Sunday, November 25, 2007

Let it end...

"Selamat Hari Jadi yg ke-25.. Awak sudah besar, pendek n matang... hehehe... Semoga Allah berkati awak sekeluarga.. "


Yup, those are the two wishes out of many that explains more or less EVERYTHING. This year birthday is different. A whole lot of different. And yes, this entry was supposed to be up last Wednesday but due to unforeseen matters (Actually I was on strike :P <-- sape mkn cili terasa laa pedas.. huhuhu...), I had to postpone it until today. :) I wonder how the wishes will be like in 25 years to come. I once wrote in my diary asking the million dollar question (and I am sure most of you guys too.. :)), "I wonder what would become of me when I'm 25..." and today I got my answers - happily married, 25 weeks pregnant, doing my PhD, own a car and a second hand car, traveled to Europe and Australia, wrinkles on my forehead, gain loads of fatty acid... huhuhu... and of course there are a lot more to add to the list. :) Hmm.. as days pass by, I can't help noticing that I am not getting any younger-that is physically wise laa. The same thing to the people surrounding me. Sometimes, I do feel the little 'scare' in my heart. Afraid of that uncertain that is TOO certain to come. So people, if you felt you haven't done enough for your love ones, do it now! And if you have some unfinished business with anyone, settle it soon-once and for all! Let bygone be bygone... :)

p/s: especially dedicate to D****

p/p/s: Happy 25th birthday to me! :D

Saturday, November 10, 2007


Before I slept last night, I made a promise to myself that if I wake up early this morning and do the washing, clean the kitchen, vacuum the house and re-arrange what was left as clear mess (from the whole week), I would give myself a chance to put a post today. And of course, you should know that I've managed to hold to my word! Yea!! ;-)

Talking about discipline, yup, it has never been easy for me. Honestly! Especially if it is Sunday and it's raining!!! My God! Trust me, I kept repeating "another 10 minutes please", the minute after each of the 10 minutes snooze went off. Aiyo.. so teruk. And I am going to be Ummi soon! Hehehe...

Everyone knows that procrastinating is not good. "A-aa! It's bad" is what I usually reminded myself with. But no matter how much we comprehend the HUGE lost if we continue with this act, we are BOUND to fall for it. If not sometimes, it would be like - all the time! And when the consequences are unleashed, that was when we realise "aiyo.. if only I this and that...". Then again, we usually 'recover' soon enough to even let it sinks into our heart and so NOT to repeat it again. Haiya~~

I wonder if I should start blackmailing myself more often now. After all, I need to be well behave before my baby is due. Huhuhuhu.. ;-P Good luck people! You are not alone fighting this war... ;-)

"By (the Token of) Time (through the Ages), Verily Man is in loss, ..." [103:1-2]

Sunday, October 28, 2007

26 days...

Every year for the past three years my time spent in the UK, I'd never lose a single opportunity to go back every summer holiday. 3 full months under the pampering arms of ummi and of course I didn't let go off the chance to eat my heart out! But it was different now. This time, I wasn't 'supply' with the lavish 3 months holiday.

Lucky for me and Yaby though, this year we got to spend 26 days in Malaysia thanks to the conference that we had to attend in Vienna (the flight ticket from Malaysia cost only AUS$1000 compare to AUS$3000 if flying from Australia). But after reaching Vienna, my heart just can't wait to hop into the airplane to take the earliest flight back to Malaysia. However, I must admit that 26 days wasn't enough. Many of my early plans was canceled last minute. To Eeda, Muiz, Taufik and Aida, in case you are reading this, we are really sorry that we didn't visit you guys. InsyaAllah in the years to come. :)

Now, we are back in Brisbane - just the two of us (and of course the small "half" :P ). There were loads of catching up to do. Cleaning, shopping for groceries, laundry, 20 weeks scan appointment, physiotherapy class, midwife appointments, antenatal classes and most importantly, my research work. To add to the whole list, Yaby and I will also be busy browsing the internet to look for a new house and a car, which is not to my liking as it requires long hour of surveying and not forgetting all the paper works that comes with it. And parallel to that, Yaby and I must start looking for baby's stuff and a suitable name for our baby. It's less than 19 weeks before she's out. Luckily these 'chores' really interest me (after all I wouldn't trust Yaby 100% on this one :P huhuhu...). It's always like that. You will be busy when you are BUSY... hmm...

To all my Brisbane friends, rumah terbuka nanti yerr... huhuhu...
In conjuction with Aidilfitri, here's the awaited Little Maryvale open house... huhuhu...
Date: 3rd November 2007
Day: Saturday
Time: 12pm - 4pm
Venue: 4/12 Little Maryvale St, Toowong
Menu: kena dtg baru tau... huhuhuhu...


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ellywong return???

As I was staring at my "Advanced Computer Architecture: a quantitative approach" book (yup, staring), I gave a chance to my brain wandering on it's own for a few while. It didn't go far though. It keeps circulating a few chapters that took place in the past 2++ months. There were the fun stuff, the exciting stuff, the unexpected stuff, the unfavourable stuff... a good mixture of everything. Just like what life is all about... :)

My morning sickness is almost gone now. I begin to pick up the things that I like to do slowly now and hence the blog... :) Before I start writing, I've opened my blog page and noticed that I need to do something with the colour fast before anyone complains. My shout box account has expired too!! Hehe.. Lawak2x... There sure must be a lot of things that I need to do...

To wrap up this short post, since it's the season of greetings, I would like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Please accept my sincerest apologies for all my wrong doings ya! ;)

Our lily gave us its first bloom.. after a year... :)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Quick Post!

Dearest friends,

I know it has been some time now since my last post. This time, it wasn't because I haven't go anything to share, it's just that I felt like vomiting each time I open any blog or friendster or fotopages. Yup, it all has got to do with the trimester thing... :)

Anyway, as I have little time left before I will dash for the toilet bowl again, I thought I should let you all know.

p/s: please do pray for both yaby and myself ya! ;) :) also thanks to all of your wishes!

Oh no!!! here it comes... :P

Monday, July 2, 2007

Quick Post!

InsyaAllah, there'll be an extension to my family tree at the end of February or early March next year... :)

Friday, June 29, 2007


If there's one person I need to point out as the person whom I admire most in the engineering realm would be Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple Company. But this was not until one fine day in mid 2005.

I first read 'something' about Job (which catapulted him in my best achiever list) was during our usual family dinner at Jalan 3/3a. Ayah asked me if I have read Job's speech which he addressed at a graduation ceremony in Stanford University. I said "no" and that was when Ayah gave me a copy of Job's speech. Although I'm not sure whether the speech was given on the fly or if he wrote the text himself or his highly paid secretary wrote it, but I know one thing for sure. It was one great, impressive piece of speech that summarises his life of falls and achievements in such an excellent way that anyone who read it felt good, really good.

