Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Genuinely Happy...

Like Lyn said, "next generation will be better...". I really pray for that.. insyaAllah.

Thanks to the opportunity of better education, I dare say that 'many' are taking or booking their 'sit' in the elite group. However, the fastest route is still - to do business! Although it's easy to spell out the 'business' word, the first step before reaching 'successful' is never an easy road. There are competitions, funding, pitfalls, risks, uncertainties, debts, and etc... For this entry, I'm planning to look into the 'etc' [evil laugh follows]. (ya laa, mana boleh. I'm 'yet' to become a businesswoman myself to speak from experience. Plus, I never had business studies... accounting ada laa.. huhu).

What about 'etc'? Hehe.. to start with, there are the jealousy part and there are the backstabbing and then some started blackmailing and so on and so forth... in other words - unhealthy competitive practices. And in our language - perasaan hasad dengki (PHD). We see a whole lot happening around us whether on newspapers, 'kisah benar', movies, you name it! It's an ugly truth that has been going on for a quite sometimes and can happen to anyone whether you like it or not. Which reminded me.. Something did happen to ummi's nasi lemak stall too...

It was during my second year summer holiday when ummi had her small business idea - nasi lemak stall. Well, in early days back in Ibam, Chena and Chezel used to sell daddy's vegetables. So, another small business would not do us any harm (dah biasalaa.. huhu). In short time, ummi's nasi lemak becomes very popular. I mean it - very popular. One day, ummi proposed to my neighbour, auntie R, that we would be happy to help them sell their home made kuih-muih at our stall and so they did. Not very long after that, auntie R asked ummi for nasi lemak recipe saying that she wanted to try cooking for her children (because we have special way to cook the sambal.. hehe). As expected from ummi, ummi gave it to her in the prospect of keeping the recipe going. A week after getting the recipe, our neighbour started making nasi lemak to be sold at our nasi lemak stall. At first, we siblings were puzzled but ummi said 'never mind'. At that moment, auntie R had come to help us at the stall. When customers asked why there are two different packaging, we honestly told them that 'these' were auntie R's and 'these' were ummi's. But when that statement resulted not making 'them' buy auntie R's nasi lemak, aunty R suggested that we kept it to ourselves. It was exactly the next day when our regular noticed the difference and questioned us. Hmm... susahx2. In the end, ummi stopped from selling nasi lemak and gave auntie R all the chance she needed. By the way, just for the record, when auntie R was asked about her nasi lemak, she would say, "ini yang sama punya. sama punya juga." i.e. ummi's nasi lemak. (That made me realised if she had planned it all along. When she suggested that she could give a hand at our nasi lemak stall, maybe all she wanted was to be seen by our customers... hmm.. who cares! :P)

In my opinion, I strongly believe that this kind of problems happen because people are not genuinely happy for others. If they are genuinely happy, then they won't go destroying other people's happiness or success. In Tai Chi, the principle is to channelled the negative energy flow to good use. It is known by people practicing Tai Chi that the 'bad energy' is always much stronger than the 'good energy'. Hence, if one could change the negative jealousy to positive jealousy i.e. to work harder to improve oneself, than one might gain greater success in the future.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

When cat meets spider...

Tell you what.. how many of you actually trust the people you met online? 1%? 'No'.. What about 0.5%? Still 'no'.. Hmm.. ok...

I remember my first time in contact with a complete stranger on the internet. At that time, everyone was talking about Mirc especially 'kampung' (I wonder why 'kampung'. Why not 'bandar'). When I first heard of it, I was completely and utterly clueless!! It took me a while before I finally able to absorb what the fuss it was all about.

Unlike most of my other teenage friends, I never had a chance to lay my finger on it. Why? Well, it's obvious. Daddy would not let us. Daddy said our computer would be an easy target for computer virus. Hence, obey I must. And so we siblings found an alternative way i.e. via yahoo java chat. As far as my brain could possibly remember, I didn't get to chat with anyone from Malaysia, but I manage to chat with people from Dubai, China, Denmark and Germany. In my first attempt, except for my real name and age, I answered all questions honestly. Straight honesty (still a novice laa katakan :P). It was not long before I realised that 'they' didn't do honest. Online chatting full with deceptions and lies and foul languages and.. and just a waste of time! And so, it only took me three days before I put a full stop to it (and I just didn't get what the fun from doing all that as my friends had anticipated). Of course later when yahoo came out with their messenger, I started to go online chatting again. This time with my real friends :).

