Thursday, March 22, 2018

It takes two glasses...

OK.. if you have been following my blog, you should know by now that I have always loved Superman. One of the reasons I must say, is of course, because of his brilliant way of hiding his super identity behind a simple pair of spectacles with literally no glasses on them (in the early days)! Hihi.. Without realising, I too have built a strong notion of wearing a pair of glasses.. because I too, was hoping that I could do 'something' without anyone realising 🙈🙈🙈. LOL!

How could I ever forget the very first moment I realised I needed that ‘powerful’ Superman gadget. It was during the first official class of my form four, when I noticed that I could not read what was written on the black (read: green) board. I remember straining my eyes sampai dah nak juling ðŸ˜°. I could not believe that my Daddy’s repeated words came true. 😅😅😅

Daddy had always warned me of what would happen to my eyes should I continue with my bad reading habits i.e. to read in the dark while lying on the bed. Yes yes… I shouldn’t have dismissed my Daddy’s advice. I was young and foolish. I know~ That was also the day when I realised that it is true – you would get what resonated in your heart and amplified in your head.. even if you have never said it out loud. What one wants, becomes one’s DOA~

Do I regret my choice I once had i.e. wanting a pair of glasses of my own? YES!!! The earliest regret feeling came pretty much sooner than I thought. It didn’t come from Daddy’s I-already-told-you-so nagging. Instead, it was when I learned the price a pair of spectacles. My first pair of glasses cost Daddy a staggering RM300..  one fifth of Daddy's working basic salary. Adeh~~ 

As days went by, the disadvantages of being short-sighted kept piling up. For example, I need to be extra careful when playing netball. I also looked older! Kih kih kih.. but more importantly one of which I labeled as the biggest downside.

Just the other night, while I was lying down on the bed (Nope.. I wasn’t reading 😇😇). That time, I was putting Maryam to bed. Trust me, when you are lying down on one side, wearing a pair of glasses is a no go.  So my vision was bad. Bahim then came standing at my bedroom door, trying to explain something to me.

So here’s a fact about my dear son Bahim. He, unlike me, is a soft spoken boy. Ngahahaha.. At times, another man’s fart can be louder than Bahim’s voice. LOL! 😂

So while he was talking by the door, which was approximately three metres away from me, in his normal tone, I could swear I couldn’t make up a single word he was saying. LOL! But as usual, being a polite and encouraging mother, I laughed when he laughed.. I made a sad face when he sounded sad and laughed again when he did it again.

He left his spot for a few seconds before rushing back at my door. This time however, I manage to grab hold of my spectacles. And just like that, I noticed that I could make up his words. Yup, you got that right! I could see his lips and the words uttered in his low tone voice became clearer.

Straightaway I was mesmerised by this fact on just how true the sequence mentioned in the Qur'an – 
“Say, it is He Who has created you, and endowed you with hearing (ears), seeing (eyes), and hearts. Little thanks you give.” – 67:23
It is interesting to know that as a baby growing in our mother's belly, we developed our sense of hearing first before our eyesight. If we think about it, had it been the other way round, our eyes might not able to do so much in that dark confined space and that we could have lost precious information that one might gain by hearing.

Coming back to the Ayah, from the way I see it, someone with a good hearing and good eyesight but doesn’t have the heart to listen, he or she will not benefit anything from what he or she hears and sees. The heart is the ULTIMATE requirement of understanding. And because of that, I personally blame the lack of what's in the 'hearts' as the root cause in any communication break down. 😎😎😎

May Allah never takes the light out of my Heart and for He to continue to Guide our Hearts.. Aamiin 💗

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Big 10~

Jia guess what?! You are ten! And guess what?! You changed a lot both physically, emotionally, and mentally.. 😩Uwaaa.. why so fast~~

With that said, I am pretty sure I have  a lot to write about you. But that would take hours. Hihihi.. so I am just going to summarise your one year here for you. 😍

Believe it or not Jia, last one year, you started to have your growth spurt! A short you suddenly became a tall you. You must remember me saying this repeatedly to you – “Jia, you better jump more now. If not you will stay that short!” Hihihi… I know.. I know.. I was teasing you. But because you are growing so tall all of a sudden, this made Bahim and Tia wants to grow taller too. Hihihi..

Emotionally Jia, you became more sensitive now. Tears would easily form when you got ‘hit’ by Bahim or Tia. You would easily become upset too although the things that upset you now had happened before and you never seemed to mind at all. I took the liberty to explain things to Bahim and Jia. I told them to stop playing too rough with you. But them being you little brother and sister Jia, they still need time to understand this whole ‘growing’ matters. So please continue to forgive them with your big heart Jia! Hihihi..

When it comes to mentally, I know you have got a lot up there. But with more focus and discipline Jia, I know you can achieve more and be better. At school, when I spoke to your Mualimahs, I could tell that they haven’t gotten to see your full potential. I could tell that this must be because you are holding back - a lot. At school, you are not so much of a talker as you are back at home to the extent your Mualimah didn’t know you could speak English. Adoiyai~ hihi... I pray that you learn to grow your confidence. Everything has its learning curve. I hope you will find your way and style too! 