Two days ago, I was again encountered with one good article which somewhat related to Job. It's title - "Lesson to be learned from Apple". And just like Job, one of the lesson that he highlighted is the importance for one to "fail wisely".

Many of us tend to be taken aback when something didn't go as planned. I know I have. All in which left me with dark eye circles because of my silly long hours of crying. Although Daddy pointed out that "it's not the end of the world", for some reason I just kept continue crying. Huhuhu... As I grew older, I began to see failure differently. I was lucky that Islam has provided us with the Sixth Pillar of Iman - Belief in the Divine Will (be it good or bad). I began to understand and learned to accept things even when it didn't happen the way I wanted. And so after having read Job's speech, I've put it together and realised that indeed what ever happened to us, happened accordingly to teach us something new along the way.

The thing about 'being successful' that I learned through out my almost 25 years of living journey experiences and of course through reading is, "success is not measure on the outside, but comes from within". You don't need to see someone who is able to pursue his/her study to a higher degree of education as being more successful than you are. At the same time, you don't need to have higher paid job to prove to others that you are successful when deep inside you loath your current job. All you need is for you to achieve what you think would be best for you. That would be your greatest success.

There's more to be learned from failure than success...

Tuesday, June 26, 2007


To cook you need ingredients. Now, imagine that you are an invited chef at a 5 stars hotel. The manager lead you into their 5 stars kitchen. As you entered the kitchen you saw 5 stars freshly chopped ingredients lining up the tables. While looking at the ingredients, your mind started to brain-storm on what 5 stars menu to be served. In just 40 minutes, using most of the ingredients, you manage to come out with your four most outstanding cuisines.

Now, what will happen to you (assuming that you are still the chef) if there's no ingredients for cooking? Correct!!! You cannot cook no matter how passionate you are about cooking.

These few days has been completely routine for me. Which apparently, what I dislike most. ONE, because I hate monotonous and TWO, it took away my prime source for my blog laa. Sigh... the same thing happened with my chat-to-release-tension thingy which again I'd to skip PLENTY of it this week. Sigh... and that was supposed to be my secondary inspiration for my writing. Hmm...

They say the easiest thing to write is to write something that you know (best). And guess what, currently I felt like a chef without ingredients. I wanted to write (or was it mere rambling :P) but currently there's zero.. zilch.. zip.. nada idea in my mind. And because of that, my apologies for not being able to update frequently this month. Would it continue next month?! Hmm... That you have to wait till next month :P.

Like they say, everyone needs some time off. Maybe this month IS my time out... :) ;) huhu....

Monday, June 18, 2007

The call...

Yesterday night call was not at all the same. There were no usual laughter. Instead, the melody of tears that could waver any hearts who hears them was on the other side of the line. Every word was uttered in a careful manner. The reason to it, Imi is going to further his studies in the US. It was surely hard for Mak as yesterday was the last night before the final farewell was made to his youngest son. Although it was, if God permit, not forever but surely the time span before Imi's return is long enough to keep Mak away from seeing Imi for quite some time. This morning at about 11:30am Brisbane time, Imi took off heading to a foreign land in the quest of knowledge. And just like Yaby had put it this morning, "dah pergi dah imi...". He sounded worry and sad all together. He was after all the eldest son in the family.

Departing has always been the most difficult time. As hard as we try to stop it, the moment will surely come in everyone's life. But having said that, we are not left with nothing especially when the separation happened because of a good cause. May this hadith ease the heart whom shall be or is now separated from your love one(s)...
Anas (RA) said: the Messenger of Allah (Peace be Upon Him) said:
“He who leaves his home in order to seek knowledge, he is in Allah’s path until he returns [to his home].”

(At-Tirmidhi, Sunan, An-Nawawi, Riyad As-Salahin)

p/s: to uje.. br hezmee.. br fauzan.. my dearest sisters and brother-in-laws... and all laa... :)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Getting there...

When I changed to blogger blog domain, I vowed (with finger-crossed behind my back :P) that I would come out with a new entry every 3-4 days. However, by looking at my entry record, I didn't do a good job in keeping my vow. I had 18 posts in January but drop down to 5 in May. Sigh... As Eddy Purnama put it today, "wei, dah nak dekat seminggu dah asik 'beautiful rain' jer". As expected from Eddy, he expressed the single line in such a way that he ensured you felt guilty to your bones. One eyebrow raised while the other was narrowed and lips were neatly curled by the end of his sentence. Sigh... Hehe... Acah jer. Eddy would not do that. ;) And so, after 9 days of loitering in the inactive-blogging mode, hopefully this entry will do... :)

A few days back, thanks to Eddy, I had the chance to take a Heroes personality test. It's a test to see if one has the qualities to become a Hero. There is one out of the 26 questions on our perspective of a human being. There are three options which sounded something like: a) human beings for most part are inherently good, b) human beings for most part are inherently bad and c) human beings inherently nothing but depends on environment and experiences. I've answered 'a' (because like many, I believe that all human being were born like a white sheet. Clean and not infested) although part of me wanted to answer 'c' (because I've seen many on how environment/experiences causing human to sway their way from one to another).

I grew up in a small town located in Pahang. The last time I spoke of it, daddy told me that it's now a dead town. More and more people are leaving the town. That place was called Ibam. I spent my early 6 years there before my family and I moved out to Muadzam for one and a half year. Later in mid 1989, we moved to Klang. A place which is totally opposite to the former. The air is no longer fresh and there are many cars on the road - too many. I recalled daddy telling ummi that he thinks he made the right choice to move out from Ibam sooner than later. In daddy's mind, he strongly believed that environment, by part and parcel, has the influence on his children's future. Daddy highlighted on how slowly things are going on in Ibam. There was no 'rush', little competition and challenges which to him did not portray the real world to his children. I guess daddy must have fear that his children might be too complacent if we continued living in Ibam.

It's the truth. Environment could influence us in many ways. The way one talk or the way one expresses opinion or the way one work or his/her overall personality. Whether towards the positive or otherwise, it depends on how much of the 'environment element' you have let to slip into you. By that, I mean it's a matter of choice.

p/s: To imi, good luck in your studies in the US. Take care! :)


After putting this post yesterday, I thought I should put up some information about Ibam or should I say a dedication to my beloved Bukit Ibam. And so, I present this exclusive hand scribbled photos... (lukisan budak kecil lagi lawa... hai...)