But I must say that, online chatting are not entirely fraudulent. Unlike my unfortunate outcome with internet users, Nurul and Br Helmi ACTUALLY met this wonderful family from Cari internet forums which Yaby and I had the chance to meet them in person - at last :). But this doesn't mean that I'd lower my guard to internet people... huhuhu... *wink-wink*

On couch from left: Yaby.. Me.. Lyn aka Spiderlyn..
Sitting 'kampung' style from left: Nurul.. Helmi n baby Hafiy.. Lan aka Spiderlan (<-- ni memandai jer ni :P) n abg n adik (or is it adik n abg.. hmm... *scratch-scratch*)

p/s: special thanks to host... :D

Friday, January 26, 2007

Quick Post!

Title: My MOST practical husband...
In front of the tv while I was watching an advertisement on 'camping'...

Me: Yaby, bile kite nak gi camping? Po nak sangat camping macam 'tu'. (pointing at the tv screen)

Yaby: Buat apa camping.. orang yg camping tu orang yang takde duit nak beli atau sewa rumah. Atau kawasan tu memang takde rumah. Ni dah ada rumah buat apa camping.

Me: (Staring at Yaby with hopeful eyes...)

Yaby: ... lagipun, mana selesa kalau camping (i.e. no computer... no fan...). (giving me that look of his...)

Me: Hmm.. OK laa... (I completely surrendered...)

Morale of the story: What interest you might not interest the other party - and its normal :) ! Hence, to stay happy, we need to learn to accept the differences between you and your spouse or between you and your sibling or etc. :D

p/s: Yaby dearest, please read the second last sentence twice pleaseee! Huhu..

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The ant..

I am an ant. A tiny-hazel-coloured ant. Every morning I walk more than a thousand-ant-mile. I don't want to walk that far. But I have to. The road is dangerous. But I still have to. Why? Because that is the place where I can find food. I know it's not the only place. But I'm just not sure if I walked a thousand-ant-mile in other direction, I would find food. And oh boy, I just need food. A lot of food would be great. I heard many ants stories. One old ant told me that it has to climb many hills before it reached a place where there are lots of food. I wanted to explore the world too and to take down any challange that came up to me. But I'm not sure why my little-ant-heart hesitated. Maybe I would wait just a little longer.

As much as I hesitate to walk a thousand-ant-mile to that place where I can find food, I also hesitate to walk a thousand-ant-mile back to my ant nest. But I have to. The nest is small. But I still have to. Why? Because that is the only place where I can find solace. Although the nest is small, here I have my thousand-ant-families to be with. This ant nest is always calm except when the red ant would come to stir the peace. Red ant always want to hurt brown ant. I just cannot do anything but watch with my tiny-ant-eyes. Why? Because both red ant and brown ant are my closest family among the thousand-ant-families. It's hard to side any-ant without hurting the other ant. This is the time when I feel like not walking a thousand-ant-mile back to my ant nest.

My little-ant-heart has lots of great dreams. I am just waiting for the right moment to run for it. I want to show the big world out there that I am a competent tiny-hazel-coloured ant. I know I can!

Dedicate especially to *z ...

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Yesterday, we went to a 'second hand book sale' at Brisbane convention center (something like PWTC back in Malaysia). My first impression when I entered the exhibition was - what a beautiful sight!! The place 'filled' with books and 'bookworms' :p! Hehe.. When I said 'bookworm' I really mean it. Those people kept piling books into their trolley. Others tried hard making sure that every inch of their bags were not spared. And I am not just talking about ordinary bags. Some actually brought along their traveling bags! No joke! Serious!! Punyer laa avid for books...

We've bought several books for ourselves. Seven to be precised (so little when compared to 'them'); History and Culture Book 1 and 2 (just love this kind of books!!), two books on programming, two story books and a guide book for teacher (hehehe... for future reference). All for just AUS$10!! :D.. murahkan... At first, my aim was to purchase collections of Reader's Digest which only cost 50 cent each but couldn't find any left. All thanks to early bird 'bookworms' (<- ironic? :P). Sigh...

