh prayer. Usually, I only manage to press the 'ON' button of my laptop before Insyirah will start making that tiny cry of hers while lurking for her BM. Sigh~ huhu...

Anyway, after getting "MyRam - 0 error(s), 0 warning(s)" message on my *C++ compiler, I thought I should give myself a credit. So, I step out from my desk, made a few strecthes before slowly letting myself into the duvet between my two beautiful 'babies'. On my right was my little baby Insyirah, sleeping calmly though still having her fever. Cian baby ummi... While on my left, my dear Yaby. Sleeping soundly. I bet Yaby was in his deep sleep mode since he just made his way to bed while I was trying to let myself off Insyirah's grip. 

Within that short period of time, I felt a sense of gratification. Then, I felt at ease. I am at peace. 

At some point in life, we sometimes bound to find ourselves judging or comparing ourselves to others. Which is normal. Yup, it is in the nature of we human where we continuosly wanting for more. Never there is a pure satisfaction in our hearts. The one good thing about having this attribute is, only because of that, we human manage to achieve great things. From the invention of a light bulb to the construction of high rise building. All of these are the result because we human endlessly wanting to improve the state of ourselves. The only bad news is, sometime during the search for better things, people forget the one main asset in life - the family.

Couple of months back, I received an email about cherishing your mother. It has a list of what a boy did when he's happy and what he did when he's upset. In the email, it shows that the boy share his happiness with his friends but only turn to his mother when he has a problem. To me, it's a good of way of saying, "lets not do that. Why not treasure your mother more". And so, I thought it would be good to extend the idea and says, "let's not do that. Why not treasure our family more" since family brings a lot of joy in our lives. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Love story...

Books!!! Love them!.. although clearly I've been reading less these days. :P My last attempt was to read "P.s I Love You" which I borrowed from Lyn but only ending up reading "Mother Goose Keepsake Collection" instead. Ya lorr... itu Insyirah want to read also maa.

Anyway, my favourite genre has always been rooted to the love story circle. Be it a betrayal between lovers to unimaginable sacrifices for the sake of loved ones... I love them all! :)Love... indeed, it's a subject I love to read or listen to.. but dare not write about. Simply because love is such a delicate subject. And because love delves in the non-physical dimensions, it then falls into the 'subjective' category where there would impossible to have 'the' one answer to define or represent it. And the other point why I'm avoiding writing on love is because I'm afraid someone would quote me in writing. Hohohoho...

So why now? Hmm... Just take it as a sign that I'm not feeling that good due to the pressing permanent head damage that has been taken place for more than two years now. :P

Well actually, there have been much talk on love lately. Among the latest were:

... Lovely marriage. A lot! Congrats to all newly weds! ;)

...Forbidden love. A'ha. One! :P

...Unrequited love. Hmm.. some. :(

...Searching for love. Yup. Good luck to all.

...Pretentious love. Adoi... God Knows~~

Our lives have always been a huge drama screen. Where each and everyone of us has some stories to tell. Although none of us can tell the ending to our love stories, there is one thing that's clear. That is, unless we didn't WORK on love, we couldn't gain anything from love. Hence, ...

... Lovely marriage. Need to BUILD respect, toleration and trust between couple.

...Forbidden love. FENCED oneself if knew the love is out of reach.

...Unrequited love. BRUSHED away the tears and come back strongly. ACCEPT it as part of what's Written.

...Searching for love. PRAY and continue LOOKING for that one true love.

...Pretentious love. STOP pretending!

Love is good. Love makes one happy. I guess that is why people never fail to give up in finding love. Because it is so worth it! :)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hmm.. which is which...

Idiom "have a bad hair day":


1. to not feel attractive or happy all day because you cannot make your hair look nice.
I'm having a bad hair day today - I just couldn't do a thing with it this morning.

2. if a machine has a bad hair day, it does not work as it should all day.
My computer's having a bad hair day.

So, baby ummi, which one are you ni~~~

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Staying focus...

As I am getting older (seriously.. can't believe that I'm making my way up to thirty), I realised that it's getting harder to stay focus in my studies. And of course, those of you who have family and baby(ies) would understand better that it becomes twice harder when you (the mommies) are at home. Late night studies is next to impossible. Hehe.. betul... Not that I want to scare any of you who have family to pursue your studies. In fact, I urge anyone who has the opportunity to go for it.

When I became aware that I was pregnant while not even close to submitting my thesis :P, there were mixed feelings. Though I was over the moon knowing that I'm going to be a mom soon, I was getting worry (and still is :P) wondering if I could finish my studies on time. Yup, since it is under the scholarship agreement that I MUST complete my PhD in 3/3.5/4 years.

