Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This post has been postponed for 'too' long (4 days dah.. kang basi laa pulak... :P). OK. Shall we start? :)

Last week, Yaby and I went to Canberra to attend a four days workshop/tutorial. There we met with three other experts in hardware and software programming in embedded system area. When I say 'expert', I really mean it. On the first day, they help to find a way to test our design board with the interface board. Yup, it is the design board which Yaby and I had been working on. Although we manage to confirm that all the connections are correct, there is one problem in the design - timing constraints. As a result, we need to design a new board. Hopefully this one would work just fine.

Indeed, how could I have overlooked this 'ultimate' point during the designing process. Hmm.. which made me realised that as a matter of fact, "timing" played a major role in most of our daily lives end results. For example, ... eh jap jap... what I'm about to say next might startle you a little bit (or maybe a lot). So forgive me if you are offended in any way. My example is - the baby-in-making process... Seriously, timing is SUCH a crucial thing in this process and of course there are many other occasions where "timing" could affect the outcome of 'something'. Betul tak?... :)

On the last day in Canberra, we manage to cover few interesting places in Canberra. Like many who had been to Canberra, I would say that it is a quiet city. Before I came to Brisbane, I never had thought that the capital city of Australia would be Canberra. I had always imagined Sydney instead. Most people would argue on the different level of Canberra as a capital city of Australia compare to other capital cities in the world. To give you a better picture on what Canberra are-made-of, you might want to imagine hanging around at Putrajaya. In fact, the photo above was taken at the biggest round-about in Canberra just like the one which Putrajaya has (but of course the trees are a whole lot different.. and the round-about size is a little smaller compare to Putrajaya's). And guess what? Canberra has an artificial lake again JUST like Putrajaya :). That's it. My update on Canberra. :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My bad...

Second day in Canberra and my state - happy but freezing! It feels like I am in Southampton again. Yesterday morning when our plane landed, I looked outside and saw the bright and blue sky and I told myself, "this won't go any less than 20 degree". Little that I know, I was totally wrong. As Yaby and myself walk out the plane towards the baggage claim area, I could definitely feel the cold wind. Things get even worse as I stepped outside the airport. This time, the icy cold air not only hit my skin but also my bones!!! Trust me, I was quite sure if there were dogs and dolphins nearby, they could here the cling-clang sound of my bones... :P We were lucky that we figured out that we should bring our sweater along in the last minute! Hehehe...

Lesson to be remembered (by me especially) - never assume! You just have to be sure... :) I'll put more updates once I'm back in Queensland... :)

p/s: I need a muffle and gloves!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Story book...

Today while waiting for Yaby to get Sushi ingredient from Coles (our sushi result can be found here! ;)), I hang around at a bookstore closed by. There's one book in particular that caught my eyes. It was a children's book. The title - "Ten little beetles". Like most children book, it has large fonts with bright colours and the book actually has ten coloured-plastic-beetles (ladybugs) stick onto it! How I wish I was small once more. I'm sure I'll ask ummi and daddy to buy me that book for my birthday! Oohh.. how I envy kids nowadays. Their books are so beautiful!

Anyway, one of my favourite children story book is - "Si Taring Kecil". It's a story of a young and cheeky baby crocodile who likes to do different things than the other crocodiles. There's another character in the book which is Si Taring Kecil's father who's named Si Taring Besar (obviously! Hehe..) who would always advice Si Taring Kecil not to continue his naughty behaviour. Although the book have misleading information about crocodiles for example, "crocodile eat coconuts", I just love that book for two reasons. One, it's a present and two, it has a happy ending i.e. in the end Si Taring Kecil becomes an obedient baby crocodile. Hehe.. (ya laa.. budak kecil loves happy ending maa... :P)

And so, back to "Ten little beetles". On the first page, it goes something like this (ehemx2 *clear throat*), "Ten little beetles, sitting on leaves, out came a butterfly and there're nine!", "Nine little beetles, sitting on leaves, out came a catterpillar and there're eight!" and it goes on and on... When I reached to countdown number four, I kinda felt pity to the other little beetles who's taken away one by one. In my heart, I was telling myself "Why this book! How could it be so evil to take all the cute little beetles! They are family for God sake! Now the little fellow must live all by themselves without the other six!" until I reach the very last little bug, "One little beetle, sitting on a leaf, out came 'something' (I can't remember because at this point I kinda wanted to finish the book ASAP and so little concentration is given. :P), and there are EVERYONE!". Yup, surprise! The last two pages are filled with pictures of all ten beetles smiling at one another. This is what I expect for a four years old story book! Ahh.. happy ending again... :)

Isn't it wonderful if we could have a 'happy ending' not only in the afterlife but also in day-to-day basis? Do you get what I mean? Well for example, I finally get my PCB board today but there's a problem with the board. There are still many to be done to make sure the board is OK. At the end of my PCB journey, I'm hoping that my happy ending would be such that the PCB board works which led to the completion of my prototype. Another example would be, one is in search of that special friend but haven't got any luck so far. The happy ending for this would be for that one person to found a friend that would cherish him/her till the end. Someone that he/she could put his/her trust into.

p/s: specially dedicated to **l**... :)

p/p/s: good luck to all in pursuit of your many happy endings.. :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Quick Post!

