Monday, November 14, 2016

6 for Bahim!

It is that special time of the year again for you Bahim.. happy birthday my big boy soleh! You are finally 6 which means, now you get to play the Minecraft ‘lego’ stuff without having to worry about those guilt around your shoulder anymore (note to readers: the packaging says for 6+). Hihihi

Being 6 mark a beginning of a different chapter for you Bahim! Believe it or not, you are going to a big boy school already! Joining your best friend, cheche, insyaAllah. Hihi.. 

So, another year has passed. You have been fantastic.. just as how any growing boys should be I guess i.e. laughing, climbing, crying, smiling, jumping, merajuk-ing, running, falling..  LOL! Full of colours!

You are always excited to talk about Minecraft, PvZ or Boboiboy with your cheche. You have now convert from Angry Bird to the mentioned three. At one time, we have close to 50 choki-choki at home because you and cheche were crazy collecting the Boboboy AR card #pengsanummi. Guess what I had to do? I did what any mom would do - say no more to buying choki-choki. Not until all the choki-choki has finished. But my actions prove to be wrong and unwise. You, cheche and Tia worked as a team to finish the choki-choki. Adeh~ #pengsanummi 

Teacher Shima once told me that you used to sit and play all by yourself and that you would talk to yourself. Hihi.. I guess you forgot to mention to Teacher Shima about your many imaginary friends. I used to talk to myself but I didn't remember having any imaginary friends. It was funny when you were tricking cheche telling her that your imaginary friends were still in the room when she was about to get ready for school. Hihi! Being a good cheche, your cheche would then pretend to chase away all your imaginary friends and scolding them not to enter the room. 

Hmm... The biggest changes in you Bahim that I witnessed this year was to see you becoming more of MY handy helper. You would without having me to instruct you to do would wash the dishes that I usually left out in the sink to pile up (oppss.. bocor rahsia~), you would help to sort the laundry before folding your own clothes, you would help me to arrange the shoes every time, you would also help me to remove Tia’s dirty clothes into the laundry basket when we reached home from school and hang her towel for the next day.. thank you Bahim. Mi-mi pray that you would continue to become a handy helper. You are going to make Mi-mi proud and your future wife one happy wife insyaAllah. Hihihi ;-)
Mama Yana sent this after we returned from Penang~ You have been helping out to make the shoes when we were there
Thank you Bahim for letting Tia win every morning.. letting her to press the lift button. This would stop her from her morning tantrum. LOL. Thank you also for letting Tia to reach the gate first every evening. She was just like you when you were at her age. You too have always wanted to be the first. Hihi..

Mi-mi pray that you will continue to be blessed and that one day you would grow into a great Qawwamun - one of the protectors and maintainers. Mi-mi love you Bahim!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Yaby's two cents ~ No. 5

Three things destroy, and three things save.

As for the three things that destroy, they are: 
- greediness that is obeyed
- desires that are followed
- self-conceited and proud of ownself

As for the three things that save, they are: 
- fear of God in secret and public
- moderation in poverty and richness
- fairness in anger and pleasure

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

My Comfort Zone~

I was walking with a colleague the other day and we were talking about our growing kids. She mentioned how much she going to miss seeing her youngest son in the 'baby' form i.e. all grown up now. Then came her next sentence, which came to me as a good daily reminder.. She said, "Amy, enjoy the moment while it lasts". From her smile, I could only picture what's rolling in her mind at that moment. :-)

I agree with her statement a 100%. And it is in my opinion that as a parent, it is good to be reminded on this point over and over again.

Kids will always be kids. We can't deny that fact. My kids are no different than any other kids. Some times they would listen to you.. other times they simply decided to put your patience to the test. Yup.. you got that right. Some times, when my days are good.. I would just let it pass.. other times, they can be sure to hear my angry voice echoes at the four corners of the wall. LOL

So why am I sharing this.. right now? This soooo early in the morning? Well.. I was awaken by some noise.. and my sleep was interupted. As I tried to put myself to sleep again, I watched my little Tia sleeping soundly next to me. I caught her small hands and she gripped my fingers in her sleep.

