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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Let it end...

"Selamat Hari Jadi yg ke-25.. Awak sudah besar, pendek n matang... hehehe... Semoga Allah berkati awak sekeluarga.. "


Yup, those are the two wishes out of many that explains more or less EVERYTHING. This year birthday is different. A whole lot of different. And yes, this entry was supposed to be up last Wednesday but due to unforeseen matters (Actually I was on strike :P <-- sape mkn cili terasa laa pedas.. huhuhu...), I had to postpone it until today. :) I wonder how the wishes will be like in 25 years to come. I once wrote in my diary asking the million dollar question (and I am sure most of you guys too.. :)), "I wonder what would become of me when I'm 25..." and today I got my answers - happily married, 25 weeks pregnant, doing my PhD, own a car and a second hand car, traveled to Europe and Australia, wrinkles on my forehead, gain loads of fatty acid... huhuhu... and of course there are a lot more to add to the list. :) Hmm.. as days pass by, I can't help noticing that I am not getting any younger-that is physically wise laa. The same thing to the people surrounding me. Sometimes, I do feel the little 'scare' in my heart. Afraid of that uncertain that is TOO certain to come. So people, if you felt you haven't done enough for your love ones, do it now! And if you have some unfinished business with anyone, settle it soon-once and for all! Let bygone be bygone... :)

p/s: especially dedicate to D****

p/p/s: Happy 25th birthday to me! :D

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Before I slept last night, I made a promise to myself that if I wake up early this morning and do the washing, clean the kitchen, vacuum the house and re-arrange what was left as clear mess (from the whole week), I would give myself a chance to put a post today. And of course, you should know that I've managed to hold to my word! Yea!! ;-)

Talking about discipline, yup, it has never been easy for me. Honestly! Especially if it is Sunday and it's raining!!! My God! Trust me, I kept repeating "another 10 minutes please", the minute after each of the 10 minutes snooze went off. Aiyo.. so teruk. And I am going to be Ummi soon! Hehehe...

Everyone knows that procrastinating is not good. "A-aa! It's bad" is what I usually reminded myself with. But no matter how much we comprehend the HUGE lost if we continue with this act, we are BOUND to fall for it. If not sometimes, it would be like - all the time! And when the consequences are unleashed, that was when we realise "aiyo.. if only I this and that...". Then again, we usually 'recover' soon enough to even let it sinks into our heart and so NOT to repeat it again. Haiya~~

I wonder if I should start blackmailing myself more often now. After all, I need to be well behave before my baby is due. Huhuhuhu.. ;-P Good luck people! You are not alone fighting this war... ;-)

"By (the Token of) Time (through the Ages), Verily Man is in loss, ..." [103:1-2]

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