After 8 months of becoming 'full' time mother, a wife and a student, I began to pick up some points which I think could be useful to future mothers who wish to take the back-to-school shoes.

1. Try to have a daily target. First thing in the morning or before you left for home the previous day, WRITE down in your NOTEBOOK what you need to accomplish tomorrow. Yup, always have a notebook. While writing the task, don't be too ambitious. Stay realistic (hehe.. you will understand the importance of this. ;)).

2. Be in the office for longer period. Hoho.. seriously. Because, once you are at home, your focus will change. Betul... :)

and last but not least,

3. Making sure you stick to no.1 and no.2. Yup, discipline. :)

Next year, Insyirah will be coming to office with me. At that time, I might have other points to include. :D

Okes. Back to work everyone!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Show me the money....

Gone are the days (at least for these last couple of weeks) when the headlines were showered with news of the so called made-up-stories on WoT. Instead everyone was talking about the turmoil on Wall Street. After yesterday's plunged, I'm quite sure, many 'small' organisation in the world would become panic-stricken. What I did not expect reading is the rescue effort made by the IMF - NOT!!! Hmm... Of course, as the International Monetary Fund, the way they are giving a helping hand is to speed-up all loan applications made by countries that are facing funding problem. *sigh~~*

I have always got a summary on world crisis be it on war, economy or politic from Daddy. Every weekend when Daddy was at home, he would sit at the front door reading his newspaper. And each time he found some interesting news, he would leave that favourite spot of his, clutch the newspaper in his hand, brought it to the dining room (where we all usually lepak) and gave his best summary on the news he just read. Of course, that was what I like best since I don't have to go through the tiny letters on the arm-stretch-wide of papers. After all, who like reading news on world-exchange at the age of thirteen? I rather save the trouble reading the comic section of every newspaper. :P

The other thing that Daddy used to do besides giving us a summary was to single out any of us siblings randomly, and asked us to read out loud. And not just plain reading. You have got to get the intonnation right. Yup.. those were the days~~

Anyway, where were we? A'ha... on the Dow Jones. Daddy once asked me "what do you think of the economy crisis that's happening?". At that time we were in the year '97 crisis which took many lives as potrayed in the newspaper. I gave my best arguement. I couldn't remember all the details that we had gone through. But I clearly remember Daddy saying this, "You need to understand, that not all are in crisis. When someone is losing, someone is gaining.". Which is true. The 'money', which in this modern day is basically transactions of binary numbers, couldn't just 'disappear' from a particular account without ending up somewhere. And what I really want to know is, who is behind that 'somewhere'.

The thing about IMF, is not that I disrespect it's vouch to help countries in need. It's just that I appose their 'illicit' way (of course to them it's all in black and white, hence couldn't be unlawful) of taking control of a country through its interest rate. Like Daddy has put it, a country is no longer theirs when the country leader put a signature on a few sheets of paper, accepting loan from the IMF.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Brushing off...

21 minutes ago, I was right here in front of my computer, log in into my YM, read the offline messages before replying to Lyn's messages. Then, I asked to be excused before going to the loo :P and later a quick visit to the bathroom to grab my toothbrush. I checked my email (while brushing my teeth) and later finish up my teeth+mouth cleansing business, wash my face, apply some lotion, did my prayer and tadaaa.. only to find out that now while I'm (barely) typing this (using my oily fingers), I am eating my Southern Fried Chicken. Yup, you bet, I have to brush my teeth again. Sigh~~

If I would have known better that in less than 5 minutes or so after brushing, I am going to mess my teeth with the so-called-finger-licking-good-chicken, I would have put the brushing teeth AFTER I had my chicken. Gosh! I need to do some update with my conscience. :P

Too many things had happened this year. From great to the not so good. And at times when the not so good occurred, I wish I could bend the time like Hiro Nakamura (though I admitted I am one of those skeptics in the whole time-space continuum relativity theory blaa blaa), visit the past and claim all which were rightfully mine. Taking the above mentioned situation for instance, I would create some signals which would force me to do my eating before brushing my teeth hence, reducing the amount of water, toothpaste and time required for the whole process. kannnnnnnnn. Hmmm... Then again, now that I put it into some thought, I might create a HUGE problem if I could actually bend time.

The other thing that I sometimes wish for if the not so good happened, would be the uncountable moments when I wanted to Shift+Delete-then-Enter a scene from the past. Hmmm...

Speaking of which.. I found it is quite ironic when most people and sadly including myself sometimes says "forget(in my case, 'delete') about the past" when the 'past' is the real deal that define us. Imagine not knowing who you are, where you came from, where is your family... Yup, we've seen how scary amnesia could be. In so many cases, the past i.e. the history has also proven to be a good reference in making sure we mankind did not commit the same error again. (A'ha, hopefully, I will not eat AFTER brushing again :).)