It was at that moment.. I felt a comfort in my heart. I realised that I needed my kids more than they needed me. They made me happy without them realising it.. Alhamdulillah.. All praise is to Allah.. May Allah bless you more my dear Jia, Bahim and Tia.

As for me.. I pray that I will continue to be grateful and be more grateful for all the granted blessings.. especially to the good things that I may have taken for granted. Amiin

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Being Free~

In the last two days.. my emotion has been way down and way up. LOL! I had thought to blog about something else.. but I guess, I shall wait for another month or so before spilling on 'that' issue. Huhuhu..

Last night.. while many Malaysians were waiting to watch the fireworks.. I was left awake wanting to finish a book entitle - "Lelaki Terakhir Menangis di Bumi" by Musa Nuwayri. If you asked me what the book is all about? My brief answer would be - the price of an 'Independence'. I know~ coincidentally :-p

The book started off by describing the author's early school life - as a teenager living in a boarding school and later how he came to the land of Jordon. The book then go on by 'telling' the readers of the efforts and struggles of Tangisan Syria Di Bumi Jordan (TSDBJ) movement. I used the word 'telling' because I had imagined someone was telling me stories the entire time as I was reading the book. 

Truth must be told.. when I reached page 38 of the book, my throat began to dry. On page 40, I could not hold back my tears anymore. Yup.. the book is not of a forbidden love story which could easily bring down tears but more of a journal portraying the true picture of what's happening to migrant of Syria in Jordan. Kids with no parents or sick parents working just to have enough, children with no shoes or proper clothing facing the cold winter nights, family living in tattered camps with very little food and water. :-(

All these refugees ever wanted is to be able to return to Syria where they belong. To be independent of the crime by the so-called ruling party which have chased these innocent lives away from their land. All they ever wanted are to live free again and having a home of their own. #supersad

The book also depicts the nature of some Arabs living there. I would not have imagined it in such a way the author has described. Simply heartbreaking. I am not going to put it here for you. You got to read it for yourself! Hihihi... There was also about the good Malaysian and the not so good ones but definitely MORE of the good Malaysian I must stressed it out here. It was so heartwarming to know that these Syrians wanted to see more of Malaysia just because of the effort led by the TSDBJ. 
I would recommend youngster to read the book. I personally am going to hunt for the book for my own keeping (since I borrowed this book for K Awin) as well as for my kids to read it one day. Hopefully my children would cherished more of what they have, always be grateful and care for others more. Amiin! I also pray to Allah to continue to bless the family of Musa Nuwayri and the team of TSDBJ and to make it easy for them in their effort to spread more good. I do felt a whole lot envy towards the team since they were the 'lucky' selected few who were making real life changes for the Ummah.. especially at their very young age... :-D

..and that we MALAYSIAN will truly be 'free' and prosper in the near future. Happy Merdeka Day! ;-) 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Oh MC~

I never wanted MC this badly in my entire life! LOL! Tapi tak dapat

It all started last Monday. I had a slight fever. I thought it was the migraine. Although, I did have some reservation since usually, should migraine strike, I would lose either one of my eyesight first and never the pain located at the stretched of my forehead. I took a PCM and rest. The next morning, my temperature went up and my head felt like exploding. I took down two pills and another after 6 hours.. but nothing seems to work. I was like a walking zombie. Could hardly sat still nor stand..  

On Wednesday morning, I felt way much better. I went to work like normal, submit an application of 'unplanned leave' for Tuesday since I couldn't possibly drive to get an MC. At 3pm, I received a call from Tia's school, telling me that Tia had a high fever of 39.5 degree celcius. Upon reaching home that evening, things started to go all hay wire again. I began to tremble, feeling all warm but cold in the inside. The headache started to say Hello again. Oh yes, not to forget to mention that I vomited too. 

By 10pm, I felt so much better sleeping in a dark room - a locked down room by Yaby. Sweats started to come out and I thought 'Yeay, I am all good now'. I went to join the rest in the Master bedroom. Guess what? At 3am Tia woke up. Her fever was up again. My temperature was up too. We both had to take PCM. Not long after Tia had her medicine, she threw up. Kesian.