Title: My 'bus' story continues

It was Tuesday the 8th of May 2007, 7:21pm, two mentally exhausted PhD students taking the 470 bus ride back home. As the bus cruised by the Brisbane's bus line-up, this was what happened...

Me: Yaby, cube tgk ni. Bnyk bgt bas kat sini. (Excited)

Yaby: (With face barely amused) Ha'akan...

Me: Mesti mlm2 they talk to each other kan?

Yaby: Huh? Ada kerr. Mlm2 bus driver balik rumah laa. Dia org tak tunggu kat dlm bas.

Me: I'm not talking about the bus driver laa. Po tgh cakap pasal bas2 ni laa. Paham tak? Bas talking to each other?

Yaby: (silent showing me the "question mark" face of his)

End of part one.


It was Thursday the 10th of May 2007, 6:56pm, two mentally exhausted PhD students taking the 470 bus ride back home. As the bus cruised by the Brisbane's bus line-up, this was what happened...

Me: Yaby, yaby... nak dgr tak satu basnyer conversation?

Yaby: (With face barely amused) Ye laa.. ye laa...

Me: (Excited) Ok ok...
Bus A: Adeh, penatnye kaki aku. Hari ni aku kena jadi bas 411.
Bus B: Ye ker. Dah tu, nape penat. Biasanye tak penat pun.
Bus A: Hari ni jln biasa tutup. So kena lalu detour. Jln die punye lah turun naik bukit. Aduh.. penatnye kaki aku. Hari ni ko ambik syif mana?
Bus B: Hari ni aku rilek.
Bus A: Apesal?
Bus B: Sbb, brek aku kena servis ni. Esok lusa baru boleh keje balik.
Bus A: Camtu, aku nak rosakkan brek aku gak laa. Biar sampai construction abih baru aku nak masuk keje balik.
Yaby: Hahaha... (trying very hard to hide his usual big laugh)

Me: Yaby nak dgr lagi satu?

Yaby: Boleh gak!

After finishing my second 'bus' story...

Yaby: Ni, Yase pun ada satu citer bas gak...

And it goes on and on....

The End

Morale of the story: Spur the smile! :) You'll feel a whole lot better making someone smile.

p/s: smile is sadaqah (As long as you put it in the right way laa! Pahamkan... ;))

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


We finally got the letter with the blue and red letterhead with "First National Real Estate" printed clearly. The "RE:" was written in bold, size 14, Times New Roman fonts with the word "inspections" among others. Receiving this letter also means that Yaby and myself have been here for almost a year now (cepatnyer laa hai masa berlalu...). Anyway, here's what came across my mind while going through the two pages letter. No. 1 - Geram plus tensen! Why must they do it this Tuesday (i.e. Today) and not last two weeks when I'm kinda free??!! and No. 2 - Relief! Luckily this house is small enough, hence, I can make all cleaning on time :P. Huhu...

Talking about the size of a house, I realised that indeed, the bigger the house also means more chores to do. Putting aside the cleaning factor, the bigger the house also means that there are more things to be taken care off. Does security rings a bell? :) In other words - huge responsibility. In Ummi's word, "lagi besar periuk, lagi besarlah kerak" which can be translated literally as "the bigger the pot, the bigger the crust".

Early this year, Yaby and myself were in the quest to look for a new place to rent. In my mind, I had imagined a two bedroom brick house to accommodate my visiting families, with double glaze windows to keep me warm during winter and fitted air conditioning to keep the temperature down a little during the hot summer. A furnished house would be even better and most of all, a spacious kitchen. Ahh... haven. When Yaby and I didn't get even close of finding my 'dream rent' house and had to renewed our contract for another year, I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed at all. However, as I was wearing my yellow latex gloves, I never ever felt more grateful living in this Queenslander house (a wooden type of house) and I just couldn't stop murmuring "nasib laa baik rumah ku kecil". Huhu... I would even give a big hug to every wall in this house to show my gratitude for it being small. :P

Often enough, I found myself seeking for more but forgetting that it didn't come without no cost. Remember the "five before five" thing? Yup, that five. I always wanting for more free time but tend to forget that it comes with a cost i.e. how-have-I-used-it. On that day, He'll asked me of what He's given me. I wonder if I had been responsible enough...

p/s: "Muda sebelum Tua", "Kaya sebelum Miskin", "Lapang sebelum Sibuk", "Sihat sebelum Sakit", "Hidup sebelum Mati"