Other than that, your cartoon ‘cat’ character really grows - a lot. I enjoyed looking at them. You even inspired Bahim to draw his own comic characters. Mi-mi hope, no matter what ever ambition you are planning to strife for, do keep your little drawing as a hobby. 

Jia, do know that I enjoyed our little small talks either when we were in the car or when we went outing. I hope you remember all of our little chats. I pray that you continue to become a confident Big Girl Solehah! Mi-mi loves you a lot Jia!!! And I am sure Bahim love you most second after me. Hihihihi…💕

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Finally reaching the 7th

Alhamdulillah.. you are finally 7 Bahim. Happy Birthday big guy! May you continue to grow happily and healtily! Aamiin..

Your greatest achievement this year I would say is of course - for being able to enjoy your first year of school without losing any of your belongings! Hehehehe.. From time to time you left your items at school but Alhamdulillah, always, you manage to get them back from the lost-and-found box! 

It took you 2 months to actually have friends that you are really comfortable with. I am glad that you finally break that on your own! Remember I asked you everyday for a friend name when I picked you from school? Yup, I wanted to know if you are making any Bahim. 

I remember, sneaking up to school one time. From afar, I saw you reading your Muqaddam while all your other friends were running playing together. As much as I wanted you to read your Muqaddam, I wanted you to enjoy playing with friends too. I am going to say out the words what Kong Kong said to me - "school isn't just about books and exams.." so Bahim, create more exciting, positive experience at school. You will miss all of these moments once you no longer in primary. Trust me on this. ;-)

Other than school,  you have been true to your cheche.. like peas and carrots you both! Hehe.. When it comes to Tia, you learned to tolerate more with her. Thank you for letting Tia be number 1 to press the button for the elevator.. thank you for letting Tia be number 1 to reach the car every morning.. thank you for letting Tia get most of the space in the car when she felt like sleeping.. Thank you Bahim. 

Our birthday breakfast date~
This morning, at the cafe, you ate noodles..

Bahim: Mi-mi, it's pedasssss~
Me: You can drink from the bottle (you have actually requested for cold chocolate drink, but I didn't buy it for you.. hihi :-p)
Bahim: Can I drink your cold tea instead? (kedekut sangat mak dia.. anak kena minum air masak mak minum air manis~)
Me: Haaa~ really.. you want to drink my tea. This is for orang tua laa. If you drink this, you will turn into an old man. (I know.. I know.. I wasn't suppose to lie. But I couldn't help it! Hehehehe)
Bahim: Alaa.. I drink a little bit only.. a little bit only~

I said OK and straight away pass the glass to you Bahim. After you sipped from my tea..

Me: Bahim! I can see a white hair!
Bahim: Can you take a picture Mi-mi..

..hence, this picture was taken. :-D

Happy birthday once again Bahim. I love you so much. You have continued to surprise me in sOOOOoooOOOOoooo many ways in your own special way. Thank you for being a caring big brother aka Koko to Tia and Maryam. I love you Bahim. I pray that your dream to be the greatest Imam is realised one day. Aamiin~

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Quick Post!

To some who are not aware.. the red circle is where you can find my recent posts. Hihi.. I did not delete them. They are just placed in a different page. hihi

Friday, July 14, 2017

A blogger (read: My) confession~

When I first decided to set up a blog account on Friendster (which is now obsolete), I've pledged myself not to blog so much so my life would be an open book. Having said that, I would want the blog to somehow connected to me so that I could stay connected with my readers.. which often enough are my friends. 

I realised however, I have not been writing the kind of post I have always intended to for quite sometimes now. You could say that I've lost my touch. But my only reason (read: excuse) would be, I have been doing lesser pondering on things I've observed, read or heard of. 😅 Astagfirullah~

Usually, I would made up some time to 'dwell' onto some subject. The subject matter often enough came when least expected of course! LOL! Just as how any human brain works, my brain crave for more info which most of the time requires me to do some research on the matter. 

And so hear ye.. hear ye.. I confess. I have wasted a lot of time doing other things 😅. I confess that I have dismissed many subject matter that came to me. I am so sorry my-inner-me. I know I could always have the time to compose a post so long as I plan what to write, do extra reading when needed (you need to feed your brain with facts ellyWong) and start writing! Once started, one will always compel to finish what one has started. 

Why confession all of a sudden? Something just hit me which brought guilt to my core. 

Surah Al-Mulk has a lot to say about spending time on observing, pondering and reasoning. In ayah number 19; 
Do they not see the birds above them with wings outspread and [sometimes] folded in? None holds them [aloft] except the Most Merciful. Indeed He is, of all things, Seeing.
In ayah number 10;
And they will say, "If only we had been listening or reasoning, we would not be among the companions of the Blaze."
and in the final ayah;
Say, "Have you considered: if your water was to become sunken [into the earth], then who could bring you flowing water?"
We read this Surah often but I for one, did not make up to what the Surah is trying to convey to us. Adoi~ I hope I have not wasted too much God's given time, good health, strength and rizq for something not useful. May Allah continue to guide us all and to bless us with Hikmah when He thinks we have ponder enough.

Last but not least, thank you to all my silent readers. Yang baik itu datangnya dari Allah. Yang kurang itu dari diri ini sendiri. 😍