Thursday, March 29, 2007

Which kind are you?...

As usual, if Yaby and I catch the peak hour train in the evening, we would definitely have at least a copy of the 'mX' tabloid distributed free on our hands. From the second block until before reaching the central rail station, there will be many teenagers in yellow shirt eagerly wanting us to grab a copy of the free newspaper. The mX newspaper consists of a collection of short summaries of different articles and news (not forgetting the advertisements and brainteaser :D). It usually take 9 minutes (at most) to reach Toowong rail station (i.e. my stop) from the Central rail station (i.e. my lab). mX has proven to become very handy for both Yaby and myself. Ever since we started going to the lab, we missed the daily news more often. The mX news offers quick but sufficient info as well as provides a means to kill some time in a more respectable way (while waiting for the train to arrive and also while on the train :P). It's a beautiful scene too. As far as my eyes could see, almost all of the train user population would be reading mX.. if not something! Bagus kan org kat sini.. hmm... I felt obliged to share one of the short articles which I found fairly interesting from the Tuesday mX news edition. It was on horoscopes.

How many of us read horoscope if not everyday, read it once a month or at least once a year? Hehe... Yup. I too used to be among those who like to peek on the three lines horoscopes thingy. Not that I believe any of the writing but simply love to laugh at the notion that some 'people' would generalise all humanKIND in only twelve kinds. A team from University of Manchester had undergone an "exhaustive survey" throughout England and Wales and came out with this verdict, ".. no social compatibility was found between star signs for the 10 millions couples" in contrast to the suggstion made by the zodiac experts. The study only involve in one case study - personal relationship. I am quite sure if the team work on a broader range of facets, those astrologer might lose their job (or is it? Huhuhu...).

To me, everything is in the mind of a person. If he or she kept reading the stars, sooner or later, without realising they are actually moulding themselves the way those astrologers 'predicted'. For example, Pieces == Sensitive, Bossy == Leo or etc. I am not saying that you could not read your star anymore. I am just suggesting that we should take those 'people' words lightly. Remember, there are not only 12 kinds of people in this world... peace! ;)

p/s: '==' is a C term used in coding which means 'is equal to' :D

p/p/s: For muslim believers, if care is not given, one might easily becomes syirik...

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Huhuhu... I wanted to write this post right after I finished watching Charlotte's Web yesterday night but I was caught up with footy match between the Bulldog and the Panthers which later brought to me to my dreamland. Huhuhu... ;) Yup, I'm always looking forward to Friday. Friday till Saturday evening is my time to replenish or recharge myself for the following hectic weekdays. :P

I was in primary when I first saw my friends reading Charlotte's Web. And as usual, if Shirley brought new book to the class, everyone would have to queue to take turn. For this particular book, I didn't manage to get hold of the book before the school break. Hence, by new semester everyone had started reading and talking about new books. Last night was my long awaited reunion between me and Charlotte's Web. My heart was taken away by the simplicity and the kindness of Charlotte's character. I would not deny that the beautiful storyline manage to pull down my tears, profusely. A beautiful story with many beautiful values to be shared by many.

"Because I've made a promise..." - (a line from Charlotte's Web) indeed it's a simple phrase but embedded with tremendous reminder for all. I am not sure about others, but I realised that my young-self used to hold to the word promise with greater weight. I would easily left heart broken if anyone would break their promise(s). For example, when daddy said that he would take us to Port Dickson but canceled it in the very last minute, I would be devastated and pull my long face. Eventhough daddy didn't say he promise to take us to the beach, for some reason, I took his words as a promise. Hehe.. As I grew up, I began to realise that sometimes not all that we'd planned happened accordingly. That is why our teaching teach us to use 'insyaAllah'. It has the same weight as promise i.e. you have to give your very best to work out what you've promise but with an additional point in mind. That is, it would only happen if God permits because we human can never tell what's going to happen in the future.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


"Mother, don't you think they are strange?"
"What makes you said that, my son?"
"We have been their neighbour for the past three generations. There used to be much laughter from that house. But lately, everything has gone. Why is it, mother? What happened to them?"
"My son, we are not supposed to speak of others."

The son was left in silence a few while before he began asking his mother again.

"I just don't get it mother. Does it has something to do with the house? Back then, the house was small yet everyone was always smiling.”

The son reminiscing, 20 years back, thinking about his neighbours’ unfortunate fate. Most of them had to leave because the new house need more space. If it wasn’t because of Mia, he knew that he and his mother would have to leave the land too.

“No, my son. It’s not because of the house.”
“Was it because of the cars then? I knew Mia’s grandfather had never had one but they were very happy.”
“It’s not because of that too my dear one.”
"Then what is it mother? What makes Mia cried a lot lately. You saw it too mother. She used to smile when she visits us. But now, I hardly see her smiling. I want to know why."
“It’s getting late.”
“Oh, please mother.”
“Get some rest now.”
“Please tell me why, mother.”

His mother stared at him straight into his eyes. A night breeze passed by, shaking down some of their leaves to the cold and wet ground.