So today, while Yaby 'volunteered' himself to become one of Br Aidil's lab rat, I spent few hours reading one of the story book. I wasn't sure whether it was a coincidence or some sort of sign (sbb dah lama tak baca buku) when I came across this line in Jan Butlin book, Grace, "However, good one's mind, it needs oiling, rather like an automobile...". It means that, just like a car, in order for it be able to move, it needs petrol. Hence in the case of our mind, we cannot argue that reading is indeed the best 'oil'.

Remember my previous post about the two triangles? I think if we could just broaden the material of our reading a little bit, we might be able to become like the second triangle... Who knows? :)

p/s: It's about time that Malaysians (especially myself :P) instill the reading culture.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Quick post!

Title: My dustbin...

Me: Hmm.. kitchen clean! Toilet.. check! What else.. I guess everything is ready now!
Approximately 2 hours later...

Me: Aunty (Mak Rina), takyah cuci tau. Just tinggal jer kat situ. (Trying to be a first-class host ni.. :))

Aunty: Ok ok... Aunty pun tak jumpe tong sampah ni.

Me: Bagus bagus.. letak je kat situ.

Suddenly, not knowing what was it all about...

Yaby: Ha? nak cari tong sampah? Ni ha ni. Kat sini ni... (which was exactly behind Yaby <- rumah kami kecil jer :p)

Aunty: Oh.. thank you.. (starting to wash her dish)

Me: Ya Allah, Yaby.. apa ni.. Po tak nak Aunty cuci pinggan laa..

Yaby: [gelak cover malu...] (at this point, I really can't say anything else dah.. aduih.. Mak tengok laa Yasir ni... :-|)

Morale of the story: "Always expect the unexpected!!" Hehe.. lawak la Yaby ni ;)

P/S: To aunty - No hard feelings yer. Peace! :) And thanks sgt2 for the spectacles...

The year...

Few more hours left before we entering the 1428th Hijr. No doubt this will be my special post (as kak afi put it.. :)).

As usual, this time of the year, I used to sit quietly at my desk with a pen and a piece of paper in my hand ('a piece'? hehe.. usually I would used more than one :p). Well, I'm not actually writing anything in particular but I have a habit that whenever I need to do some 'deep' thinking, I will be needing the two of them. Hmm.. actually, not only while I'm thinking.. As far as I remember, 'they' have been my earliest friend ever. When I feel sad, angry or happy I would scribble down everything that came crosses my mind. And it is always funny to read everything again once I'm back to 'normal'. Well yes, in the age of computer, I could type it (and help to reduce paper usage). But trust me, it's totally different. I love to see the change in my handwriting and... hey wait a minute! This is suppose to be my 'SPECIAL POST' and what am I blabbering now?!! :p

Now we have to start all over again... :p (tak kisah kan... ;))

Another great year for all of us is about to come knocking on our door. But the true question that we really need to answer is - "Is it really going to be great"? My suggested answer - whether this year will be a terrific year or otherwise, certainly depends on ourselves.

Let it be marriage, workplace, school and etc, everything comes down to you. During my meeting with my supervisor, Abbas said it out loud and clear for both Yaby and myself to hear, "...everything depends on how much effort you are going to put into...." and I couldn't agree more.

I wanted to write more but I need to continue with my 'special' cooking for tonight.. :) Have a wonderful year to all!

P/S: I am sure that this year will be 'extra' special to most of my 1982 friends... betul tak korang... :)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I can't really put my 100% focus on my reading today. Cannotx2... Why? Tomorrow I'll get feedback for my report from Abbas (yang panicx2 ari tu).

