Friday, April 21, 2017

Quick Post~

I am not a poet; I am not a writer,
I am just a wife and a mother,
Yet here I am squeezing my brain,
Thinking about something to write which I don't know how to begin.

Should it be about family?
Should it be about love?
Should it be about respect?
Or should it be about all of the above?

Words don't come easy for me -
Urghh how do I explain,
That without communication, a relationship will be in vain?
Be it husband and wife; be it parents and children connection,
Be it brother and sister; be it all the other relation.

Someone told me you must listen to understand - not listen to reply,
Though I don't understand it thoroughly,
I figured it meant - you must give your full attention,
And not just your emotion,
When having a conversation.

Correct me if I am wrong, because I myself am still learning,
Learning about understanding human being,
Which is such a difficult task,
That I pray I will somehow pass.


p/s: It's another AWA in ma family~ 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Turning the 9 leaf~

It's your birthday again Jia! Happy Birthday my big girl solehah! May Allah bless you even more Jia!!! Muahx!

Another year has passed. So many new things you've explored and you've done them all mostly with Bahim. Of course with a little help from Tia. Hihihi...

As I am typing this, we are watching "Stork". When I said to all of you - "you do know babies don't come out from a baby machine, don't you?". Immediately like a twin both of you and Bahim said "yes we know". You then continue saying, "babies are from Heaven, then Allah put a baby in your tummy". :-)

After another year has passed, I see that you began to have your mind on most things i.e. you would do or choose things that you prefer. Yup.. I cannot dictate you anymore. LOL! Speaking of 'LOL', you have developed a habit of using that acronym in your daily conversation. Adeh~ I guess I am part to be blame since I used them quite a lot in my text (which you love to read.. yes Jia.. you stalk my conversation thread!).

How is you with Bahim you asked me? Well, easy. You both are very tight to the extent that you and Bahim leave little space for Tia. Hihi.. kesian Tia. I understand that she's a little too small to understand that the lego minecraft is very fragile and that she would easily break them into pieces again (which took you and Bahim as well as Ya-yah hours to build all of them. Hehe..). Having said that, it would not be fair if I didn't mention it here that there were times you would give in and spent your quality time with Tia too. ;-)

Ever since Bahim started standard one, you have helped him with his school bag. There was one morning Jia.. I was watching you and Bahim from my room. You would speak slowly to Bahim persuading him into wanting to learn how to arrange his own books. I smiled watching the whole scene because I knew given the very little (read: desperate) time every morning, I could easily snap if Bahim continue with his sulking behaviour for a little too long. Hehehe.. But you put up to him.. and Bahim listened to you in the end. May Allah continue to bless you Jia. Amiin ya Allah. 

Alhamdulillah you are among the selected few to take up the responsibility you have always wanted ever since that little incident occur. Remember that we only knew about it on the first day of school? Hihi.. When I asked how was your day with the responsibility, you told me that although you were tired since you have to look after the standard one, you enjoyed it. Among  all the mamas, I am the only one who was never selected to become one. LOL!~ All the best in taking up the amanah Jia!

Mi-mi hope you realised one important lesson Jia.. that is for as long as you have your mind to anything (having a target), without realising, your body will work for and towards it. So if you said you want to become a better person, than insyaAllah, Allah will help you to become a better person. So Jia, have more good intentions at heart and insyaAllah, Allah will help you to secure them all. ;-)

I love you Jia.. thank you for always becoming my little handy-helper and my care buddy at home. Hihi.. May Allah continue to guide you Jia. Amiin ya Allah.  

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Bahim @bigboyschool

Dear Bahim,

I just reached my office after sending you off to your new school.. your first day at the big boy school.

When we had to go to cheche's school to fetch her home from school, you have always roamed the school area. Starting today, you get to actually be there. :-)

Mi-mi pray that you will forever enjoy your school with your cheche, new friends and new teachers. Make friends and explore the new environment Bahim.

All the best to you.
Mi-mi loves you.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

To the moon~

We were on the road from Malacca. It had passed Maghrib and the sky was pouring. Tia was lying down while resting her head on my lap looking outside the car window.

Out of a sudden, Tia sat down, looked at me and asked, "Where's the moon?"

Wanting to make her go to sleep, I answered, "The moon is sleeping Tia. That's why you can't see it."

She looked outside again, and asked the same question again, "Where's the moon?"

For the second time I answered, "The moon is sleeping."

Tia: No mi-mi! Moon cannot sleep.
Me: (I laughed) Then.. why can't you see the moon?
Tia: ...

Tia: Because it is raining!
Me: (smiling) Yes Tia. But why when it is raining you cannot see the moon? (my turn to ask the question)
Bahim: Because when it's raining, the clouds cover the moon. The moon is behind the clouds.
Me: Why there must be clouds when it is raining?
Jia: It is because, the clouds bring the rain. If there is no cloud, then there's no rain.

May Allah bless the three of you forever more! Muahx!

Monday, November 14, 2016

6 for Bahim!

It is that special time of the year again for you Bahim.. happy birthday my big boy soleh! You are finally 6 which means, now you get to play the Minecraft ‘lego’ stuff without having to worry about those guilt around your shoulder anymore (note to readers: the packaging says for 6+). Hihihi

Being 6 mark a beginning of a different chapter for you Bahim! Believe it or not, you are going to a big boy school already! Joining your best friend, cheche, insyaAllah. Hihi.. 

So, another year has passed. You have been fantastic.. just as how any growing boys should be I guess i.e. laughing, climbing, crying, smiling, jumping, merajuk-ing, running, falling..  LOL! Full of colours!

You are always excited to talk about Minecraft, PvZ or Boboiboy with your cheche. You have now convert from Angry Bird to the mentioned three. At one time, we have close to 50 choki-choki at home because you and cheche were crazy collecting the Boboboy AR card #pengsanummi. Guess what I had to do? I did what any mom would do - say no more to buying choki-choki. Not until all the choki-choki has finished. But my actions prove to be wrong and unwise. You, cheche and Tia worked as a team to finish the choki-choki. Adeh~ #pengsanummi 

Teacher Shima once told me that you used to sit and play all by yourself and that you would talk to yourself. Hihi.. I guess you forgot to mention to Teacher Shima about your many imaginary friends. I used to talk to myself but I didn't remember having any imaginary friends. It was funny when you were tricking cheche telling her that your imaginary friends were still in the room when she was about to get ready for school. Hihi! Being a good cheche, your cheche would then pretend to chase away all your imaginary friends and scolding them not to enter the room. 

Hmm... The biggest changes in you Bahim that I witnessed this year was to see you becoming more of MY handy helper. You would without having me to instruct you to do would wash the dishes that I usually left out in the sink to pile up (oppss.. bocor rahsia~), you would help to sort the laundry before folding your own clothes, you would help me to arrange the shoes every time, you would also help me to remove Tia’s dirty clothes into the laundry basket when we reached home from school and hang her towel for the next day.. thank you Bahim. Mi-mi pray that you would continue to become a handy helper. You are going to make Mi-mi proud and your future wife one happy wife insyaAllah. Hihihi ;-)
Mama Yana sent this after we returned from Penang~ You have been helping out to make the shoes when we were there
Thank you Bahim for letting Tia win every morning.. letting her to press the lift button. This would stop her from her morning tantrum. LOL. Thank you also for letting Tia to reach the gate first every evening. She was just like you when you were at her age. You too have always wanted to be the first. Hihi..

Mi-mi pray that you will continue to be blessed and that one day you would grow into a great Qawwamun - one of the protectors and maintainers. Mi-mi love you Bahim!