So this morning, I decided to do blood check-up. I really wanted to know what is wrong with both of us. Before I proceed, here's a disclaimer -  
I love Doctors. I have family members in this most honourable profession. I have met great Doctors, I seriously look up to all Doctors. I think they are a selfless human being who always put others before them. 
Now let's continue. :-D

I reached the clinic at a little pass 8am. Our number was quick too which was superb! Once entered, I told the doctor of our history and even stressed out that we had our PCM at 4am and we would like to do a blood test. The Doctor took our temperature and said out loud, "temperature normal ye". I found out that to be a little awkward as if the Doctor dismissed the idea that we could both be under the effect of PCM, hence, normal reading. Or maybe The Doctor didn't hear me. Anyhow, the Doctor took a piece of paper and said we could do a test for Tia. I said "can I have the same test too?". In my head just trying to get a piece of mind. Well.. you know.. when you just had a lot of fun at the river last weekend and the night before you were reading about leptospirosis and you found out that all the symptoms were spot on. Hihihi.. Adeh~  #ihadtoinsisttogetmybloodtested

Fast forward, we both got our blood results. Since I am no medical Doctors, I don't understand much of the abbreviation. 

As a penyibuk mother.. I need to know 'everything'. LOL! By that, I would ask a lot of questions (nicely) and that I would expect a good answers in return. Hihi! To this morning Doctor, you are a sweet and kind Doctor, and I really think you could improve your method when meeting with patients. I suggest you do like the many other Doctors who have actually started EDUCATING their patients not just merely INFORMING their patients. So when any patients asked, "Doctor, can you please tell me what that Hi and Lo indicate?" by telling us "it's normal.. it's normal" wouldn't work for most people especially mothers like me. Hihi.. Thank you Doctor for attending me!

You might think, "Alahai... normal laa for GH Doctors. Kesian mereka kena jumpa banyak patients. Mana sempat nak layan lebih-lebih". I agree! Totally! I didn't mean "layan lebih-lebih" but to consider some time to educate patients on the sickness or the medicine. I honestly pity all Doctors especially those in the Housemenship stage. Bertabahlah! So here's another disclaimer -
I have met wonderful Doctors at GH laa~ So caring, kind and passionate. May Allah bless those Doctors who are sincere in their works! Amiin. #love
Not so good Doctors are everywhere. My two worst experience with Doctors were in fact from the private Hospitals. Yesza! Adeh~ 

You see, being brought up by Ummi most of the time, I would say that all of us have higher pain threshold. "Kalau sakit, Selawat", was what Ummi used to tell us. Don't judge my Ummi. It's just that, money don't come easy for us and we would do everything to try not to go to clinic mostly because of the hassle. Alhamdulillah we survived.  Having said that, we siblings have stressed to Ummi super many times when she was about to go for Hajj, that even if she felt the slightest pain or tired, she should inform the officer at once. Kalau tak, tak nak kawan. LOL!

Back to the story, what happen was, it was in the middle of the night, I felt my chest cramping. It was hard for me to breath. I have been holding up for quite sometimes. We went to the emergency and was hoping to get a fair analysis. I guess, the Doctor thought I wasn't in 'much' pain. The Doctor dismissed me by telling me it was just a normal cramp because I have been coughing and prescribed me with Arcoxia. I knew something was not right still. I went to Uni clinic and requested an x-ray the next day. The Doctor then told me that I was with pneumonia. Alhamdulillah I received the right medication in time. If not, I might not be able to post this entry. 

The second worst experience was also at this same private Hospital. Sepatutnya once bitten twice shy kan.. but that time it was Tia who needed medical attention. This private Hospital was the closest to home you see. This Doctor, was the worst kind of all! The Doctor might have issues at that time.. but for not conversing with me (the patient's mother) or explaining anything to me.. was just too much! We followed a nurse around and at one point to my surprise I was given a prescription for Tia. Yes, I did mengamok at the Hospital. Sigh~ Turned out Tia got lung infections too from a different Clinic and not just normal flu like that lousy Doctor expected~

Told you bad Doctors are everywhere.  

So what about MC?~ well to this morning Doctor.. right now me and Tia are with fever again. I had the headache although not as bad. Not sure about Tia. The question now is, am I right to say that I should be given an MC today? Hehehe #peace