This is the road before entering Bukit Ibam. I think it's the one and only way in/out to the 'outside world'. The red car is daddy's car. I never ask daddy, but I think the gate is to prevent wild animal from entering the 'human' habitats.

There are more houses along the road which I excluded in the above photos. My house was the furthest which was a few meters away from the jungle. The cherry tree was my neighbour's. My siblings and I used to climb this tree and eat its cherries. Each morning while walking to my kindergarten, I would surely grab one of the wild flowers. Saje je... The badminton court was where I used to play with my friends. Police-and-thief, galah panjang, baling selipar... you name it... :)

This was my house backyard. Daddy had grown many vegetables. There were also loads of pokok pisang. Before our kolam mandi was built, it was actually a place where daddy had planted his favourite flower - orchid. As for the durian tree, we never had the chance to taste its fruits. But daddy's friend who are still there told daddy that it's the best durian ever!

And finally, this was the road that lead to the deserted mine. If I'm not mistaken it was a jade mine or was it marble? Hmm.. too young to remember. :)

That's it. My special entry for my one and only Bukit Ibam.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Beautiful rain...

Outside, it has been raining for more than 24 hours straight. The news states that this is the best rain Queensland has ever had over the last three years. I gave a quick peek outside my window and could see the repetitive tiny dots on the surface of the many water puddles. As I'm typing this, the sound of the heavenly drops seems to be amplified. It resonates beautifully with the song which my mp3 currently playing in repeat mode - "all by myself" by Il Divo.

Brisbane was on Level 3 water restriction when Yaby and I first arrived in Brisbane. And just three weeks ago, there's news that the Beattie's government is going to enforce a new level water restriction which was Level 6 (since we are currently on Level 5 i.e. the maximum level) if Queensland continue to be left without rain. I am sure that there's not a single soul here in Queensland who would not realise the result of the drought. Green fields turned yellow, many trees dead, farmers losing plants and animals... and how the "water" issues has a direct impact on the Queensland economy and of course, the upcoming election.

When I reached the lab today, I gave out a call to B, "can you believe it that it's pouring outside...". B looked at me and said, "isn't it beautiful!!!". There was huge relief written all over her face. Earlier on, when I was in the lift, there were two guys talking with full enthusiasm about last night rain "...we got 400mm last night...". I couldn't help smiling after hearing that. I know I never hear such remarks back in Malaysia. I guess it's normal when it comes down to "human" and "gratitude". One will only comes to appreciate when that 'something' is gone.

Anyway, there's one park where Yaby and I had spent our lunch together couples of times. It used to have green grass and as usual the 'white' people seems to love to occupy the grass more rather than the seats along the park. As the drought taking its toll, there were less and less green spot. Soon, it was all brown. But today, as 470 bus swerved into Elizabeth St, I'm quite sure I saw a green spot emerged at the corner of the park. I turned my head145 degree just to make sure and for the second time, I know there'S definitely new beginning. Yup, only time will tell... indeed... :)

"Verily the likeness of (this) worldly life is as the water (rain) which We send down from the sky, so by it arises the intermingled produce of the earth of which men and cattle eat until when the earth is clad with its adornments and is beautified, and its people think that they have all the powers of disposal over it, Our Command reaches it by night or by day and We make it like a clean-mown harvest, as if it had not flourished yesterday! Thus do We explain the Ayât (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, laws, etc.) in detail for the people who reflect."


"Tell Me! The water that you drink. Is it you who cause it from the rainclouds to come down, or are We the Causer of it to come down? If We willed, We verily could make it salt (and undrinkable), why then do you not give thanks (to Allâh)?"


Wednesday, May 30, 2007


This post has been postponed for 'too' long (4 days dah.. kang basi laa pulak... :P). OK. Shall we start? :)

Last week, Yaby and I went to Canberra to attend a four days workshop/tutorial. There we met with three other experts in hardware and software programming in embedded system area. When I say 'expert', I really mean it. On the first day, they help to find a way to test our design board with the interface board. Yup, it is the design board which Yaby and I had been working on. Although we manage to confirm that all the connections are correct, there is one problem in the design - timing constraints. As a result, we need to design a new board. Hopefully this one would work just fine.

Indeed, how could I have overlooked this 'ultimate' point during the designing process. Hmm.. which made me realised that as a matter of fact, "timing" played a major role in most of our daily lives end results. For example, ... eh jap jap... what I'm about to say next might startle you a little bit (or maybe a lot). So forgive me if you are offended in any way. My example is - the baby-in-making process... Seriously, timing is SUCH a crucial thing in this process and of course there are many other occasions where "timing" could affect the outcome of 'something'. Betul tak?... :)

On the last day in Canberra, we manage to cover few interesting places in Canberra. Like many who had been to Canberra, I would say that it is a quiet city. Before I came to Brisbane, I never had thought that the capital city of Australia would be Canberra. I had always imagined Sydney instead. Most people would argue on the different level of Canberra as a capital city of Australia compare to other capital cities in the world. To give you a better picture on what Canberra are-made-of, you might want to imagine hanging around at Putrajaya. In fact, the photo above was taken at the biggest round-about in Canberra just like the one which Putrajaya has (but of course the trees are a whole lot different.. and the round-about size is a little smaller compare to Putrajaya's). And guess what? Canberra has an artificial lake again JUST like Putrajaya :). That's it. My update on Canberra. :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My bad...

Second day in Canberra and my state - happy but freezing! It feels like I am in Southampton again. Yesterday morning when our plane landed, I looked outside and saw the bright and blue sky and I told myself, "this won't go any less than 20 degree". Little that I know, I was totally wrong. As Yaby and myself walk out the plane towards the baggage claim area, I could definitely feel the cold wind. Things get even worse as I stepped outside the airport. This time, the icy cold air not only hit my skin but also my bones!!! Trust me, I was quite sure if there were dogs and dolphins nearby, they could here the cling-clang sound of my bones... :P We were lucky that we figured out that we should bring our sweater along in the last minute! Hehehe...

Lesson to be remembered (by me especially) - never assume! You just have to be sure... :) I'll put more updates once I'm back in Queensland... :)

p/s: I need a muffle and gloves!!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Story book...

Today while waiting for Yaby to get Sushi ingredient from Coles (our sushi result can be found here! ;)), I hang around at a bookstore closed by. There's one book in particular that caught my eyes. It was a children's book. The title - "Ten little beetles". Like most children book, it has large fonts with bright colours and the book actually has ten coloured-plastic-beetles (ladybugs) stick onto it! How I wish I was small once more. I'm sure I'll ask ummi and daddy to buy me that book for my birthday! Oohh.. how I envy kids nowadays. Their books are so beautiful!