This morning, I started my day by opening a .pdf file, manage to read it's title and slowly move to it's abstract. But when I finally reached 'Introduction', my finger automatically cursored its way to open a file name "Report010407" i.e. my submitted report and started reading it in full speed. The same thing happened three times straight! Even as I am writing this, I tend to press "Alt-Tab" to look at my report. Tolong... I've tried to motivate myself to stay focus on today's schedule by putting 'Jom blaja :)' and 'Blaja again' at my Ym and Msn messenger status respectively. But still... :( Yaby didn't make it easy for me too. Jahat laa.. dengki aa. He already got his last week and almost all pages of his report filled with pencil's note :p. That's why his been saying - tengoklaa awaknyer nanti.. Abbas told us that he spent 5 hours to check Yaby's report. I told you he is a perfectionist.

So now you're asking. Is it good to have a supervisor like mine? :p Hehe.. Well, as long as he's willing to help me improve, then I don't mind if he's being strict or perfectionist... Like businessman used to say - "higher risk attracts higher income" :) . Hence, "greater challenge attracts greater result" <- if God permits. Amiinn..

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Shoe oh shoe..

An the final verdict -----> 'Hmm... if that's the only design left in this world, then only I buy the shoe.' wins!!! *wink-wink* :)

Thank you for voting!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Quick post!

Title: Sport shoe...

Yaby: Lai, Yasir nak nak mintak permission can?

Me: What's that?

Yaby: Dekat K-Mart tadi, Yasir nampak kasut sport ni. Lembut giler tapak die. Selesa betul. Tapi tak tunjuk price. Yasir bawak gi kaunter, tgk2 AUS$30. Terus cancel beli kasut tu...

Me: [ini bunyi tak macam permission pun..] Nape Yaby tak beli jerr? Tiga puluh kire ok laa. Jgn convert boleh tak...

Yaby: OK. Camtu, esok kita pergi beli.

The next day...

Yaby: Ha, ni ha kasut tu.

Me: [macam kasut skolah jerr...] Try putting it on. Nak tgk.

After Yaby put on the shoe...

Me: Hmm.. Tapi kan Yaby, try looking at the mirror here. Tak nampak macam kasut sekolah ker?

Yaby: Hmm.. Ha'a laa... Macam kasut sekolah laa pulak.

Me: [aduih.. I felt bad!!] How about this shoe here? (trying to comfort my Yaby!)

After 6 attempts of trying other shoes (which obtained remarks from Yaby as "too expensive", "the front is too tight", "not the right colour", "this shoe is too 'heavy'" and etc) plus 2 more attempts on the 'kasut sekolah' shoe (which even after I said "why not? Let's just buy it." couldn't change his mind back), we both left K-Mart empty handed... :-|

Morale of the story: There are moments when it is better for we, wives, should not speak straight from the mind. But other times, we do need to speak our mind! Saper kata hubby tak perlu dimanjakan.. . gomme Yaby! peace again ek! :p

p/s: some texts have been replaced because Yaby said it didn't sound like he is talking. So I made it more manly now.. I guess..

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Email of the day!

...to think back, the more figure keep adding to the age, the more responsibilities we're gonna have... kinda scary... especially when ure building ur own family. but u did it well, so a big round of applause to you... me, thinking of marriage is such a huge deal. not that i dont wana get married, but always afraid of something dat doesnt make any sense... haha, any tips for me? to get tru dis butterflies?...

From: an****da

... finally about marriage.. hehehe.. i've stumbled myself few times already dear. and i guess it's normal. since you didn't give me specific topic, let me just say briefly from my experience...

i remember my time. kept on thinking - "will i do good in marriage?", "will he love me till the end", "is he really the one?" :p and many other silly questions. again i think it is normal to have the anxiety. not knowing what will happen in the future is always a good thing. trust me on this.

From: elly

Friday, January 12, 2007


Today.. Oops, I mean yesterday (I didn't realize that it has passed midnight all ready) Yaby and I both had a back to back meetings (biweekly meeting followed by our meeting with supervisor). We are now taking one step closer to our confirmation - publications. I must say that I am really fortunate to have Abbas as my supervisor. He really knows his areas. What is he made of? Well, he's a perfectionist, full with ambitions, strong motivator, a player (not 'that' player ek... :p) and a humble person. Don't get me wrong. I am not lobbying :p. (As far as I am aware, none of my lab colleagues knew about my blog. :)) Which brings to the topic that I felt obliged mentioning about.

