Monday, April 30, 2007

Love for sport...

Last Friday, Man U beat Everton by 3-2. Guess what? I don't care even if Man U wins EPL!!! :P (<-- especially to all Man U fans) Anyway, besides AFL, I just love watching sports. I could have my nose stuck on the TV for hours just to watch a game. That's why my rule is to "never to turn on the TV if there's any sport match when I've deadline to meet". Hehe...
There's so much beauty in sport. Take one easy target as an example - "boys with football". Try to imagine this scene. Couples of boys who are strangers to one another met at a friend's house. It happened to be all of them are Man U fans but which non of them knew at the start. At first, each would slowly talk about their individual life/school/work story (not much laughter yet). After a few keropok lekor, the conversation started to build up (more laughter by now). All of a sudden, one of them ask the million dollar question, "so, did any of you guys happen to watch yesterday night match?". In a split second, everything would change. They've transformed themselves to *drum roll*... BUDDIES! And so, they talked about previous Man U matches, blunders in every match and almost everything which they could possibly remember (at this stage, there'll be a great mixture of laughter and everything else). And so, what I'm really trying to point out is, besides keeping one in good shape, sports do bring people together. :)

Yesterday night, I shared a conversation with a few of my friends about the joy of 1992. Yup, the year when Malaysia won its fifth Thomas Cup (and has been the last ever since :(). Who could ever forget that moment?! (But of course, unless you are too young to remember. Huhu..) I was right there in front of the television with my family members. My palms were sweating and legs shaking. I couldn't sit still at one place more than 30 seconds. My nerve was at maximum. To me, it was the best moment ever to achieve by Malaysia. It also has been the best sporting event in which I've witnessed so far! The Malaysian supporters were just wonderful and full of zest. The 1992 Thomas Cup also happen to be my only reason why I had appreciated the "Boleh" song :). Back at school, most of my friends were talking about Thomas cup. In the evening and weekends, everyone was playing badminton on the street. Yup, it was the season when everyone wanted to be Foo Kok Keong or Rashid Sidek or Beng Keang. :)

My stay here in Australia made me even more realised that sports indeed have the 'spell' to bring hope and unity. This year only, Australia dominates the Cricket World Cup and the World Swimming Championships and the OZs couldn't be more proud to call themselves Australian.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sweet dream...

I had a great dream last night! It was about me completing my PCB layout. Thanks to that dream which I had around (4am-4:30am), not only it makes me feel good about continuing the work, it also add fresh idea to my PCB design. It's 5:37am now. Can't wait to get to the office to work on it!! :)

These few days had been long and tiring. All I'm looking at from 10am - 6:30pm is a page of black, blue and red. OK laa, minus the lunch hour, the praying hour and etc. But still! The majority goes to my PCB design maa ;). Yup, 'black' it's the PCB layout background while 'red' and 'blue' is the track colour. Luckily Keith suggested using only two layers. If not my poor eyes would ended up looking at other striking colours.

If I remember correctly, a week ago, thanks to Effa, I've learned a new term - Lucky Jumps. What happen to me this morning (having that dream) is an example of what Lucky Jumps is. I'm sure many of you too had experienced the same thing. There were two occasions which I remember most in which these Lucky Jumps had took place. The first was in Form Five. I had this add maths question which I've tried several times but did not get the answer correctly. In my dream, I saw I was at my desk working on the question. When I was awake, I straight away took a piece of paper and scribbled what's left in my mind before I would forget everything completely. Turned out, the method works! The second was in my first year in Southampton. It was on ASM chart. In the task given, there was a constraint on input pins. Hence, the design could not have more than 2 to the power on 'n' states. Pikir punye pikir, my ASM still exceeded the maximum number of state. Until that dream came to the rescue! Hehehe... Isn't dream a pleasant thing! And tell me, just where do all good dreams come from? ;) Yup, they all come from Him. And here's what came across my mind while I'm writing this post - "maybe if we try to do more good and avoid the bad (as much as possible), maybe, there is/are different type of 'help' out there that awaits us". :)

p/s: "He helps those who help themselves..."