Having said that, as important as it is to digest the past, we should try not to let the past eat our future away. I knew of some whom denied chances of what's new because of something that took placed in the past. I just hope that no matter how disheartened a situation maybe is, we could all get back on our two feet to face the world again.

Gosh! Just look at my keyboard! Haiya.. all oily one~ I better clean up before Insyirah awaken. :) Good night peeps.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present. - Oogway, Kung Fu Panda

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Eid Mubarak..

Have a wonderful Eid. Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


As a muslim, I was raised to accept Qada' and Qadr. What happen on the night of 21st September was another test of Iman.

I am right now typing from my office. Yup. I've gone astray from my today's plan. Getting those photos surely brought memories of yesteryears. I would not deny and won't be ashamed to admit that my tears are running down profusely. I could hardly see the letters on my monitor screen.

Many things had happened which steal time away from us - time that we could use to be spent together, filled with laughter and memories. But again, this is part of life. I will cherish everything we have had.

My only wish is, for all of us to remember that life is too short to be wasted. We never see it coming. Hence, before the time comes, live it to the fullest... with values...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

It happened too quickly. Tonight was suppose to be just like any other nights. There are too much emotion running around me right now.

Sazali you will be missed. You were a great brother. May Allah bless your soul. Innalillahi Wainnailaihirajiun... Al-fatihah

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wake up...

It's the last ten days of Ramadhan. Yup, time flies~~ Speaking of the last ten days, I felt oblige to remind everyone especially myself about that one special night - Lailatul Qadr.

Remember how we use to prepare for our final exams or even any small test? Yup! As the day gets closer as comparison to weeks before the exam day, we would usually double, tripple or even quadraple our effort to make sure we cover every bits. Like how I used to put it in my english composition - burning the midnight oil. Hohoho... especially of those whom I knew resorted to last minute kind of study. :) Hence, I suppose we could all use these 'special' tactics or techniques, which ever you would like to call it, of ours in searching for Lailatul Qadr.

But the thing about good thing is, it never comes easy. Yup, it always have a catch. The catch is, no one knows when is it i.e. it doesn't have any fix date. It's like waiting for a perfect delicious Durian Tembaga to ripe, but thousand times harder. Hohoho... All we know is, it's in the last ten days of Ramadhan.

Back when I was at work, there was an incident which really gives me the knock on the head. It was Ramadhan and I saw this Sr looks kinda ill. I went to her and ask if she's alright. She then said to me, "I'm OK. I'm just tired.". When I told her that she could use some sleep, that was when she answered politely, "It's the last ten days of Ramadhan."

Just an incentive to me and everyone. Hopefully it gives enough drive to wake us up in the middle of the night to perfom our ibadah. Think of it this way. Lailatul Qadr equals to a thousand months. A thousand months equals to 83 years. Yup! If by God willings and we met this 'one night' say while we are reciting the Quran for example, it's like we are reciting Quran 83 years! (but please don't quote me. Only Allah knows what's the true count of it.)

So people, lets all make effort and not waste this opportunity that only comes once in every year. ;)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Makcik Kecik...

Just to make this blog 'updated', OK laa, here's a photo taken after solat terawih tonight. Like Makcik kan??? :P hehehehe...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Birthday 'Ayah'

Yaby dearestestestestest... :D hohoho... it's your birthday. Your first birthday with Insyirah singing the birthday song. Hohoho...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Change of course...

Winter is finally coming to its very end. Ahh.. Yes! No more cold feet or fingers that is especially when I am in my humble-extra-cold unit which I call home. :D And the best thing of all, saying goodbye to winter also means that I would no longer be hesitated to jump into the shower. Hohoho...

Winter shower time is usually what I least looking forward to. The thought of knowing that when I am all warmed up in my pyjamas and have to sacrifice all of that as I step into the bathroom, if not once, zillion times had made me say 'NO' to bathing :P. The thought of water touches my skin as I am surrounded by cold air in the bathroom is a mind torture! Brrr~~ But of course, once I am the under the spell of warm water, the next least thing I would want to think of is to have to turn off the tap and letting the surge of cold air hit my skins. Adoi... Yes yes.. the transition of getting my shower done during winter is what I never keen of. Tak best langsung!

Talking about transition.. I believe yesterday is another clear cut scene that brings us another step closer to a stronger and united Malaysia - which I am longing for. I would like to take a rather neutral conclusion from what happened yesterday.