Anyway, one of my favourite children story book is - "Si Taring Kecil". It's a story of a young and cheeky baby crocodile who likes to do different things than the other crocodiles. There's another character in the book which is Si Taring Kecil's father who's named Si Taring Besar (obviously! Hehe..) who would always advice Si Taring Kecil not to continue his naughty behaviour. Although the book have misleading information about crocodiles for example, "crocodile eat coconuts", I just love that book for two reasons. One, it's a present and two, it has a happy ending i.e. in the end Si Taring Kecil becomes an obedient baby crocodile. Hehe.. (ya laa.. budak kecil loves happy ending maa... :P)

And so, back to "Ten little beetles". On the first page, it goes something like this (ehemx2 *clear throat*), "Ten little beetles, sitting on leaves, out came a butterfly and there're nine!", "Nine little beetles, sitting on leaves, out came a catterpillar and there're eight!" and it goes on and on... When I reached to countdown number four, I kinda felt pity to the other little beetles who's taken away one by one. In my heart, I was telling myself "Why this book! How could it be so evil to take all the cute little beetles! They are family for God sake! Now the little fellow must live all by themselves without the other six!" until I reach the very last little bug, "One little beetle, sitting on a leaf, out came 'something' (I can't remember because at this point I kinda wanted to finish the book ASAP and so little concentration is given. :P), and there are EVERYONE!". Yup, surprise! The last two pages are filled with pictures of all ten beetles smiling at one another. This is what I expect for a four years old story book! Ahh.. happy ending again... :)

Isn't it wonderful if we could have a 'happy ending' not only in the afterlife but also in day-to-day basis? Do you get what I mean? Well for example, I finally get my PCB board today but there's a problem with the board. There are still many to be done to make sure the board is OK. At the end of my PCB journey, I'm hoping that my happy ending would be such that the PCB board works which led to the completion of my prototype. Another example would be, one is in search of that special friend but haven't got any luck so far. The happy ending for this would be for that one person to found a friend that would cherish him/her till the end. Someone that he/she could put his/her trust into.

p/s: specially dedicated to **l**... :)

p/p/s: good luck to all in pursuit of your many happy endings.. :)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Quick Post!

Title: My 'bus' story continues

It was Tuesday the 8th of May 2007, 7:21pm, two mentally exhausted PhD students taking the 470 bus ride back home. As the bus cruised by the Brisbane's bus line-up, this was what happened...

Me: Yaby, cube tgk ni. Bnyk bgt bas kat sini. (Excited)

Yaby: (With face barely amused) Ha'akan...

Me: Mesti mlm2 they talk to each other kan?

Yaby: Huh? Ada kerr. Mlm2 bus driver balik rumah laa. Dia org tak tunggu kat dlm bas.

Me: I'm not talking about the bus driver laa. Po tgh cakap pasal bas2 ni laa. Paham tak? Bas talking to each other?

Yaby: (silent showing me the "question mark" face of his)

End of part one.


It was Thursday the 10th of May 2007, 6:56pm, two mentally exhausted PhD students taking the 470 bus ride back home. As the bus cruised by the Brisbane's bus line-up, this was what happened...

Me: Yaby, yaby... nak dgr tak satu basnyer conversation?

Yaby: (With face barely amused) Ye laa.. ye laa...

Me: (Excited) Ok ok...
Bus A: Adeh, penatnye kaki aku. Hari ni aku kena jadi bas 411.
Bus B: Ye ker. Dah tu, nape penat. Biasanye tak penat pun.
Bus A: Hari ni jln biasa tutup. So kena lalu detour. Jln die punye lah turun naik bukit. Aduh.. penatnye kaki aku. Hari ni ko ambik syif mana?
Bus B: Hari ni aku rilek.
Bus A: Apesal?
Bus B: Sbb, brek aku kena servis ni. Esok lusa baru boleh keje balik.
Bus A: Camtu, aku nak rosakkan brek aku gak laa. Biar sampai construction abih baru aku nak masuk keje balik.
Yaby: Hahaha... (trying very hard to hide his usual big laugh)

Me: Yaby nak dgr lagi satu?

Yaby: Boleh gak!

After finishing my second 'bus' story...

Yaby: Ni, Yase pun ada satu citer bas gak...

And it goes on and on....

The End

Morale of the story: Spur the smile! :) You'll feel a whole lot better making someone smile.

p/s: smile is sadaqah (As long as you put it in the right way laa! Pahamkan... ;))

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


We finally got the letter with the blue and red letterhead with "First National Real Estate" printed clearly. The "RE:" was written in bold, size 14, Times New Roman fonts with the word "inspections" among others. Receiving this letter also means that Yaby and myself have been here for almost a year now (cepatnyer laa hai masa berlalu...). Anyway, here's what came across my mind while going through the two pages letter. No. 1 - Geram plus tensen! Why must they do it this Tuesday (i.e. Today) and not last two weeks when I'm kinda free??!! and No. 2 - Relief! Luckily this house is small enough, hence, I can make all cleaning on time :P. Huhu...

Talking about the size of a house, I realised that indeed, the bigger the house also means more chores to do. Putting aside the cleaning factor, the bigger the house also means that there are more things to be taken care off. Does security rings a bell? :) In other words - huge responsibility. In Ummi's word, "lagi besar periuk, lagi besarlah kerak" which can be translated literally as "the bigger the pot, the bigger the crust".

Early this year, Yaby and myself were in the quest to look for a new place to rent. In my mind, I had imagined a two bedroom brick house to accommodate my visiting families, with double glaze windows to keep me warm during winter and fitted air conditioning to keep the temperature down a little during the hot summer. A furnished house would be even better and most of all, a spacious kitchen. Ahh... haven. When Yaby and I didn't get even close of finding my 'dream rent' house and had to renewed our contract for another year, I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed at all. However, as I was wearing my yellow latex gloves, I never ever felt more grateful living in this Queenslander house (a wooden type of house) and I just couldn't stop murmuring "nasib laa baik rumah ku kecil". Huhu... I would even give a big hug to every wall in this house to show my gratitude for it being small. :P

Often enough, I found myself seeking for more but forgetting that it didn't come without no cost. Remember the "five before five" thing? Yup, that five. I always wanting for more free time but tend to forget that it comes with a cost i.e. how-have-I-used-it. On that day, He'll asked me of what He's given me. I wonder if I had been responsible enough...

p/s: "Muda sebelum Tua", "Kaya sebelum Miskin", "Lapang sebelum Sibuk", "Sihat sebelum Sakit", "Hidup sebelum Mati"

Monday, April 30, 2007

Love for sport...