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dear pet...

One of my colleagues today share us the news about her daughter's dead gold fish. The poor thing was found swimming backstroke instead of the usual free-style this morning :P. She told us that luckily her daughter didn't notice it. What even more interesting to know was her husband was in the quest to find a gold fish that is as similar as the late gold fish so that her daughter won't be upset. Cute kan!

My first official baby cat was named Tom + Bong = Tombong ('tom' because he was a male and 'Bong' extracted from the Malay word 'kembung' as in 'bloated'). My younger sister took care of Tombong's younger brother which she called it Felixbong (yup, it was after Felix + Bong :P) which later was niknamed as Achang (don't ask me how. I really can't remember how it ended up becoming Achang... hehe). Tombong and Achang were just a normal orange and white kittens. Our meeting was a sheer coincidence. Our neighbour told us that the two kittens were left without their mother. After hearing that, I felt the obligation to take care of the kittens. At first daddy would not let us keep them since we already have another cat. However, Ummi came through, convincing daddy that it would be a good idea to take care of them until they are strong enough to look for their own food. Daddy agreed.

A few weeks later, I came home from school to find out that Tombong was no where to be seen. The same situation had happened couples of days back. Luckily for me, the last time it happened, Tombong was found lurking around at the nearby road which led to the nearest playground. It was the playground which my sister and I had brought both of them to play several times before. Tombong just love the long grass. He would try to hide while I would pretend not to see him before he would pounced my leg. But that day, I couldn't find him. I looked for him at the same road and at the playground but still, there's no sign of Tombong. The next morning, I continued my search but to no avail. It was later in the evening when Tombong came home. At that time, we were about to have our dinner. I was so relieved. When I saw him coming through the back door, I hurriedly left my chair, grab him by one arm and started preparing some food for Tombong using the other. After telling him how worried I was and making sure that Tombong like his fish, I headed back to the dining table. I quickly finished my food and headed straight to the kitchen but only to see that he wasn't there anymore. Straight away, I felt worried again. I asked my sister to help me to look for him since it was getting dark.

"Awak punye kucing sudah mati. Rubers gigit...", was the answer given by my 'other' neighbour when I asked them if they'd seen my Tombong. I could feel that my heart was resisting to accept the words. I asked them if I could see the dead kitten. Again in my heart, I was praying that it would be another poor kitten's fate. They then handed me an orange and white kitten. My search had ended. It WAS Tombong. Tears started running down my cheeks.

p/s: indeed, death could happen any minute without the slightest warning...

p/p/s: our condolences to Br. Zamani... Al-Fatihah...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Unhappy days...

A dear friend of mine who has been following my blog asked me a few weeks ago if I ever had unhappy days. I gave her a quick answer of 'YES' with an added smiley face on the chat box. She was right to say that there's not one particular post that shows me in distress. Well, here's one :). Although I am not going to start writing a post full of 'tears' and gave you all the details of what had happened :P, I am going to let 'you' to know that yesterday was one of my unhappy moments :). What did I do when I'm unhappy? Hmm... A straight answer would be - 'to cry'. A longer version of my answer would be - 'to cry and ponder why it happened, how it happened, what did I need to do to straight things up and etc.. etc...'. Biasalaa kan... huhu...

I am sure, like many, one need to motivate oneself for many particular reasons. How you do it really depends on yourself. As for myself, I always reminded myself to stay happy because I believe that success comes easily when you are happy. Hence, I'll do anything to ensure that my level of happiness increase if not stable at a positive range. Then again, there are odds in life, which hardly to say, simply there to make your life harder. But (I shall repeat this one more time :P), it is not made to weaken you, but to make you a better person. You'll learn a lot just from experiencing the unhappy days. Here's one which I've learned from my unhappy life experience, "when you ever felt unhappy, there are always friends to be with" :) (husband is a great asset too if not sometimes, all the time!! Hehe...). I was in my upper secondary when I realised this fact. Before 'that' incident happened, I never thought that such great friends would exist.