At one end, it is a positive 'result' to the current government in the sense that it shows that the people of Malaysia think that they might have not done enough. They should probe into their administration where there exist 'huge' problem which they overlooked somewhere along the line. At the same time, they need to work extra hard and change 'inside'-'out'. Proactive measures and massive improvement need to be taken in order to gain back the trust and support from all Malaysians. One thing that they should learn is that, the people are now a better and wiser judge. It is fair to say that what all the Malaysians really want is a government that could bring harmony and prosperity to Malaysia. At the other end, as for the new leadership, should it take over the country, they too have to buckle-up and provide the people with the best. And so, either way, the people of Malaysia will benefit. All I can say is that, this is indeed a significant sign of a healthy and 'true' independent Malaysia. Yup, 3 more days for the whole Malaysians to celebrate it's independence day.

Oh! Just look at the time. It's quarter to 12. I think I skip this one and have a shower later in the evening. :P Hohohohoho...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The small thing that matters...

These few last weekends, I had been shutting myself out from the outside world. No TV, internet, no going out with friends... NOT!!! :P In fact, it was the opposite. Not that I had it all planned. It was a coincidence that couldn't have exist at better time. Yup, August has always been the best month each year to celebrate Ummi for all her hardship in bringing up we siblings. :)

Our weekend 'tour' start of with our second trip to DreamWor*d. Then Whale Watching and a quick run to Surfers Paradise. In between there were a couple of fishing trips (and another one today which I sadly have to pass) and not to forget the long list of makan-makan. It concluded yesterday with our road trip up to Sunshine Coast which couldn't just go by without my first strawberry picking experience.

When Yaby and I first arrived in Queensland, we were pretty much in our own little world. It wasn't until I had to 'chase' (I really mean it when I said 'chase') this young lady who was walking on the opposite side of the road that I later met a gang of friends that made Yaby and I felt Brisbane a lot like home. I would proudly told anyone that meeting these bunch of people as one of my best moment here in Queensland. :) However, as months past by, one by one, they left for their home country. Leaving me and Yaby behind. God knows how sad I was when I have to bid farewell to these great people... :( *sigh*

But like they always say, "life must goes on" and "patah tumbuh, hilang berganti". Hence, I couldn't ask for more when I met another 'hefty' of great people. Alhamdulillah. A whole 'school' of Bruneian. Huhu... What even great about it is because, Insyirah is no longer alone. She has now a friend whom she could look up to. The handsome Alai Rayyan who lived approximately 200m away from my house! ('Alai' is a what the Bruneian call as in 'dear' <-- betul ker Yati? hohoho... correct me if I'm wrong).

Like the first chapter of Riyadhus Salihin which discusses on Nawaitu, I recall having told that in life, whatever we do, it goes back to our intention. For example, if you organise a trip to some place with a few friends with the intention to have fun, then Allah will grant 'fun' to you and only 'fun' you'll get. But if you have place within your intention of having fun with a few others for example to be grateful or to strengthen the bond among friendship or to gain Allah blessing, then insyaAllah, not only you get all that you have intended, it will also be accorded as hasanah. And so as to many of our daily routine which can all be regarded as good deed as long as we make our intention clear that it is all for Him. With that, I would not want to end this post without reciting this dua...
"...Ya Allah, Engkau Mengetahui bahawa hati-hati ini telah berkumpul kerana MengasihiMu, bertemu untuk mematuhi (perintah) Mu, bersatu memikul beban dakwah Mu. Hati-hati ini telah rnengikat janji setia untuk mendaulat dan menyokong syari'at Mu, maka eratkanlah Ya Allah akan ikatannya. Kekalkan kemesraan antara hati-hati ini. Tunjuklah kepada hati-hati ini akan jalan-Nya (yang sebenar)..."

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Got tagged this time by Mr Tabib Haiwan. So here goes....

Question 1: What were you doing 5 years ago?
2nd year doing my BEng in Electronics. Eh silap.. silap... I was back in Malaysia for summer holiday. Eh jap.. ke tgh attend BTN...

Question 2: What were the 5 things on your to do list today?
1. Complete downsampling code for tomorrow's meeting with sv..
2. Pump BM
3. Go to great court tuk lunch together2 with friends
4. Buy Ekka ticket for Saturday :)
5. Hmm... and all the usual for eg. guling2.. with baby insyirah.. :P

Question 3: What are 5 snacks that you enjoy?
1. Bin Bin
2. Yup! Super Ringgg yg bnyk giler colouring ituuu!!!
3. Chocolate biscuits...
4. Chocolate cakes...
5. or just simply chocolatesssSSS!! :)

Question 4: What are 5 things that you would do if you were a billonaire?
1. Like Mr Tabib Haiwan said.. bayar zakat...
2. Pergi Haji!!!!
3. Buy tanah kat kampung mana2 and then tanam pokok durian, rambutan, manggis, ciku, mangga, pisang and etc so that my children boleh balik kampung panjat pokok masa time musim buah-buahan...
4. Buat one foundation for all the needy one yg can terus generate income to help more needy people.. especially single parent.
5. Nak built my dream houseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. we heee!