Last Friday, Man U beat Everton by 3-2. Guess what? I don't care even if Man U wins EPL!!! :P (<-- especially to all Man U fans) Anyway, besides AFL, I just love watching sports. I could have my nose stuck on the TV for hours just to watch a game. That's why my rule is to "never to turn on the TV if there's any sport match when I've deadline to meet". Hehe...
There's so much beauty in sport. Take one easy target as an example - "boys with football". Try to imagine this scene. Couples of boys who are strangers to one another met at a friend's house. It happened to be all of them are Man U fans but which non of them knew at the start. At first, each would slowly talk about their individual life/school/work story (not much laughter yet). After a few keropok lekor, the conversation started to build up (more laughter by now). All of a sudden, one of them ask the million dollar question, "so, did any of you guys happen to watch yesterday night match?". In a split second, everything would change. They've transformed themselves to *drum roll*... BUDDIES! And so, they talked about previous Man U matches, blunders in every match and almost everything which they could possibly remember (at this stage, there'll be a great mixture of laughter and everything else). And so, what I'm really trying to point out is, besides keeping one in good shape, sports do bring people together. :)

Yesterday night, I shared a conversation with a few of my friends about the joy of 1992. Yup, the year when Malaysia won its fifth Thomas Cup (and has been the last ever since :(). Who could ever forget that moment?! (But of course, unless you are too young to remember. Huhu..) I was right there in front of the television with my family members. My palms were sweating and legs shaking. I couldn't sit still at one place more than 30 seconds. My nerve was at maximum. To me, it was the best moment ever to achieve by Malaysia. It also has been the best sporting event in which I've witnessed so far! The Malaysian supporters were just wonderful and full of zest. The 1992 Thomas Cup also happen to be my only reason why I had appreciated the "Boleh" song :). Back at school, most of my friends were talking about Thomas cup. In the evening and weekends, everyone was playing badminton on the street. Yup, it was the season when everyone wanted to be Foo Kok Keong or Rashid Sidek or Beng Keang. :)

My stay here in Australia made me even more realised that sports indeed have the 'spell' to bring hope and unity. This year only, Australia dominates the Cricket World Cup and the World Swimming Championships and the OZs couldn't be more proud to call themselves Australian.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sweet dream...

I had a great dream last night! It was about me completing my PCB layout. Thanks to that dream which I had around (4am-4:30am), not only it makes me feel good about continuing the work, it also add fresh idea to my PCB design. It's 5:37am now. Can't wait to get to the office to work on it!! :)

These few days had been long and tiring. All I'm looking at from 10am - 6:30pm is a page of black, blue and red. OK laa, minus the lunch hour, the praying hour and etc. But still! The majority goes to my PCB design maa ;). Yup, 'black' it's the PCB layout background while 'red' and 'blue' is the track colour. Luckily Keith suggested using only two layers. If not my poor eyes would ended up looking at other striking colours.

If I remember correctly, a week ago, thanks to Effa, I've learned a new term - Lucky Jumps. What happen to me this morning (having that dream) is an example of what Lucky Jumps is. I'm sure many of you too had experienced the same thing. There were two occasions which I remember most in which these Lucky Jumps had took place. The first was in Form Five. I had this add maths question which I've tried several times but did not get the answer correctly. In my dream, I saw I was at my desk working on the question. When I was awake, I straight away took a piece of paper and scribbled what's left in my mind before I would forget everything completely. Turned out, the method works! The second was in my first year in Southampton. It was on ASM chart. In the task given, there was a constraint on input pins. Hence, the design could not have more than 2 to the power on 'n' states. Pikir punye pikir, my ASM still exceeded the maximum number of state. Until that dream came to the rescue! Hehehe... Isn't dream a pleasant thing! And tell me, just where do all good dreams come from? ;) Yup, they all come from Him. And here's what came across my mind while I'm writing this post - "maybe if we try to do more good and avoid the bad (as much as possible), maybe, there is/are different type of 'help' out there that awaits us". :)

p/s: "He helps those who help themselves..."

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dear pet...

One of my colleagues today share us the news about her daughter's dead gold fish. The poor thing was found swimming backstroke instead of the usual free-style this morning :P. She told us that luckily her daughter didn't notice it. What even more interesting to know was her husband was in the quest to find a gold fish that is as similar as the late gold fish so that her daughter won't be upset. Cute kan!

My first official baby cat was named Tom + Bong = Tombong ('tom' because he was a male and 'Bong' extracted from the Malay word 'kembung' as in 'bloated'). My younger sister took care of Tombong's younger brother which she called it Felixbong (yup, it was after Felix + Bong :P) which later was niknamed as Achang (don't ask me how. I really can't remember how it ended up becoming Achang... hehe). Tombong and Achang were just a normal orange and white kittens. Our meeting was a sheer coincidence. Our neighbour told us that the two kittens were left without their mother. After hearing that, I felt the obligation to take care of the kittens. At first daddy would not let us keep them since we already have another cat. However, Ummi came through, convincing daddy that it would be a good idea to take care of them until they are strong enough to look for their own food. Daddy agreed.

A few weeks later, I came home from school to find out that Tombong was no where to be seen. The same situation had happened couples of days back. Luckily for me, the last time it happened, Tombong was found lurking around at the nearby road which led to the nearest playground. It was the playground which my sister and I had brought both of them to play several times before. Tombong just love the long grass. He would try to hide while I would pretend not to see him before he would pounced my leg. But that day, I couldn't find him. I looked for him at the same road and at the playground but still, there's no sign of Tombong. The next morning, I continued my search but to no avail. It was later in the evening when Tombong came home. At that time, we were about to have our dinner. I was so relieved. When I saw him coming through the back door, I hurriedly left my chair, grab him by one arm and started preparing some food for Tombong using the other. After telling him how worried I was and making sure that Tombong like his fish, I headed back to the dining table. I quickly finished my food and headed straight to the kitchen but only to see that he wasn't there anymore. Straight away, I felt worried again. I asked my sister to help me to look for him since it was getting dark.

"Awak punye kucing sudah mati. Rubers gigit...", was the answer given by my 'other' neighbour when I asked them if they'd seen my Tombong. I could feel that my heart was resisting to accept the words. I asked them if I could see the dead kitten. Again in my heart, I was praying that it would be another poor kitten's fate. They then handed me an orange and white kitten. My search had ended. It WAS Tombong. Tears started running down my cheeks.

p/s: indeed, death could happen any minute without the slightest warning...

p/p/s: our condolences to Br. Zamani... Al-Fatihah...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Unhappy days...