I am the type of person who rarely talk about problems that surrounds me. I would keep it to myself and try my very best to get rid of 'it' as soon as possible. Until, I began to see that there's an easier exit and the best part of all, I don't have to do it alone :). You know the song sang by Donkey (in Shrek 1) which goes something like this, *clear throat* "I'm all alone, there no one here beside me... but you got to have friends...". Bull's-eye! Yup, that's true Donkey!

It's really wonderful having 'all of you' as friends. At times when my tounge slips which ever to hurt your feelings, please accept my sincerest apologies for I am not an angel (I'm sure you know this all along :P). I am just in fact ME.

p/s: hope this post elaborated my given answer to 'your' question. ;)

Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter plan...

Yup, today is the starting of my four days holiday! Or is it? Well, If you asked me earlier this week, I would definitely say that I had loads of interesting plans. From DreamWorld to Surfers Paradise to Skirmish to picnic to shopping!! What even more interesting Yaby and I even had the idea of going back to Malaysia during this four days holiday! Seriously!! That shows you just how much I'm looking forward to this day :D. But not anymore... :(

As Monday turned Tuesday, I got to know from Abbas that he hasn't finished checking my draft and told me that he might be able to finish it by Thursday. I didn't blame him. He had his hand full. One meeting after another especially now that we are getting more people who are interested with our prototype. When I heard the news, I've crossed 'picnic' from my things-to-do-during-holiday list. On Wednesday, I realised that there will be a construction work on the rail track to Gold Coast. Wahh! There goes my Gold Coast plan. Why must they choose THIS week? Apelaa... By Thursday i.e. yesterday, I got another not-so-good news from Abbas i.e. I have to wait untill Saturday to get my draft before I could start doing the corrections. And there goes all my holiday plans... :( I wanted to complete everything before Friday, but seems to me that the unexpected 'wins' again.

Why?.. why.. why... ;) Hehehe... When I put my thought to it, I realised that this situation happened to me all the time. If I'm so eager for a particular holiday plan, it WILL NEVER happen. There will always be 'something' in the last minute. Blurgghhh.. takpe..takpe... I am looking at the glass half full now ;). Maybe there's a reason to it. At least, Yaby and myself would be able to join Nicky and the rest for a fishing trip. Yup, and the tennis is still on!! :) :D

p/s: When sh** happens, try not to be too upset. Just laugh at it... ;) Happy holiday to all...

Monday, April 2, 2007

My tennis match...

Yaby and I had been jumping from one activity to another in order to stay fit (al-maklum laa, lately we both have been piling C3H8O3 and its equivalent! :P) Our latest plan is the "tennis". Since mid-March, Yaby and myself had started playing tennis every Sunday night with our colleagues. And finally, yesterday night happened to be my first official match. Hehe lawak2x. Like Yaby said (together with his sound effect and hand movement), "po dah pusing 360 darjah macam katun pun still tak kena bola...". Yup, and as you have guessed correctly, Yaby didn't escape not laughing hysterically. (I can't stop laughing myself too.. hehehe.. mmg lawak. nak buat camne). Honestly, it's harder than what I've anticipated. My salute to all female tennis players! Cayo.. cayo... :D

After our opposition won a straight game 5-0, I volunteered to leave the game so that the rest of them could start playing a real match. I could tell that all of them were being kind to me by hitting the ball slowly so that I had the chance to hit the ball back. While I was at the bench, one of them came to me and said this, "You have to play. If you want to improve, no matter how bad you play, you need to play..." which reminded me of daddy's words. And so I did! I continued playing. By the end of the day, I manage to get my serve right (although it is far from Maria Sharapova's full blow :P).

p/s: always give yourself a second chance! ;)