“My dear son, human is a very interesting creature. Unlike we trees, they have the 'power' to change their way of life. What's driving this 'power' is the 'desire' to improve their state of life. For the past 60 years, I had witnessed the many changes human have done. Some are good, and some to worse. Mia’s family is an example of how far human can go. From having a small ranch to mansion. From farmer to businessman. You see, although having ‘desire’ is good, without fair guidance, it could backfire. For Mia’s family case, pure desire has been tainted which led to ‘greed', 'deceit' and many 'lies'. For the past 3 years, Mia's brothers have been fighting over the wealth left behind by their late father.”

The son was left astounded. In his heart he was thinking, "could 'greed' be such great evil to steal happiness away?".

"Now, enough said. Get some rest my son."

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lesson from nature...

Let me think for a while. When was the first time I got a real bouquet of flowers?... Hmm... Hmm... Hmm... Yup! It was from Nicky i.e. last Tuesday (percaya tak.. hehehe). And guess what? It changes my overall perception towards giving-real-flowers-as-presents concept. :P

I used to think that the concept of presenting real flowers as a waste and not practical at all. It cost a fortune yet it could only last for three days or five at most, before that someone who received them dump it into the dustbin. Hence, I just can't put the equation straight. Why would anyone have the idea of buying flowers in the first place? When I share my new two-cents with Yaby's youngest brother (cheeky imi :P), this statement came out from his ever scrupulous mind, "Haii, pandainyer org putih buat bisness. Dieorg bagi bunga, semua org nak ikut...". (Oh yes, he is so much like Yaby :P..)

When Nicky suddenly called out my name and handed me those flowers, I was 'startled' at the same time 'elated' plus a little 'flush' and felt like 'screaming' my heart out as well as 'jumping' up and down in excitement ALL AT ONCE!! I guess this is how those beauty pageant must have felt when they were announced as the first place winner :P.. huhu... I came to realise that there's indeed something behind real flowers. A simple yet unexplained messages. Those who received them would have understand but would be unable to explain their 'experience' in words. Maybe it has got to do with how nature works.

In our daily lives, we sometimes encountered with these unexplained feelings, thoughts, actions... things that are just uncomprehended by our mind. Our mind suggested 'it' as ridiculous whereas there's actually unknown reasons behind it. Sometimes, there is no used for questioning. Accept the nature's way... accept His way...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

C ya!

This entry is especially for Nicky - the bestest administration staff so far! ;) She makes Yaby and I felt very much 'at home' with her soft speaking manner, humour and kindness! We are going to miss you lots Nicky and thanks for the lovely flowers... :)

"You don't have to pretend. Your action is the reflection of your heart..." Akira

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Quick Post!

Title: Reason

I was in the toilet cleaning up few things, arranging the soap, toothbrush and etc while washing my hands. At the same time in my head, I remembered reading a paper last night that are more related to Yaby's research area. Hence, I was saying loudly in my mind, "don't forget to give Yaby the paper. Need to do it right after this". So, I turned off the tap, making my way out of the toilet, reaching the 'paper' in my hand (because my desk was next to the toilet door :() and was about to call for Yaby when...

Yaby: Uuuuwahhhh!!! (with Yaby's head popping out from right under my desk)

Me: AaaaAhhhHHhhhhhh!! (I think my voice might have reached Toowong shopping center.)

Yaby: (Laughing to his stomach)

After grasping some air...

Me: Weii, jahat laa! Apesal suke sgt terkejut kan Po.

Yaby: (still laughing)

Me: Jahat ooo. Sakit anak tekak Po laa. (and Yaby continued laughing..)

The end...

There were times, I kinda felt geram jerr towards Yaby for his little naughty act. But there were also times when I felt grateful to this particular naughty act of his. The reason to it is because, lately I realised that I'm getting hiccups quite often. Thanks to Yaby and his 'bahhh!' thing, I got to get rid of my hiccups faster. Like they say, everything happened for a reason. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Little act...

I am on cloud nine! :) I started my day by looking at the usual - papers. This week has been tough for both Yaby and myself. The result from we-can-never-predict-the-future makes me extra worried (and I still do). Yup, PhD thing (I wonder if there would be frown lines on my forehead sooner than I think! Alamak!!). Another 'boulder' trying to force Yaby and I make another detour. We really hope not. Anyway, as my motivation lever continuously fluctuates up and down even more vigorously lately, I really, really.. really need a SMILE. A LAUGHTER would be heaven! Just to lift up some worries off my mind for a short while. And lucky for me, I got it!! :) (can't stop smiling now... :) huhu...) I am sure many are aware of what I am about to say, but alas, it never hurt to be reminded isn't it? ;)

"You never know that your little act can make someone's day!!". Seriously you never know. Maybe to you it's just another normal day to 'buzz' someone's YM to start a conversation or you just felt like forwarding an email to everyone or you've just updated your fotopages or your blog or etc... but you never know at the other end of line, that 'someone' who's chatting, reading or browsing (me for example) really appreciate what you've done. Without realising, you have save someone's day from another boring and hectic day... :)

Although I am still worry, at least I have felt a lot better now... thanks **am... :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

False alert...