A dear friend of mine who has been following my blog asked me a few weeks ago if I ever had unhappy days. I gave her a quick answer of 'YES' with an added smiley face on the chat box. She was right to say that there's not one particular post that shows me in distress. Well, here's one :). Although I am not going to start writing a post full of 'tears' and gave you all the details of what had happened :P, I am going to let 'you' to know that yesterday was one of my unhappy moments :). What did I do when I'm unhappy? Hmm... A straight answer would be - 'to cry'. A longer version of my answer would be - 'to cry and ponder why it happened, how it happened, what did I need to do to straight things up and etc.. etc...'. Biasalaa kan... huhu...

I am sure, like many, one need to motivate oneself for many particular reasons. How you do it really depends on yourself. As for myself, I always reminded myself to stay happy because I believe that success comes easily when you are happy. Hence, I'll do anything to ensure that my level of happiness increase if not stable at a positive range. Then again, there are odds in life, which hardly to say, simply there to make your life harder. But (I shall repeat this one more time :P), it is not made to weaken you, but to make you a better person. You'll learn a lot just from experiencing the unhappy days. Here's one which I've learned from my unhappy life experience, "when you ever felt unhappy, there are always friends to be with" :) (husband is a great asset too if not sometimes, all the time!! Hehe...). I was in my upper secondary when I realised this fact. Before 'that' incident happened, I never thought that such great friends would exist.

I am the type of person who rarely talk about problems that surrounds me. I would keep it to myself and try my very best to get rid of 'it' as soon as possible. Until, I began to see that there's an easier exit and the best part of all, I don't have to do it alone :). You know the song sang by Donkey (in Shrek 1) which goes something like this, *clear throat* "I'm all alone, there no one here beside me... but you got to have friends...". Bull's-eye! Yup, that's true Donkey!

It's really wonderful having 'all of you' as friends. At times when my tounge slips which ever to hurt your feelings, please accept my sincerest apologies for I am not an angel (I'm sure you know this all along :P). I am just in fact ME.

p/s: hope this post elaborated my given answer to 'your' question. ;)

Friday, April 6, 2007

Easter plan...

Yup, today is the starting of my four days holiday! Or is it? Well, If you asked me earlier this week, I would definitely say that I had loads of interesting plans. From DreamWorld to Surfers Paradise to Skirmish to picnic to shopping!! What even more interesting Yaby and I even had the idea of going back to Malaysia during this four days holiday! Seriously!! That shows you just how much I'm looking forward to this day :D. But not anymore... :(

As Monday turned Tuesday, I got to know from Abbas that he hasn't finished checking my draft and told me that he might be able to finish it by Thursday. I didn't blame him. He had his hand full. One meeting after another especially now that we are getting more people who are interested with our prototype. When I heard the news, I've crossed 'picnic' from my things-to-do-during-holiday list. On Wednesday, I realised that there will be a construction work on the rail track to Gold Coast. Wahh! There goes my Gold Coast plan. Why must they choose THIS week? Apelaa... By Thursday i.e. yesterday, I got another not-so-good news from Abbas i.e. I have to wait untill Saturday to get my draft before I could start doing the corrections. And there goes all my holiday plans... :( I wanted to complete everything before Friday, but seems to me that the unexpected 'wins' again.

Why?.. why.. why... ;) Hehehe... When I put my thought to it, I realised that this situation happened to me all the time. If I'm so eager for a particular holiday plan, it WILL NEVER happen. There will always be 'something' in the last minute. Blurgghhh.. takpe..takpe... I am looking at the glass half full now ;). Maybe there's a reason to it. At least, Yaby and myself would be able to join Nicky and the rest for a fishing trip. Yup, and the tennis is still on!! :) :D

p/s: When sh** happens, try not to be too upset. Just laugh at it... ;) Happy holiday to all...

Monday, April 2, 2007

My tennis match...

Yaby and I had been jumping from one activity to another in order to stay fit (al-maklum laa, lately we both have been piling C3H8O3 and its equivalent! :P) Our latest plan is the "tennis". Since mid-March, Yaby and myself had started playing tennis every Sunday night with our colleagues. And finally, yesterday night happened to be my first official match. Hehe lawak2x. Like Yaby said (together with his sound effect and hand movement), "po dah pusing 360 darjah macam katun pun still tak kena bola...". Yup, and as you have guessed correctly, Yaby didn't escape not laughing hysterically. (I can't stop laughing myself too.. hehehe.. mmg lawak. nak buat camne). Honestly, it's harder than what I've anticipated. My salute to all female tennis players! Cayo.. cayo... :D

After our opposition won a straight game 5-0, I volunteered to leave the game so that the rest of them could start playing a real match. I could tell that all of them were being kind to me by hitting the ball slowly so that I had the chance to hit the ball back. While I was at the bench, one of them came to me and said this, "You have to play. If you want to improve, no matter how bad you play, you need to play..." which reminded me of daddy's words. And so I did! I continued playing. By the end of the day, I manage to get my serve right (although it is far from Maria Sharapova's full blow :P).

p/s: always give yourself a second chance! ;)

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Which kind are you?...

As usual, if Yaby and I catch the peak hour train in the evening, we would definitely have at least a copy of the 'mX' tabloid distributed free on our hands. From the second block until before reaching the central rail station, there will be many teenagers in yellow shirt eagerly wanting us to grab a copy of the free newspaper. The mX newspaper consists of a collection of short summaries of different articles and news (not forgetting the advertisements and brainteaser :D). It usually take 9 minutes (at most) to reach Toowong rail station (i.e. my stop) from the Central rail station (i.e. my lab). mX has proven to become very handy for both Yaby and myself. Ever since we started going to the lab, we missed the daily news more often. The mX news offers quick but sufficient info as well as provides a means to kill some time in a more respectable way (while waiting for the train to arrive and also while on the train :P). It's a beautiful scene too. As far as my eyes could see, almost all of the train user population would be reading mX.. if not something! Bagus kan org kat sini.. hmm... I felt obliged to share one of the short articles which I found fairly interesting from the Tuesday mX news edition. It was on horoscopes.

How many of us read horoscope if not everyday, read it once a month or at least once a year? Hehe... Yup. I too used to be among those who like to peek on the three lines horoscopes thingy. Not that I believe any of the writing but simply love to laugh at the notion that some 'people' would generalise all humanKIND in only twelve kinds. A team from University of Manchester had undergone an "exhaustive survey" throughout England and Wales and came out with this verdict, ".. no social compatibility was found between star signs for the 10 millions couples" in contrast to the suggstion made by the zodiac experts. The study only involve in one case study - personal relationship. I am quite sure if the team work on a broader range of facets, those astrologer might lose their job (or is it? Huhuhu...).