Question 5 : What are 5 jobs you've had?
1. Asst Lecturer
2. Research student
3. Cleaner yg lasted only for three days...
4. Cashier at MaryBr*wn
5. Student

And as usual, now I need to tag others pulak. Since it didn't limit to how many, I tag all yang haven't do this before.. hohoho... :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Going places...

As many has heard it, there's a beautiful Malay proverb that goes "Jauh perjalanan, Luas pengalaman". In my superficial way of translating it into English, it will be something like "as you go places, you'll understand more" I suppose. Please forgive me for doing it no justice.. :P

To be honest, in the beginning when I had the opportunity to learn the clever Malay proverbs, I find it very difficult to grasp as well as to put the 'chosen' wordings and the meaning side by side. For example, why do it says "Harapkan pagar, Pagar yang makan padi" when I have never seen a paddy field with fences surrounding it. Fighting against my ignorance, I remember how I just memorise most of these proverbs together with it 'stated' meaning just to ensure that I pass the BM test despite the fact that I find it hard to accept the relevance behind some of the quotes. But because I realised that my brain didn't work very well in memorising i.e. it will only stay in my brain for as long as the exam period.. I never keen in memorising. Because of that, I really need to understand and to be able to put it into use. Back to the "Jauh perjalanan, Luas pengalaman" quote, having had the experience of being at three different locations - Ib*m to Muadz*m Sh*h and then to Kl*ng, I didn't really 'felt' that my knowledge or experience has increased in any way.

It was not when I was 'blessed' with the chance to further my studies overseas and came back to my beloved country that I realised that indeed, the proverb do make sense. Being away to a foreign land makes you see things at a different angle.. different perspective... which broaden your horizon of thinking. And not just that, you would feel like you understand 'them' a little more just by living in their country.. or traveled and say "I was here" at their famous landmarks. I suppose one of the reasons behind it is because, when you are in a different country, you are out of your comfort zone. You are forced to mix with them, hence, exposing yourself to their different way of life.. the way they work, talk and think.

As a bonus, being far away from Malaysia, makes me cherish Malaysia even more. And because our great ancestors were very observant and intelligent, they manage to come up with another proverb that correspond to this feeling I have just described. Yup, it's "Hujan emas di negeri orang, Hujan batu di negeri sendiri. Lebih baik di negeri sendiri". If I had taken the proverb literally, I would have gone to 'that' place where 'gold' is abundance. Seriously... :P hohoho.. and again because I always wanted to understand the Malay proverb better, I recall the discussion I had with Yaby on this subject. As Yaby had put it when I asked "why don't they want 'hujan emas'?", Yaby answered "sebab emas ni kan conductor electric yang baik. So kalau hujan lepas tu ada kilat.. mati laa semua org. Pasal tu lebih baik hujan batu...". Yup.. I know.. I know... who could have seen that coming??? :P...

And so, because I realised that indeed "Jauh perjalanan, Luas pengalaman".. Yaby and I had made up our mind to let Insyirah do some travelling on her own. Yup! So that she could be more wiser than her Ummi and Ayah.

We've prepared a bag packed with some nappies, baby wipes.. some clothing and some cash to assist her in her adventure to explore the world.

Acah jer~~~ mana mungkin! ;)

**photo taken at Gold Coast.. 26 July 2008~~

Friday, July 18, 2008


I didn't go to the office today. Why? Hmm.. the thing that I'm worried most has taken place yesterday.

For the past weeks, I've been having problem getting my milk out during my pumping session. Talking about the increase in the global oil price which scrutinises that one of the factors is because demand is more than production... And in my case, although it does not has any affect on global milk price, it sure brings much headache to myself. As demand i.e. baby's Insyirah consumption increases week after week, my not-so-many stock decreases. And yesterday, by 3pm, Insyirah has consumed the last bottle of her milk supply. The first thing that I heard as I stepped into the house yesterday was "nasib baik... saved by the bell.. dah takde susu dah". God knows how I felt at that time. Even as I'm typing this, I'm still worried sick. As of now, I only manage to get a total of Insyirah's 8 hours intake.

On the brighter side, today, I found some time for myself, hence this entry. :) For this entry, I thought for once, I should share the history behind my blog writing.