Last Christmas, Yaby and I faced the most difficult question of all: "Should we or should we not give presents to our supervisors?" (because Yaby has three and myself two supervisors each...). We've been going around seeking for advice. Some said 'Yes', others said 'No' which of course, lead us to further "permanent head damage" :p. Those who said 'Yes' thought that it would be a good way to improve the supervisor-student relationship. Those who said 'No', suggested that the action might be considered as unethical because some supervisor might think that we are just trying to lobby our way to PhD. Stuck? You bet we are! In the end, we didn't give any of them. Just greeting cards (which we thought was a moderate solution to make).

Back then, when I was doing my final year degree project, there was one sister who reminded me of the importance of keeping good relationship with our Lord. She told me that "as long as we keep good relationship with our Lord everything will go on smoothly". "We human always tend to forget that it is actually not our lecturers who gave us good results or our supervisors who gave us our PhD, it is actually Allah who gave us everything", she added. But then again, I can't deny that there are the 'special' cases... (i.e. a test of iman... indeed Allah knows best...)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Quick post!

Title: My lilies...

At the kitchen i.e. right behind Yaby's work place.

Me: Yaby, why aren't our lilies grow flowers already ni? (eyes on lilies, hands on the dishes)

Yaby: [after a while] ah?? (without looking back, hands on computer)

Me: Po tanya, when will our lilies grow flowers? (a bit louder now)

Yaby: [after a while] Lai nak bunga macam mana... kan dah lawa dah tu? (without looking back, hands on computer)

Me: ~silent~ [lawa?]

Morale of the story: Men will say anything to save themselves from having need to say any further... ek yaby? :p

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Happy feet...

45 minutes before 12 am and guess what? I've JUST let myself watched the 'Happy Feet'. Hehe.. I know.. I know I should be reading and writing up my report. But I really think that my mind could use some rest after my 'bertungkus-lumus' effort today. (please spare me this time 'only'.. please.. hehe.. :p) By the way, in case you haven't watch it, warning2x! This post contains spoilers. Hehe..

Anyway, I've learned one thing straight from the movie - "it's OK to be different!!!" (of course, besides sparing fish dishes every now and then :p). Gosh! It's such a heart warming movie! Imagine having a little-tiny-being diving from one end of the world to another in the quest to save its penguine-kind and he did it!! Aahhhh... so beautiful. Of course there are the unlogical aspects, but who cares! It's cartoon for heaven sake! At one point (when the two killer whales trying to eat Lovelace and Mumble), I was holding back because I didn't want any of the penguines to die. Fuhh.. nasiblaa baik... Trust me, if any of the penguine did die at that scene, I won't be writing this.

So, just like Mumble, even if you are different from the rest, as long as you believe in yourself and have confidence, you can achieve beyond expectations.

Monday, January 8, 2007


My sister, Sarah, just got back from her Edinburgh and Newcastle trip. We had a little chat before she finally called it a night. Not really little actually... We chatted for almost 2 hours. After all we haven't been in contact for weeks already. We've covered a lot of things; from her holiday, to her next trip to Spain, to our family business back in Malaysia, to her school and exam results, to latest news on Saddam's execution, to Sept 11 documentary, to her future part time job plan, to our one and only brother - azam, to some flashback of our childhood memories and to... that's it! The end. I told you we've covered a whole lot (please don't ask how we get from one topic to another. I couldn't find the correlation myself!! :p).

About the Sept 11 documentary, she told me that recently she watched the documentary and the documentary showed 'strong' evidences that directly link to Osama. Plus she added telling me that the footage and evidences potrayed looked so real. On my part, I told her that I just watched the "Sept 11 Conspiracy Theories" which totally apposed to what she had seen. Confused?...

Before we go even further, let's just make a short detour. Back at home, when I felt really2 bored, I sometimes challenge Yaby for an arm wrestling. Yes laa.. yang lawan tangan tu... But because, Yaby kept winning all the time, I devised a 'cheat' that could let me win. How? Hehe.. I simply put a limit to how much strength Yaby can put in each match (for this part, I left it to Yaby to figure out how he would do it :p). For example, I say, "OK Yaby, 5% only please.." and as easy as kacang, I win! But assuming, someone didn't know about my 'cheat' and saw the match, do you think people would NOT believe that I easily beat Yaby?