Imagine this...

The weather was gloomy. You were all by yourself at a bus stop. Looking at the sky you could tell that it would rain any minute. Frigid wind plunged into your skin. You brought yourself closer to the three-inches-wide pole hoping that it would shed the cold gust from directly hitting you. It was then you realised a man wearing all black standing across the road. Although it was from a distance, you could tell that in his left hand was some sort of chain. His other hand tightly in his pocket. His face was as grim as the weather. You felt a pang of cold shudder as the man in black facing at your direction. However, you couldn't really tell what he's looking at because you couldn't see his eyes. He was wearing a sunglasses despite the gloomy weather. You thought it would be a good idea to give a little smile and so you did. Nevertheless, his expression did not change and you started to feel uncomfortable from the result of your friendly gesture. It started to drizzle and you wonder if it was going to rain cats and dogs any sooner. You hold your bag over your head with one hand and the other searching for a handkerchief or tissues at least to wipe your face off the cold drops from the grey sky. Albeit the rain, that man didn't bother to make an effort to move from his spot and his faced still affixed at your direction.

You anxiously looked at your wristwatch. It was going to be dark soon. Your mind alerted you that the man might be staring at you. You were feeling more apprehensive than before. You planned to walk to another bus stop but you were afraid that the bus might passed by as you were making your way to the other stop. In the midst of your weariness, you suddenly caught sight of a black dog running in the man's direction. You could see it was carrying something in its mouth. You couldn't really tell what's was the dog carrying as the rain has built up over the couple of minutes. The dog stopped next to the man. The man kneeled and grab the dog by its collar. You couldn't see what exactly the man was doing to the dog. After a short while, the man was on his feat again. His left hand was holding a dog chain and a red umbrella. He then pulled a pen-length stick from his right pocket. The pen-length stick lengthen into a full length walking stick. The man finally made his way with the black dog leading his way.

The man was as a matter of fact just a blind man waiting for his dog to bring his forgotten umbrella.

The end...

p/s: Let's pray that we escape from making as well as to be victims of false judgements.

Especially dedicated to: ***an

Friday, March 2, 2007

Finally! I had few minutes to write an update for my blog. :) ;)
My first meeting with the new IIUM Rector, Prof Syed Arabi, last week had left me with a brand new aspiration. I am pretty sure that those who attended his lecture must have felt the same way too. When he touched on IIUM future plans, I felt the strong urge to complete this PhD as soon as possible so that I would be among the other IIUM staffs who would make the positive changes for the betterment of IIUM. Hmm... in fact, for the Malaysian tertiary education as a whole. Before he ended his lecture, he left us with one note to remember. That is to "be humble".

It is also worth sharing a few tips for future PhD candidates that I obtained from Prof Azmi's lecture.
  1. Make the best out of the first six months from the commencement of our PhD. He said that the first six months is the most crucial time as this is the time when supervisor(s) made their first impression/evaluation on you i.e. to see how confident are you in completing your PhD. In other words to see whether one IS capable of completing the PhD (cuak jerr dgr this part).
  2. Choose supervisor that is neither too old nor too young. If the supervisor is too old, there is greater risk of retirement, health and 'etc' (I leave the 'etc' for your creative mind to play around... :P). And if the supervisor is too young, he/she still remember the pain and their struggle of getting the PhD.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Thanks to TIDE program, yaby and I had the opportunity to visit Sydney. My future next stop - Tokyo!! :P
A few details on Sydney. Sydney is a beautiful and exciting place. If you have travelled to London, New York, Paris or Tokyo, you might want to add Sydney as your next visit. However, this time of the year, Sydney is terribly hot and dry. Hence, you might want to bring along some petroleum gel and sunblock. I am not sure about moisturiser. I did apply moisturiser morning, afternoon and night, but it didn't really help. If I must describe my current skin condition, it felt pretty much like sandpaper :P. Plus I felt as if there's another layer of plastic tightly glued on my lips. Putting aside the weather factor, it would be a waste if you were in Australia but didn't visit Sydney! So Nurul and Br Helmi, Yasir and I pray that you guys would have the chance to jalan-jalan at Sydney. Aminnn... ;) Another interesting fact is, 90% of natural white Opal comes from Sydney. The most expensive is the Black Opal. The price for a natural Black Opal could reach up to AUS$2500 for a 10 cent Malaysian coin size! (This fact is through my Opal hunt in Sydney. Hehe.. Last2 tak beli pun :P.).

However, the scorching weather didn't left us with nothing. We were quite lucky to be in Sydney last week to witness the spectacular Queen Mary 2 (QM2) i.e. the largest and luxurious ocean liners in the world and her royal sister, Queens Elizabeth 2 (QE2). Not only that. Yaby and I sat at the Sydney Opera House stairs among the other thousands to watch the colourful display of fireworks. I was told that it was an Australian salute to her majesty.

I'm still sorting which photo from my 1020++ photos to be posted here. Sabar... I think I might as well use fotopages.. :P