I started blog writing in mid November 2005 and to be honest, I never thought that it would last this long. At that time, again as I would always have done when I am feeling a little excited or sad or has something to say to 'myself', I just wanted to write.. to express what's inside me. It so happened at that time I was at my office and although I haven't got my special book, I've got loads of paper which I could scribble onto.. which is the norm. But I remember hearing a little whisper (which is actually just me n my brain and nothing more tau.. nothing to do with entity.. :P), that suggested blog. Yup, as simple as that, my blog writing began. Having said that, I've drawn a little line on what I should and shouldn't write in my blog. Hohoho.. yup.. ada guideline gitu. Hohoho...

At that time, I was with fri***ster blog. But the thing with fri***ster blog, I couldn't play around with it's html (I'm not sure if they allow it now). And so, in January 2007, I made the jump to blogger. That was when I knew that I have one or two dedicated blog fan of mine. Hehehe... yup Ain.. one of them is you! Toche.. toche Ain for your encouragement! It makes me keep on going! ;)

By now, you should realise that I really don't have any point to make but simply to dedicate this post to all of you who have been giving me the support and of course 'material' that I could use in my blog writing. Hehe... Thank you!!! :D

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Quick Post!

It seems that I've been lagging much too long for a new entry. hohohoho... Why? Because, when I have the free time this is what I do:

1. Playing with Insyirah...
2. Lepak2-ing with Insyirah in the duvet.. yup!! This year winter is so cold!

Adoi... and the thing is, I never got bored doing it unlike watching tv kerr.. reading ker... hohoho... Oh no.. does that mean I need another patch i.e. the "insyirah patch" (which could make me lose interest in Insyirah for couple of hours)? Hohohoho...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Because enough is enough"..

I need some PATCH! Seriously. The following are the patch that I'm looking for. Let me know if you guys have bump with any or all of it. :D
  1. Name: Anti-Sleeping patch
    Directions: Place patch on your skin. Suitable for adults who have unfinished work. One patch is equal to an hour.
    Warning: Not to be used more than 30 patch in two days. Also not suitable for pregnant woman (who wish to fight the normal fatigue caused by pregnancy).
    Side effects known: The zombie-like-eye will develop. Although it's normal, it will make others run away from you.

  2. Name: Helping-Hand patch
    Directions: Place patch on the other person's skin. Suitable for all ages (accept babies since they can't really help).
    Warning: Because it hasn't been fully tested, the effects may vary for one individual to another.
    Side effects known: User might need to pay extra on foods to make the "helping-hand" person happy.

  3. Name: Anti-Syntax Error patch
    Directions: Copy patch folder into your working folders. Suitable for research students under stressed caused by mounting error codes.
    Warning: Might not be compatible with Windows program.
    Side effects known: Some codes might not be synthesized which might end up having you to rewrite your code all over again from scratch.
Yup, these are the patch that I'm craving for (to name a few...)!!! But of course, the best remedy of all is still to stay organised i.e. don't do any last minute work and don't ever procrastinate (which is really the difficult part)! ;) :P

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Ted's talk

Please have time to watch this. So refreshing... :)

p/s: thanks uje!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Knock! Knock!

"Knock! Knock!"... "Who's there?"... and it goes on... But this time I'm not referring to the invinsible door, but the actual knock on our 7-feet-tall door.

How many of us have experienced the persistent knocking on our door? Or even worse! The million-per-second push on the doorbell which shook the haven of our peaceful crib. And it didn't just end there. It follows by an unfamiliar yet loud voice that say "Assalamualaikum, emak ada?" or "Kami datang nak buat survey ni". Yup, I know.. I know.. who would not have? And judging from my serious observation, I could easily categorised these 'invaders' into two. One - the "howdy" type i.e. the type of person who would kindly step back when we say we are not interested. And Two which is also the type I am not keen of - the type that I called as aiyo-tak-paham2x-lagi-ker.

Here in Brisbane, there are different stories that entails with knocking on the door. For a start, there is the two cracking knocks on the door before 8am in the morning. It's the parcel guy which I really-really looking forward to. Then there was the unexpected knock on the door late in the evening. Hoho.. yup! But as of today, this only had happened once.