So back to the topic. You see, there is a catch phrase from the Swordfish movie. In the final act of the movie, Stanley remembered Gabriel once said to him, "What the eyes see and the ears hear, the mind believes." Remembering that, Stanley figured out that Gabriel must be alive. All Gabriel did was to put a show to erase himself. And to ensure that his plan really work, he has set up a scene where there will be a witness and of course evidences. There's another from the love story, Illusionist, even when Eisenheim said to his audience, "Everything you have seen here has been an illusion.", many were still deceived. Why? Because we human always wanting to believe the physical reach i.e. what we see, hear or touch.

Hence, my conclusion, please.. please don't put your 100% faith to this kind of news/documentary from only one source. We never know what has been done in the media room. With all the image processing techniques and software, anything can be tampered to make it more realistic. People can be paid to put up a show or to give certain comments, truth can be removed, hidden or disposed and there are JUST many other ways. But the good news is, I think there are many who are becoming more aware of this matter hence, more cautious to what they hear or read on newspaper.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

The heart...

To begin with, here's some mystery questions for you. Be prepared... [evil laugh follows]. Don't worry laa, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to answer the following questions :):

What determines a tree to produce good fruits? Think carefully.. so you think you have the answer? If you have, you can try the next question. If you haven't, think again :p...


Next question. What about computers? How is one better than the other? Haa.. jawab2. Again if you have, you can answer the final question. If you haven't, na a a...


Last question. What makes a good person?


And the answers are - 'The root/seed', 'it's processor' and finally 'a good heart' :). So you notice.. Yup, all three questions are actually referring to each 'heart'. However, does a good heart is enough to ensure long lasting positive result i.e. tasty fruits, fast computational and good person? The answer is a clear cut 'No'.

If you look at plants for example, the farmer need to have an irrigation to ensure sufficient amount of water. The soil also need to be manured at least twice a week. As for a computer, from time to time, we need to empty the recycle bin, delete temporary files that have been using disk spaces and finally update the virus definition to prevent harm to our compute.

Hence, as for we human, all we need to do is to follow the 'nature'. Water the heart by reading the Quran/Book, empty all bad plans that could spoil the heart, delete useless daily program to not waste any more time and finally, manured/update the heart with ruhaniah material from time to time.

'Good heart' here I come!! :)

Wednesday, January 3, 2007


It was only yesterday that myself and K Azah were talking about our unfinished Christmas asignment. And of course, both of us were praying hard so that we won't be the one who has to present the individual progress in the upcoming biweekly meeting.

This morning I had the shocked of my life when my supervisor emailed asking about our literature review progress. "...why don’t you both send me what you have so far. ..." are the line that made me AAHhhh! (I wonder if my neighbour heard my cries :p) Yes you are right. My neighbour as in 'neighbour' :). Currently Yaby and I are working 'from' home. Sometimes when we feel like it or had something to print, then only we go to the office. We updated our supervisor via email on daily basis. There are some unsettle issues regarding our Intellectual Property (IP) which prevent us from coming to the lab. It has been three wasted months now. Since we can't work in the lab, it also means that we cannot continue with our coding. And guess what?! Yaby and I must produce a 'working' prototype by May and there are as little as SIX module to write! Aduh.. pening.. tolong..

When I first entered my 'research mode' last July, I've drafted my benchmark. Although it was not carefully crafted, I think I'd made sufficient consideration on the time line so that I won't drift away. Again, guess what?! None of it except for one were achieved - getting enrolled! Aduih lagi.. So, this is the so called 'pain-line' in doing PhD. You thought that you had everything covered when you finally realized that there were the dynamic element that kept pushing you away from your track. Geram laa..

My advice - "Expect the Worse!" Hehe.. Got to stop now. I need to continue my write up before ending up with only 10 pages of literature review.. :p

Monday, January 1, 2007

New Chapter..

'Farewell' to 2006 and 'hello' to 2007! Also, 'goodbye' to my friendster blog and 'welcome' to my blogger blog :p!! Hopefully there will be more interesting events that would provide me with good 'ingredients' for my writing this year. All the best to everyone! :)