To me, everything is in the mind of a person. If he or she kept reading the stars, sooner or later, without realising they are actually moulding themselves the way those astrologers 'predicted'. For example, Pieces == Sensitive, Bossy == Leo or etc. I am not saying that you could not read your star anymore. I am just suggesting that we should take those 'people' words lightly. Remember, there are not only 12 kinds of people in this world... peace! ;)

p/s: '==' is a C term used in coding which means 'is equal to' :D

p/p/s: For muslim believers, if care is not given, one might easily becomes syirik...

Saturday, March 24, 2007


Huhuhu... I wanted to write this post right after I finished watching Charlotte's Web yesterday night but I was caught up with footy match between the Bulldog and the Panthers which later brought to me to my dreamland. Huhuhu... ;) Yup, I'm always looking forward to Friday. Friday till Saturday evening is my time to replenish or recharge myself for the following hectic weekdays. :P

I was in primary when I first saw my friends reading Charlotte's Web. And as usual, if Shirley brought new book to the class, everyone would have to queue to take turn. For this particular book, I didn't manage to get hold of the book before the school break. Hence, by new semester everyone had started reading and talking about new books. Last night was my long awaited reunion between me and Charlotte's Web. My heart was taken away by the simplicity and the kindness of Charlotte's character. I would not deny that the beautiful storyline manage to pull down my tears, profusely. A beautiful story with many beautiful values to be shared by many.

"Because I've made a promise..." - (a line from Charlotte's Web) indeed it's a simple phrase but embedded with tremendous reminder for all. I am not sure about others, but I realised that my young-self used to hold to the word promise with greater weight. I would easily left heart broken if anyone would break their promise(s). For example, when daddy said that he would take us to Port Dickson but canceled it in the very last minute, I would be devastated and pull my long face. Eventhough daddy didn't say he promise to take us to the beach, for some reason, I took his words as a promise. Hehe.. As I grew up, I began to realise that sometimes not all that we'd planned happened accordingly. That is why our teaching teach us to use 'insyaAllah'. It has the same weight as promise i.e. you have to give your very best to work out what you've promise but with an additional point in mind. That is, it would only happen if God permits because we human can never tell what's going to happen in the future.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


"Mother, don't you think they are strange?"
"What makes you said that, my son?"
"We have been their neighbour for the past three generations. There used to be much laughter from that house. But lately, everything has gone. Why is it, mother? What happened to them?"
"My son, we are not supposed to speak of others."

The son was left in silence a few while before he began asking his mother again.

"I just don't get it mother. Does it has something to do with the house? Back then, the house was small yet everyone was always smiling.”

The son reminiscing, 20 years back, thinking about his neighbours’ unfortunate fate. Most of them had to leave because the new house need more space. If it wasn’t because of Mia, he knew that he and his mother would have to leave the land too.

“No, my son. It’s not because of the house.”
“Was it because of the cars then? I knew Mia’s grandfather had never had one but they were very happy.”
“It’s not because of that too my dear one.”
"Then what is it mother? What makes Mia cried a lot lately. You saw it too mother. She used to smile when she visits us. But now, I hardly see her smiling. I want to know why."
“It’s getting late.”
“Oh, please mother.”
“Get some rest now.”
“Please tell me why, mother.”

His mother stared at him straight into his eyes. A night breeze passed by, shaking down some of their leaves to the cold and wet ground.

“My dear son, human is a very interesting creature. Unlike we trees, they have the 'power' to change their way of life. What's driving this 'power' is the 'desire' to improve their state of life. For the past 60 years, I had witnessed the many changes human have done. Some are good, and some to worse. Mia’s family is an example of how far human can go. From having a small ranch to mansion. From farmer to businessman. You see, although having ‘desire’ is good, without fair guidance, it could backfire. For Mia’s family case, pure desire has been tainted which led to ‘greed', 'deceit' and many 'lies'. For the past 3 years, Mia's brothers have been fighting over the wealth left behind by their late father.”

The son was left astounded. In his heart he was thinking, "could 'greed' be such great evil to steal happiness away?".

"Now, enough said. Get some rest my son."

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Lesson from nature...

Let me think for a while. When was the first time I got a real bouquet of flowers?... Hmm... Hmm... Hmm... Yup! It was from Nicky i.e. last Tuesday (percaya tak.. hehehe). And guess what? It changes my overall perception towards giving-real-flowers-as-presents concept. :P

I used to think that the concept of presenting real flowers as a waste and not practical at all. It cost a fortune yet it could only last for three days or five at most, before that someone who received them dump it into the dustbin. Hence, I just can't put the equation straight. Why would anyone have the idea of buying flowers in the first place? When I share my new two-cents with Yaby's youngest brother (cheeky imi :P), this statement came out from his ever scrupulous mind, "Haii, pandainyer org putih buat bisness. Dieorg bagi bunga, semua org nak ikut...". (Oh yes, he is so much like Yaby :P..)

When Nicky suddenly called out my name and handed me those flowers, I was 'startled' at the same time 'elated' plus a little 'flush' and felt like 'screaming' my heart out as well as 'jumping' up and down in excitement ALL AT ONCE!! I guess this is how those beauty pageant must have felt when they were announced as the first place winner :P.. huhu... I came to realise that there's indeed something behind real flowers. A simple yet unexplained messages. Those who received them would have understand but would be unable to explain their 'experience' in words. Maybe it has got to do with how nature works.

In our daily lives, we sometimes encountered with these unexplained feelings, thoughts, actions... things that are just uncomprehended by our mind. Our mind suggested 'it' as ridiculous whereas there's actually unknown reasons behind it. Sometimes, there is no used for questioning. Accept the nature's way... accept His way...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

C ya!

This entry is especially for Nicky - the bestest administration staff so far! ;) She makes Yaby and I felt very much 'at home' with her soft speaking manner, humour and kindness! We are going to miss you lots Nicky and thanks for the lovely flowers... :)

"You don't have to pretend. Your action is the reflection of your heart..." Akira

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Quick Post!

Title: Reason

I was in the toilet cleaning up few things, arranging the soap, toothbrush and etc while washing my hands. At the same time in my head, I remembered reading a paper last night that are more related to Yaby's research area. Hence, I was saying loudly in my mind, "don't forget to give Yaby the paper. Need to do it right after this". So, I turned off the tap, making my way out of the toilet, reaching the 'paper' in my hand (because my desk was next to the toilet door :() and was about to call for Yaby when...

Yaby: Uuuuwahhhh!!! (with Yaby's head popping out from right under my desk)

Me: AaaaAhhhHHhhhhhh!! (I think my voice might have reached Toowong shopping center.)

Yaby: (Laughing to his stomach)

After grasping some air...

Me: Weii, jahat laa! Apesal suke sgt terkejut kan Po.