It was a couple of months ago, at about 10pm on a Friday night. Myself and Ummi was watching tv when there was a knock on the door. I called for Yaby, asking if he was expecting any visitor that late at night. We waited a while just to double check if it was really our door. And then it followed - the next few knocks on the door. Yaby opened the door slowly. Behind the door stood two total strangers - a lady and a man (or so I thought. Since there were the only two voices I heard while I was hiding behind my bedroom door). After some brief introduction, they asked if Yaby had a deck of playing cards which they could borrow. They were lucky that we have one which we got as a souvenir from Latape when he made his third (or was it fourth? :P) visit to the Movie World. They promised to return it the next morning but unfortunately, that was the last time I saw my Tweety playing cards. :(

And last but not least, the random knocks on the door by a single, a couple or a group of evangelic. So far, we had four encounters of such but only during our stay at Little Maryvale. My most unforgettable experience which I had with evangelic however, was three years back when I was in the UK. I was waiting for a bus when this old lady in her late 60s came and approached me. She asked me if I was a Muslim. When I answered yes to her, she pulled a single sheets of pamphlets (from a bundle) out of her groceries bag and handed it to me. She then started to talk on Jesus and salvation and later questioned the truth about Islam. Throughout the entire conversation I was, to be honest, frustrated since I couldn't remember getting the correct term to explain to her about Islam. I felt so embarrassed with myself. As much as I am proud to become a Muslim, I failed to honour it by not being able to do the similar thing as this ordinary old lady. I really hope though, that I had done enough to convince her that Islam is a beautiful religion. Our conversation ended just before my bus to the city arrived 30 minutes late than it was scheduled.

A few weeks back, Yaby asked me an interesting question. It was not a riddle but a simple and plain question asked in a Friday sermon. The question was, "If you could asked Allah for one thing, what would it be?". The Imam said that the answer lies in surah Al-Fatihah. We should be asking for "Guide us to the Straight Path. The Path of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your anger, nor those who went astray" (1:6-7). I guess that is why we are encourage to say this in our dua "Our Lord! Let not our hearts deviate(from the truth) after You have guided us, and grant us mercy from You. Truly, You are the Bestower" (3:8).

"Knock! Knock!"... Hmm... I wonder who's on the other side now... :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I've been tagged

Name Tag: Amelia Wong Binti Azman
Tagged by: Nadia Jalaludin (aka miss NJ aka miss N)

The Rules :
1. Each blogger must post these rules first.
2. Each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
3. Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
4. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they've been tagged, and to read your blog.

Fact one:
"Adoi..." is the first thing which I've blurted out when reading the tagged message by miss N. Sebab tau memang susah nak pikirkan answer to this. But luckily it has the 'facts' option which I know I have loads to bore anyone who reads it. Hohoho...

Fact two:
My ideas for blog entry have always come when I'm partially awake. Tak paham? Hmm... for example, I woke up in the middle of the night to get some drink. And when I lay back on the mattress trying to sleep again, I sometimes felt the gush of ideas running in my head. Before I have baby Insyirah, I would normally go straight to my laptop and start typing. But nowadays, I just have to wait... :)

Habit three:
I like to ngomel-ngomel dekat Yaby. BUT only when he is in good mood. Which usually happen when MU wins a game or Chelsea loses a game... If not, Yaby malas nak layan... hehehe

Fact four:
I love cats a lotttttttttttt...

Habit five:
I just realised that I have this new habit of sneaking into the room when Yaby plays with Insyirah. Mestilaa... it's not always you could see Yaby acting like a baby himself. Hohoho...

Fact six:
I have always wanted to do Business/Economic studies. I've thought of taking double major. Unfortunately, UK systems doesn't have that. I really hope that someday I would realise it. If not, it would be nice to conclude it with a business of my own. :D

Fact seven:
I want to learn to speak Japaneseand French!!!

Habit eight:
Well, I'm not so sure if it's a habit. But Yaby made me realised that I've said 'ambil' instead of 'ambik' in normal conversation. Hmm... which to him is like takde-keje-ke-nak-guna-bahasa-baku.

Yup! That's it. And now, tagging time!! I'm not sure if you have been tagged by others before. But heck! I malas nak check! Huhu...

1. Lyn
2. Azam
3. Lyana
4. Wafaa
5. Ain
6. Lydia
7. Najib
8. Ghoyye

Friday, May 2, 2008

Give is always better than take...

Less than a couple of weeks from now, Australia's calendar mark the Mother's day. And because of that, since last week, we've been getting heaps of fliers for Mother's day sale - 20 to 60% off for shoes, cosmetics, women's wear, jewelery.. and the list goes on covering most of the items 'mothers' aka 'women' wants. In other words, almost EVERYTHING laaa.

In my family, we seldom celebrate birthdays let alone Mother's day or Father's day or Children's Day or Labour day or Anzac day or Australia day... except for Teachers day but this also ends when I finished my secondary school. To me this Mother's day or Father's day thing has always been a successful and intelligent propaganda invented by some secret-organization-of-retailers to scrape every last cents we've earned only to profit them i.e. the secret-organization-of-retailers.

