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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Imam Muda Bahim~

8 Years old. Yes Bahim. You are 8 years old already!

This year Bahim, you have been seriously counting down days. You just so cannot wait for 14th Nov to come. Hehehe

So for the past 1 year, you have grown so much. I can see your character building into - YOU. Hehe.. Mi-mi pray that you will have the best of character Bahim. 

You started to show preferences too. Yup, no more me deciding for you or would you appreciate random selections. But you are still the funny you as in always saying the most unexpected things! Hehehe.. May you stay happy always Bahim.

Other than that, you are getting more brave now when it comes to swimming.. all thanks to our Perhentian trip I must say. Coming back from Pulau Perhentian, you have been asking me more to bring you down to the swimming pool. You now very very very seldom ask for your floaties. Alhamdulillah~ You also love to challenge Cheche too on who can stay longer under water. Hehehe.. Good job Bahim! May you continue to grow stronger but remain kind. 😊 I hope one day, you would be able to feed the horses, or touch the lizards too. I know you have bravely able to remove dead cockroach carcasses but you need to start dwelling with live non-fury animals. 😆

Between you and your siblings, everything is the same except that you would give extra love and attention to Miyam from time to time. You would let her pok pok pok you, or sayang you. You are also able to carry her well now. 😆 Yes Bahim! Finally! While other people are not scared to carry their little baby, you on the other hand always say you cannot carry little Miyam. You said you don't know how. 😂😂😂 Deep down, I know you were actually worried that you might make her fall. 

Guess what Bahim, Cheche slept late night last night. She was busy preparing decorations and hand-made party poppers for you. And yes, not to forget, the birthday boy birthday hat and your special creeper birthday card. She choose your favourite colours too! She just love to spoil you! Make sure you love your Cheche.. and Tia and Miyam too! 💜💜💜

Inspired by you Nooby Bahim Comic Character.
Another sweet thing to remember on this date is that, you finally completed your an-Naba hafazan. Alahamdulillah! Which means you can finally move on to Qur'an. InsyaAllah I will buy one for you this weekend ya. For the time being, please use Cheche's one first OK. Hehe..

Happy 8th Birthday my Ibrahim bin Yasir. May Allah continue to guide you and bless you and make you the best of Imam among the good people Bahim. Aamiin ya Allah. 

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