Yaby: (still laughing)

Me: Jahat ooo. Sakit anak tekak Po laa. (and Yaby continued laughing..)

The end...

There were times, I kinda felt geram jerr towards Yaby for his little naughty act. But there were also times when I felt grateful to this particular naughty act of his. The reason to it is because, lately I realised that I'm getting hiccups quite often. Thanks to Yaby and his 'bahhh!' thing, I got to get rid of my hiccups faster. Like they say, everything happened for a reason. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Little act...

I am on cloud nine! :) I started my day by looking at the usual - papers. This week has been tough for both Yaby and myself. The result from we-can-never-predict-the-future makes me extra worried (and I still do). Yup, PhD thing (I wonder if there would be frown lines on my forehead sooner than I think! Alamak!!). Another 'boulder' trying to force Yaby and I make another detour. We really hope not. Anyway, as my motivation lever continuously fluctuates up and down even more vigorously lately, I really, really.. really need a SMILE. A LAUGHTER would be heaven! Just to lift up some worries off my mind for a short while. And lucky for me, I got it!! :) (can't stop smiling now... :) huhu...) I am sure many are aware of what I am about to say, but alas, it never hurt to be reminded isn't it? ;)

"You never know that your little act can make someone's day!!". Seriously you never know. Maybe to you it's just another normal day to 'buzz' someone's YM to start a conversation or you just felt like forwarding an email to everyone or you've just updated your fotopages or your blog or etc... but you never know at the other end of line, that 'someone' who's chatting, reading or browsing (me for example) really appreciate what you've done. Without realising, you have save someone's day from another boring and hectic day... :)

Although I am still worry, at least I have felt a lot better now... thanks **am... :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

False alert...

Imagine this...

The weather was gloomy. You were all by yourself at a bus stop. Looking at the sky you could tell that it would rain any minute. Frigid wind plunged into your skin. You brought yourself closer to the three-inches-wide pole hoping that it would shed the cold gust from directly hitting you. It was then you realised a man wearing all black standing across the road. Although it was from a distance, you could tell that in his left hand was some sort of chain. His other hand tightly in his pocket. His face was as grim as the weather. You felt a pang of cold shudder as the man in black facing at your direction. However, you couldn't really tell what he's looking at because you couldn't see his eyes. He was wearing a sunglasses despite the gloomy weather. You thought it would be a good idea to give a little smile and so you did. Nevertheless, his expression did not change and you started to feel uncomfortable from the result of your friendly gesture. It started to drizzle and you wonder if it was going to rain cats and dogs any sooner. You hold your bag over your head with one hand and the other searching for a handkerchief or tissues at least to wipe your face off the cold drops from the grey sky. Albeit the rain, that man didn't bother to make an effort to move from his spot and his faced still affixed at your direction.

You anxiously looked at your wristwatch. It was going to be dark soon. Your mind alerted you that the man might be staring at you. You were feeling more apprehensive than before. You planned to walk to another bus stop but you were afraid that the bus might passed by as you were making your way to the other stop. In the midst of your weariness, you suddenly caught sight of a black dog running in the man's direction. You could see it was carrying something in its mouth. You couldn't really tell what's was the dog carrying as the rain has built up over the couple of minutes. The dog stopped next to the man. The man kneeled and grab the dog by its collar. You couldn't see what exactly the man was doing to the dog. After a short while, the man was on his feat again. His left hand was holding a dog chain and a red umbrella. He then pulled a pen-length stick from his right pocket. The pen-length stick lengthen into a full length walking stick. The man finally made his way with the black dog leading his way.

The man was as a matter of fact just a blind man waiting for his dog to bring his forgotten umbrella.

The end...

p/s: Let's pray that we escape from making as well as to be victims of false judgements.

Especially dedicated to: ***an

Friday, March 2, 2007

Finally! I had few minutes to write an update for my blog. :) ;)
My first meeting with the new IIUM Rector, Prof Syed Arabi, last week had left me with a brand new aspiration. I am pretty sure that those who attended his lecture must have felt the same way too. When he touched on IIUM future plans, I felt the strong urge to complete this PhD as soon as possible so that I would be among the other IIUM staffs who would make the positive changes for the betterment of IIUM. Hmm... in fact, for the Malaysian tertiary education as a whole. Before he ended his lecture, he left us with one note to remember. That is to "be humble".

It is also worth sharing a few tips for future PhD candidates that I obtained from Prof Azmi's lecture.
  1. Make the best out of the first six months from the commencement of our PhD. He said that the first six months is the most crucial time as this is the time when supervisor(s) made their first impression/evaluation on you i.e. to see how confident are you in completing your PhD. In other words to see whether one IS capable of completing the PhD (cuak jerr dgr this part).
  2. Choose supervisor that is neither too old nor too young. If the supervisor is too old, there is greater risk of retirement, health and 'etc' (I leave the 'etc' for your creative mind to play around... :P). And if the supervisor is too young, he/she still remember the pain and their struggle of getting the PhD.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Thanks to TIDE program, yaby and I had the opportunity to visit Sydney. My future next stop - Tokyo!! :P
A few details on Sydney. Sydney is a beautiful and exciting place. If you have travelled to London, New York, Paris or Tokyo, you might want to add Sydney as your next visit. However, this time of the year, Sydney is terribly hot and dry. Hence, you might want to bring along some petroleum gel and sunblock. I am not sure about moisturiser. I did apply moisturiser morning, afternoon and night, but it didn't really help. If I must describe my current skin condition, it felt pretty much like sandpaper :P. Plus I felt as if there's another layer of plastic tightly glued on my lips. Putting aside the weather factor, it would be a waste if you were in Australia but didn't visit Sydney! So Nurul and Br Helmi, Yasir and I pray that you guys would have the chance to jalan-jalan at Sydney. Aminnn... ;) Another interesting fact is, 90% of natural white Opal comes from Sydney. The most expensive is the Black Opal. The price for a natural Black Opal could reach up to AUS$2500 for a 10 cent Malaysian coin size! (This fact is through my Opal hunt in Sydney. Hehe.. Last2 tak beli pun :P.).

However, the scorching weather didn't left us with nothing. We were quite lucky to be in Sydney last week to witness the spectacular Queen Mary 2 (QM2) i.e. the largest and luxurious ocean liners in the world and her royal sister, Queens Elizabeth 2 (QE2). Not only that. Yaby and I sat at the Sydney Opera House stairs among the other thousands to watch the colourful display of fireworks. I was told that it was an Australian salute to her majesty.

I'm still sorting which photo from my 1020++ photos to be posted here. Sabar... I think I might as well use fotopages.. :P