Having said that, for some OBVIOUS reason, I kinda feel excited to 'celebrate' this Mother's day. Ho ho ho.. I'm thinking of getting myself some presents too as this will be my first Momma's day! Huhu... <- See! As hard as I knew the truth behind this propaganda, I still fall into their intelligent trap~~

I remember begged to differ with the quote "money isn't everything". My only arguement is such that I second the idea that "everything needs money even if you wanna do good things". A while back ago, I ran into an article that reported a study conducted in the US that shows how as little as $5 dollar could buy happiness. The only twist is that, you have to spend it on someone else. :)

Since late January, I've been getting.. err.. I mean, Insyirah has been getting lots and lots of presents. As happy or as excited or as thrilled or as everything laa that Insyirah must have felt when getting those gifts, the same thing was felt by me too :P. Huhu... Syok ooo dapat pressies! The only way to tell whether the study is true is to confirm it with those angels who shared their kindness to little Insyirah. Hmm.. having said that, I remember coming across with a hadith that quoted something like "give (presents), and you shall love one another and there'll be less enmity among you". I wonder if the researchers who conducted the study got their hypothesis from this hadith. ::thinking::

Anyway, if you are reading this, it's obvious that I'm not implying that you must send me a card.. or wishes.. or presents. OK laa, so the last sentence might make you think that I am expecting something. But betul ni, tak laa, it's only up to you... (Does this too sound like I'm hoping? I know I shouldn't have ended it with 'it's only up to you'. Darn! :P)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My latest medicine...

Want to know what I do each time the PhD illness aka Permanent-head-Damage illness strikes? Hohoho... look at Insyirah's photo or even better - drop everything and start playing with Insyirah.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yup, I've been busy. With a new task on my daily schedule i.e. baby-insyirah-related-work, I just hope that my day could stretch for another at least 4 hours. Anyway, regarding the-updating-blog issue, well actually, I had bumped into some interesting stuff which I thought could make a fine entry. The only thing that has stopped me was I have other work which requires my urgent attention. Hence, I put it aside and told myself "OK, I'll do it tonight" but only end up in vain and the whole thing repeated itself the next day and the day after and so on until today.

How come I have the time for this entry you asked me? Hmm.. there's no quick answer to your question. BUT, a longer version there is :P. *clear throat* I just got back from a quick stop at UQ to collect photos from Ms H and later went to the library to collect the book which I have requested. Looking at the time now it's 11:31am and Zuhur prayer will be in less than 20 minutes. Which means, even if I start doing my work now, I only have a while to do what ever I have started before stopping for Zuhur prayer and then my lunch. And judging from my working style, I need at least 30 minutes before I could be in my 'gear 5' mode. Seriuosly laaa. And the thing is, should I start doing my work now, I still have to wrap up everthing by 1:00pm (to allow time for zuhur prayer and lunch) since at 2:10pm today baby Insyirah will get her first jab, BCG. I've told you it will be a long winded answer. Huhuhu... :P

*intermission - continued after approximately 5 hours later...*

This morning, ummi was telling me that an old friend of hers, whom I knew quite well, SMSed her and telling her something like this, "...Sometime you fell but you manage to pull yourself together. But other time, you just felt you couldn't anymore...". From that phrase, we could easily tell that the very person has given up on something. The difficult part is, at least for me, has always been on how or what I could do as a friend, to make him or her back on his or her feet again. I had, some too few, encountered with this kind of situation where friends pouring her heart out but all I could do was to listen - not being able to be of much help. How I wish I could do more to help.

Looking back through my yesteryears, I myself had admitted defeat a couple of times. Always, it occurred when I was all stressed out and things seemed to fall apart one after another. During that time, I began to feel like the whole world was against me. I would not deny that I was crumbled and find it easy to put all the blame on others. But being a muslim, I would say that I am very lucky that I am equipped with the sixth Pillar of Iman i.e. belief in the predestination by Allah of all things, both the (seemingly) good and the (seemingly) bad. And of course having a great family and friends have really help to keep my sanity well in place. I manage to see it from another point of view and took the matter as an opportunity to reflect myself as well as a valuable learning experience.

Reality is, we could never run from problems that 'love' to left us miserable and stranded. But like ummi always told us children, "kalau nak semua senang, kat syurga nanti". Yup, simple. To to you Mr O*, I pray that the best will unfold in front of you soon. And like my daddy used to tell to me should I be in your position, "remember, it's not the end of the world". :)

note: while writing this entry, the author was interrupted 11 times (feeding Insyirah, Zuhur prayer, cooking lunch, Insyirah's appointment, groceries shopping at wollies, late lunch, feeding Insyirah, Asar prayer, relaxing, feeding Insyirah and Maghrib prayer). That's why it is only published at 6:36pm. :P

Photos taken during Insyirah's BCG shot

Baby Insyirah in pain... sorry dearest.